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Thread: Go to church dressed?

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    Go to church dressed?

    This has been going through my head over and over. If's it's too far out there, delete it. Does anyone dress when going to church? I couldn't. Not passable at all and have a feeling that maybe it shouldn't be done. Does anyone "underdress" (wear panties, bra, stockings) when going to church?

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    My folks are ex-Catholic, and now they are Unitarian Universalists, and there's plenty of TG folks in their church there. So I'll leave it at that.
    On a side note, I was in Baltimore this weekend, and the horse California Chrome won Preakness after winning the Kentucky Derby. Maybe there's an opportunity to win Belmont, thus the Triple Crown™....who knows?
    In reality, I have no idea how tolerant your church is.
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    I have never dressed outwardly when going to church. But I have worn panties and a bra many times. When my wife was alive she could make me very passable, but I cannot do that myself. But nobody sees my underwear!

    Lady on the outside, but man underneath!

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    I'm a weddings and funerals churchgoer. Haven't gone dressed yet but it has been about five years since we had to go to a wedding. ( you may read into this that I don't like going to weddings) maybe next time . Next time may have to dress.
    the boobs are growing to the point they are noticeable without outside help. As the girls grow there will be no way but forward.

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    I daresay your personal god doesn't care what you wear,is it not what's in your heart that counts ?
    " I'm learning to fly"..............(Tom Petty).

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    I have gone to some temples wearing panties, kurtis and tights.... in fact I did that in April...

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    I am in San Antonio Texas a very hot place.
    I have that about it, but alittle scared....
    MMMM feeling girly

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    I myself do regularly attend church but only wear my panties under. Now since I really just consider these normal underwear for me don't think it's a big deal.

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    I have been considering returning to the unusual church i was with 30 yeqrs, but i would only underdress, with panties, and hose, with socks over the ankles, maybe a bra under a shirt and sportcoat. I could not go fully dressed as a lady, without being talked to and told to leave. However, a person who had never been there, dressed up, may be allowed one time, but told not to after that.

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    Lowestoft UK. Beverley was here.
    As a CD'er I wouldn't.
    For those undergoing transition, yes.
    Work on your elegance,
    and beauty will follow.

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    I suggest that you get referrals from other transgenders about which churches in your area accept transgender people. Many churches are associated with the fast growing (fictional) "Church of the Holy Pharisee" organization, which accepts "Only the Holy." If you attend a church whose leaders are prejudiced against transgender people, then leave and find one whose leaders accept them. Also, many church leaders think transgender people are all gay, which is false, and which they call a 'sin.' "

    Also, if they are prejudiced against people who are in interracial marriages, they will probably be prejudiced against transgender people.

    I used to attend a church that accepted transgender people, and even had a drag queen among their members.
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    I'm Jewish and regularly attend services as a woman. I do seem to pass successfully with those who have no previous knowledge from when I was a male, but I find even folks who know my past are remarkably accepting.

    I have a number of GG friends and we frequently attend as a group, sitting together.

    Tonight I was at a Sisterhood meeting at one of the congregations. When I arrived there was a line to sign in. As I was waiting, one of my friends from that congregation joined the line. As we spotted each other she said "Hi Dee!" and we hugged.

    "Dee" was the transitional name that I had used a few years ago when I was first coming out to that group, so as we hugged I said, "I use Barbara now, I'm the world's most confusing person."

    She said "Desn't mean we love you any less!"

    After the meeting I snacked and chatted with several of the women, old friends and new ones that I was introduced to.

    After the meeting my spouse and I (en femme, of course) stopped off at a nearby supermarket to pick up some breakfast items. Oddly enough, we ran into the Rabbi who was also there to pick up some items. He greeted both of us warmly and we chatted for a few minutes.

    Not every situation will be like mine, not every community and congregation will be as warm and accepting as the several that I attend, so you have to use your own discretion.

    "If you are living the life you want to live you've successfully transitioned to being the person you want to be." - Eryn.

    "If you truly care about me you should damn well want for me what I want for myself" - Michael Westen (Burn Notice)

    -.-. --.-/-.-. --.-/-.-. -../ Persephone™ and Persephone™ are trademarks of Persephone herself, accept no substitutes. The terms "en femme" and "en drab" originated with Marcia Sampson/Staylace (OBM).

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    I've done it a number of times but don't really see the need to be a member of any particular religion.
    Second star to the right and straight on till morning

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    We are fortunate in our area to have a church that accepts and welcomes anyone no mater who you are, what you are or how you are dressed. There are many members of a local support group who attend. I have in the past attended a couple times. The only problem that I encountered was what to wear. I have a dark blue button front dress that I chose,this dress still was well above the knee, looked ok in a mirror when standing but when setting was quite challenging to keep in place. If you get the opportunity to attend any religious service consider what you are going to wear...........

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    I have gone to a small group meeting at a Unitarian congregation twice. They are a way-left sort of religious group. I did not care for their teachings. I went because I knew it would be a safe outing. They were nice and disregarded my clothing. Once, while Christmas shopping enfemme, I shopped in a Christian book store. I was helped by the woman working the store and she was friendly and helpful.

    Lisa is a CD who went to her home church dressed. That is crazy risky, but she did it.

    Somebody made this Facebook page. He seems like an activist.

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    Yes, I have been under-dressing for years so I am wearing panties and hose every Sunday at Mass.

    I don't actually know how things would turn out if someone were to show up dressed. If they passed and were new to the church nobody would think twice. If they couldn't pass, then things would get interesting.

    There is a Metropolitan Community Church that accepts everybody a few miles down the street. I have entertained thoughts of going there on a Sunday morning if I could dress.

    Every girl should dream......

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    waimate new zealand

    A little different for myself 16 years ago i have known many with in our groups so was known then and long before that,

    About 8 years ago i would take Dejarn who is now 12 y 5 m to our group and a little after that though only our captian and his wife and two kids knew about myself and i would allso stay with them when they moved up to Christchurch one wee kend every month end and help out,

    one sunday our group here in Waimate was to go down to Oamaru for a service so we did 15 of us and yes i was dressed as a normal woman and nobody knew who i was ,

    now our group were to sit in together in seats appointed for us so just before we did i waved to captians wife as i drove in to the grounds and she did not know it was me till i smiled so she knew and i did same for captian he walked right past till i called him back agin did not know till i smiled,

    any ways i sat with the others in our seats and our group though why was i there this was only for Waimate people , heck that was funny , and oh dear we had to go up on stage as well ,
    who the heck is this woman they dont yes i passed as was normal , did they know after hmmm not really because they had not seen me dressed before,

    we have over 140 members in Oamaru and many know me as i play in the band and was part of the womens league plus i took Dejarn as well.

    Of cause they know me as noeleena and my background so yes i can scrub up okay,

    = Sally Army. =


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    I am not religious (anti-religious, actually) but was brought up Jewish. My wife does go to synagogue occasionally and I accompany her if she asks.

    Since I will be transitioning, then yes... I suppose at some point I will go presenting as a woman. It's a Reform synagogue which I expect will be the most accepting of the three major Jewish streams...

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    My outlook is that God made me this way and I don't think he'd mind how I dressed and if I did or didn't pass while showing my love and devotion for him. Finding a lgbt friendly church is another matter in the deep south.

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    Hi Tiffy Jo, I would be afraid that the door might fall on me or I would burst into flames.
    Having my ears triple pierced is AWESOME, ~~......

    I can explain it to you, But I can't comprehend it for you !

    If at first you don't succeed, Then Skydiving isn't for you.

    Be careful what you wish for, Once you ring a bell , you just can't Un-Ring it !! !!

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    Depends on the church.
    "You're the only one to see the changes you take yourself through", Stevie Wonder

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    Grace Episcopal in Muskogee has seen me in pants only on workday Saturdays, and I have been going on Sundays since 2006. This was also the case at the Unity Church of Lawrence, Kansas. There are many liberal congregations that take seriously all that Jesus said about loving everyone.

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    I have been to Cathedral of Hope in Dallas Texas a couple of times in full fem presentation. Cathedral of Hope is a large congregation for the GLBT community in the Dallas area and is very warm and welcoming to all. It has a very meaningful worship service and the music is truely awesome. I feel that I pass reasonably well and was treated very warmly by all that I encountered. I did not feel badly by going to church enfem as I believe that My God knows my heart and I cannot hide from Him no matter where I am or what I am wearing. Furthermore I believe that my Soul wears no clothes.

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    There are growing numbers of churches who are not merely accepting but encouraging. Within the Methodist frame there are a group called the Reconciling Ministries network RMN with lists of churches that are accepting.

    go to to find a church that is accepting not every state yet has one or more of these churches but their numbers are growing.

    AS for me, I have been consistently going en femme and I am considered among the leaders there.
    Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. Mark Twain

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    I don't dress when going to church. The two don't go together for me.

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