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Thread: Has anyone accidentally run into someone they know while in girl mode?

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    All girl, all the time! ❤ Felicia Dee's Avatar
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    Has anyone accidentally run into someone they know while in girl mode?

    Hi all!

    I've been meaning to post a new thread here for a hot minute but, as is often the case, have had other more “pressing” matters to attend to... School stuff, work stuff – you know how it is.

    In case you missed it, Pride happened here in Ohideeeo around two weeks (or so) ago. September and I were really looking forward to the festivities and showing our support – with me en femme, for WEEKS. It was a GREAT time hanging out with my SO and one of the friends that we keep in the loop... It was just like “Entourage!” OK... NOT like “Entourage” but still a really fun time! Met a few other Cders... chatted with a couple of awe-inspiring drag queens... got a wee drunk. BTW, I've attached a few pics that feature myself, my SO September and a couple of friends who graciously said "OK" to me posting pics here.

    Anyhow, it was a beautiful day filled with beautiful people and I was proud of myself for not giving into any of the anxieties I may have had about being out and potentially running into anyone from my boy life – which actually happened, BTW. Turns out, it was a non issue. We both said “Hi” and “Happy Pride,” chatted a bit, HUGGED and that was that. Sometimes, people can really surprise you.

    SO! My question then, is this: Have you ever been out – in Girl mode – and run into someone you know? If yes, how'd it go? Better than you thought? Worse?? If not, how do you think you'd handle such an encounter??
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    I've run into my parents and siblings from time to time. None of them recognised me despite being only a foot or two away from them, so it was a non-event as far as I'm concerned. I was always told my male and female sides looked very different but I never quite believed it before then.

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    I f I do go out, and its only been in my yard dressed, I always have an escape route.

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    So far, I haven't ran into anyone I know, but I thought it happened once. My last name is "Morris", right? Well, one night, while en femme, I thought I heard someone call out my last name. By instinct, I glanced in that direction, but no one I knew was in that direction. I got nervous, because I thought it was someone from work (the only people around here I know). I didn't want to get outed. I breathed a sigh of relief when I wasn't noticed.

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    I've never ran into anyone I know; however, I have not been out in girl-mode much.
    I plan on going out more, either with my wife or another CDer, so then the chances for such will increase.
    From the pictures I can tell it was a real fun time.
    Thanks for sharing
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    After a major medical event, I have had a change of career I now work with people with learning difficulties , I was shopping in my local town when I saw on of the persons that I care for in town with another support worker, so I was busy avoiding them, because of their mental condition would find it confusing, when I heard hello Colin ( male name ) what are you doing dressed as a woman, I looked at the person and it was a young lady called Kate who is one of my co-workers, I said OH Hi Kate Ermmm its what I do, I dress when I am not working, great thing is she was really cool with it, said I looked really good, we did discuss it next time I saw her at work.
    Being 52 and nearly dying if a stroke 2 years ago I have decided It dosen't matter who knows about what I do in my spare time.
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    It happened to us. We were driving home from a do and I was driving. We came to a pelican crossing and had to stop and one of Andys football team players walked across the road. He waved at me and looked very hard at Andy trying to see who it was I was with. Nothing was ever said so I'm not certain even to this day whether or not he worked it out.

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    Technically the answer is yes, BUT I don't think they saw me or recognized me. We didn't interact, but I saw them.

    One was early on in my time getting out. It was rather close in a mall as I was walking through the mall, I stopped to look in a window and then looked up to see her walking toward me. We passed within 5 feet of each other but she never said anything. Another time recently I was at a home show with lots of people & as I turned around I saw someone from work. I just casually turned and walked away. Nothing was ever said.....

    I guess I'm just lucky that way. I have decided if it ever does happen, I'll own it and go on.

    "I just gotta be me"

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    Years ago during the winter months I was out and about. It was about 15 below zero one Friday evening and I decided to park my car and take a short walk around the block. Lo and behold as I turned a corner there was a man that I worked around at my place of employment. He looked me square in the eye and then hung his head and continued on his way. I didn't know if he recognized me at the time and I spent a frightful 2 1/2 days wondering if he saw me. As it turned out he didn't. He apparently hung his head because he was cold.

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    Platinum Member Eryn's Avatar
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    A few of minor incidents:

    1. While shopping at an outlet mall 60 miles from home Mimi and I saw one of her co-workers coming into a shoe store. We separated and I browsed in the opposite direction while she greeted and chatted with them. They don't know me well, but I didn't want them getting familiar with Mimi's tall girlfriend for fear that they might meet my male side later on.

    2. While at a Renfair eating lunch, a very good friend of my daughter who doesn't know Eryn sat down on the opposite side of the communal table a few feet away. Mimi decided it would be a good time for her to go elsewhere so as not to be recognized while I remained and finished my lunch. Interestingly enough, the girl was talking to her friend about my daughter, luckily in a positive fashion!

    3. After backing our car out of the driveway I looked forward to see my next-door neighbor looking at us. We don't socialize so I doubt that he saw anything more than a couple of women in a car. Since we have a number of women of various heights and ages around our house I'm not terribly worried.
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    I ran into a colleague from across campus once when waiting to be fitted for a pair of new glasses at a Lenscrafters store. She recognized me instantly, called out my male name, and walked right over (with her husband in tow) to talk about some work and school issues. We had exactly the same conversation as if I hadn't been dressed. On the one hand it was great that she wasn't freaked out by my appearance and it didn't affect our relationship at all or have any negative consequences. On the other hand, I was kind of bummed that it didn't take her even a second to recognize me despite all the garb and makeup.

    Another time, I had just finished a makeover appointment at a Merle Norman store, on my way to an out of town outing, had paid and was turning to leave the building when I saw a co-worker walking across the parking lot toward the store. I'm actually pretty sure this woman would have been OK with my presentation personally, but she was someone of authority in our organization and a notorious gossip-monger as well, and I just didn't want it becoming known in the workplace at that time. I asked one of the SAs if they had a rear exit and she swiftly led me out of the building through the back room just as my colleague entered at the front. A scene right out of a movie!

    - Diane

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    What with being a full time crossdresser its more along the lines of people I used to know years ago at school or what ever where I "had" to dress like a boy because of uniforms, so now they recognize me and I get a "Jesse James yea? thought I recognised ya, though wow you look so different now" lol haha Oh well it gives them something to talk about when they get home hey! x

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    On a dating site I got a response from a coworker, the odd thing this guy really hate me

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    It has happened to me a few times, but now my bigger fear is being seen around town as a guy! So many of my friends are folks who only know me as a womam it is embarrassing to be seen in guy mode.

    One time, for example, I was in a bookstore in guy mode when I ran into the manager of the women's gym where I used to work out and her daughter. I was terrified, but she introduced me to her daughter using my femme name and we all chatted a bit about books and the like. In talking to Eryn about it she said the woman probably saw me as just dressed down and running a few errands. When I showed up at the gym later that week, en femme of course, she merely said something about how we ran into each other in the bookstore and there was no indication that she saw anyone other than Barbara.

    Quote Originally Posted by Eryn View Post
    While shopping at an outlet mall 60 miles from home Mimi and I saw one of her co-workers coming into a shoe store. We separated and I browsed in the opposite direction while she greeted and chatted with them.
    Eryn makes an important point here if you don't want to be spotted. Most folks are not looking at a woman and thinking "She looks just like a guy I know" (and visa-versa) so unless you interact they aren't all that likely to notice you. But one sure "tell" is if you are with your spouse or other family member -- then you are way more likely to be identified. So, if you travel with your spouse or another family member it is wise to have a code that means "split now!" or to immediately separate if someone appears to recognize them. They head one way, you head the other. If they are asked why "the other lady" walked away they can always say, "My friend isn't feeling well, she probably went to the restroom."

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    Quote Originally Posted by BARBARA_MELENDEZ View Post
    On a dating site I got a response from a coworker, the odd thing this guy really hate me
    A similar thing has happened to me multiple times. At first I just played along, interacting with them and pretending to be a girl, but after a while it got to be too much work to make up different lives and schedules that synced up with my own, so now I just ignore those people.

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    I have not, though I've often wondered if I'd be recognized. Facially, with my wig and makeup, I really doubt that anyone would be able to tell it was me, at least not with certainty. However, I have a few tats that are unique and could be a dead giveaway. So, whether or not the tats were exposed might well be a major factor.

    Honestly, I really haven't thought about how I might handle it. I suppose the best thing would just be to own the moment and go on as if nothing's amiss. One can't un-ring a bell, after all.
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    For the most part I can say with assurance that I would not be recognized.

    But there is always that chance.

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    I've seen people that I know while at the mall and other stores and it made my heart skip a beat, but I guess it's been a non issue. Never heard anything, so I guess I either passed or blended in with everyone else.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eryn View Post
    After backing our car out of the driveway I looked forward to see my next-door neighbor looking at us. We don't socialize so I doubt that he saw anything more than a couple of women in a car.
    This exact same thing has happened to me and my wife a few times now except that we don't have any GGs living in the house except for my wife so I have no clue what the neighbors really think of "those two women"!

    My story of meeting someone I knew unexpectedly when out is something that happened about 2 years ago. I was in Payless Shoe Store and I was in an isle looking at pumps and then I heard the unmistakable voice of a co-worker behind me. She works in the exact same office as me. I turned around and she looked at me briefly and then looked away. I quickly did an about turn and high-tailed it out of there. Luckily the next time we saw each other at work nothing was said. I guess she didn't recognize me or (?)
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    Lowestoft UK. Beverley was here.
    I did once and I was shell shocked.
    We spoke for about ten minutes quite knowingly and then on parting I realised the other girl thought I was someone else.
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    Several times, mostly neighbors. I've bumped into several while walking my dogs, picking up the mail, and at the grocery, among other places. It's never been an issue. We chatted and went on our ways.
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    Haven't had that happen yet but i know it will..


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    Lost count long ago. It isn't a time going out without running into someone I know. Ironically, the only time we were sure I had been had and hadn't avoided the situation, my wife walked up to them to explain and they were "He is here?". When she pointed me out, then came up and hugged me. To my knowledge, no regular coworkers have made me, but one co-op from college probably did. He was gone the next month, so there was no damage there.

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    Walked past my brother in a mall once, we had eye contact, but never any indication if he recognized me or not.

    Quote Originally Posted by GeminaRenee View Post
    I have a few tats that are unique
    In easy reach? There are products for masking them temporarily, as you might already know. Dunno about availability, prices and ease of use though.

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    Not often but one evening I was on my way to meet someone while dressed up nicely wearing a miniskirt. Passed the home of a school friend he was coming out the gate. He gave me the old once over that men give to women. I was thrilled and thought to myself: 'If only you knew Ray'

    Another time I slipped out for a little walk in my new clothes one night when I was expecting my family to be safely out of the way. On the way back to the house. I saw my teenage brother's friends approaching. I had to walk past them. As I did so I saw him with them. But he didn't recognise me.

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