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Thread: Has anyone accidentally run into someone they know while in girl mode?

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    Jul 2009
    Ottawa Canada
    I was out at Penningtons in Kanata one day. I was at the cash paying for my purchases, when the Purolator guy walks in! The same Purolator guy that delivers to my shop!
    As I'm the one that signs for everything. I was sure I would be recognised. This guy is a loud talker too. The bottom dropped out of my stomach! But as it turns out he had no idea who I was.

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    Reality Check
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    Feb 2014
    No, never ran into anyone I knew. I think the big chance is from the front door to the car and back. Once I'm away from familiar surroundings I think my presentation is good enough that I wouldn't be recognized except for maybe up close and personal.

    That's why I underdress and then finish in a parking lot away from my neighborhood.

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    Aug 2014
    Not yet, but I'm sure it's bound to happen. It is what it is.

    Hugs, Julie

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    Does my wife count?

    Does she count if she's not accepting.

    I was androgynous in stealth mode, bu did I ever catch hell when i got home.
    Hi, I'm Steffi and I'm a crossdresser... And I accept and celebrate both sides of me. Or, maybe I'm gender fluid.

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    I can't say I really go out while dressed, at least not in public around other people, anyway, but being spotted while dressed is one of the biggest fears I could ever have. That could cause a lot of problems in my life, unfortunately.

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    Never have yet but if I did I would probably say hey, let me buy you a beer or let's do lunch. Turn the encounter around and make it work for you.
    Second star to the right and straight on till morning

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    Two sort of occasions

    Once I had just parked my car on the side of a street and I spotted a man I know well coming towards me on the footpath. I was still in the car, looked away and waited until he was gone, none the wiser.

    The second occasion was in a supermarket. A person I know, not particularly well, from work, walked by me in the supermarket. She looked at me but didn't recognise me.

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    once,going into the ladies room at a club , it was a girl from the neighborhood coming out. I said Kalaha hi ! she looked at me confused, I said it's me Mr.----- she almost passed out. I brought her back to our table so she could see my wife and we ended up having a nice evening together

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    I go out quite often dressed so odds are soon I'd figure I'd run into someone, more I went out , the less I worried about it though, I figure if I ran into someone I knew outside of the glbt community at a pride event, they were there also for some reason, but that never happened at an lgbt event, but quite a few times went past neighbors or acquaintances in aisles of stores or at the gas station a few times, but they never batted an eye, finally one day I literally came face to face with my ex sister in law who is a very nosy and gossipy person, nothing ever came of it so I figured she didn't recognize me at all.

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    I run into various neighbors frequently. We're nothing more than nodding acquaintances though, so no big deal. I've gone to a few small stores en femme (mostly cigar stores) where the clerks know me well in male mode. They treat me quite differently en femme, so I don't think they recognize me.

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    "Gives them something to talk about"!! And no,you won't die from it...After all,it is the "same person,in different packaging". All of what I said only applies if you are truly trying to present your femininity to the mainstream world. Never let them have any "dirt"! Stay clean and play nice..
    It SURE is my hair ! I have the receipt and the box it came in !

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    So a bunch of us are meeting for dinner at a marina restaurant 30 miles south of where I lived at the time. Another CD girlfriend and I got there early and as usual headed for the bar. The only open space was at a table with 6 other people already there. So we asked if we could join them. Of course they invited us to sit down and they turned out to be local sailing enthusiasts. We flirted a little and one of them turned out to be a retired technician at the same company I retired from and he knew of me! He was quite enamored with my new look. I'm sure my reputation is shot. LOL I'm retired, who cares?

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