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Thread: my boyfriend likes to crossdress, and a few other "problems"

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    Quote Originally Posted by confused93
    my boyfriend likes to crossdress, and a few other "problems"
    I don’t know if anyone has mentioned this, but there are PLENTY of fish in the sea, and the next guy you meet will probably not be a crossdresser or transgendered wannabe…

    On the other hand, you may meet a male who specializes in physical abuse, an expression of latent gynophobia, so beware. ALL males have problems, you know...

    BTW, I think futanari are kinda cute…

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    all men have a female side. most are scared to show it because they feel its a weak side of them. you have to figure out on York own if yo want a man like him. do u love him? my wife does my makeup for me. she tells what dresses i look good in. Im not saying he's like me it could just be a phase. but if it's not can u handle it and do u want to? trust your heart it will Leeds u! my best wishes for u

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    Update. We have agreed upon a happy medium, and I now have a better understanding. Thank you again for everyone's input. I am more comfortable with this "situation."
    I admit, it's nothing like any relationship I've ever been in. But that's the best part about it. Even in this short time, our sex life has gotten better, as well as the non sexual aspects of our relationship.
    This is just the beginning, but we are confident that we'll still be together years down the road.

    Signed, no longer confused93.

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    Thanks for the update! Sometimes we dont hear back from the SOs how things are going. Please hang around, there aren't enough GGs around here.

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    Hi Confused?

    I don't have the time nor the inclination to read through all the posts, so I'll just respond to the original post. Maybe my post will just confuse you further, or maybe it will give you some insight, take it as you like.

    I identify a lot of myself in your BF when I was that age (from what I can tell you are still young adults?). Crossdressing at the time was still very sexual for me as well. I identified myself as heterosexual but very unsuccessful at it! By the time I met my wife (approaching 30) I had only been with one girl twice. Since getting married I have ALWAYS suffered from the fear of not being able to perform as a man, despite the fact that I have five kids to proof the contrary. But, though I'm sure my wife may have longings for a wilder sex life, I try to live up to my end of the bargain. Jenny stays out of the bedroom and I'm working on keeping Jenny out of my head at those times as well.

    What I'm trying to say is this: This thing really can go either way and it's all up to your boyfriend and the choices he makes that will define his life and/or your life together. He has to make the decision where he wants to go with this thing, and I can only hope for your sake that he is truthful about it to you. Though most of us have no say in the matter of being a crossdresser, we can excercise some measure of control over it and still make good life affecting decisions. I choose my wife and the life I have with her, crosdressing comes second.
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    Some people do have an inbuilt resistance to sex before marriage.
    Maybe he feels he is being rushed into it.
    Work on your elegance,
    and beauty will follow.

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