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Thread: Dawn459 Comes out to meet the Wife+SO

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    Dawn459 Comes out to meet the Wife+SO

    Hello everyone my name isDawn459 and I would like to tell you about my coming out party to my SO last nigh.I had bought recently two new dresses while she was away from home.Let me tell you she is supportive of my CDing as I told her yearr ago before we married. Now to the rest od the story.She asked what I had bought and I showed her the two dresses and she wanted to see how well they fit me.This is the firrt time to fully dress for her. I started with Lavender panties a frontclouser44c white bra with a white slip and black lace Thigh high hose and size 14Lavender heels along with the bra I had foam breast inserts in the 44c cup. My wife said I looked verry sexy. She liked the bluedress and said she would help me do my make up +find a sexy looking wigwhen we go shopping for our next trip which will be our anniversary.

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    I'm jealous, but glad for you!!!

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    Awesome! That's great. My wife is very supportive, too. I got to try on my first wave of new femme clothes for her this last weekend and it was so much fun. I asked her throughout the weekend, "Are you still ok with this?" At one point her answer was, "I'm just happy to see you smiling." <3

    We're talking about going out to a movie together this weekend dressed up. We are very lucky to have understanding spouses. It makes my home a wonderful safe-haven. honestly I think my wife likes me better without all my gorilla-man hair.

    Good luck! Keep in touch.
    I'm through accepting limits
    'Cause someone says they're so
    Some things I cannot change
    But 'til I try, I'll never know!
    - Defying Gravity from Wicked

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    Awesome. Enjoy.

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    Congratulations! Sounds like fun.
    Trying to come to grips with this lovely thing called Crossdressing.

    Thankful there is a place to ask for help.

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    You have a wonderful and supportive wife. Make your anniversary trip a great one!

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    You are a lucky person to have a under standing wife.
    Not make sure you treat her rite, buy her little gifts from time to time,
    Always tell her you love her, and try to remember to give her some
    "MAN" time. Remember she married a man, and make sure she has one
    when she needs one.

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    Your file sounds like she is very supportive. Let me tell you how I started. Back in the 80's they had men's flared pants called angel flights. They were very tight. I gave always loved the look of panties and when my wife was not home I would wear her panties and bras. I went to May company to buy some new underwire and noticed in the men's section that thay had nylon bikini underwear. I bought several pairs. When my wife saw me in them she asked about them and I told her that my underwear line didn't show in my tight flared pants. I continued to buy this type of underwear for several years until May Co. Quit selling I. So I purchased three pair of nylon women's panties. Over the years I started wearing panties every day. My wife seemed to tolerate it. Then about six months ago in a intoxicated state I decided to put on a bra I bought for her that she said didn't fit her well and her garter belt, stockings, panties and a satin night gown. When she came up to bed I surprised her and we had a long talk. She at first asked me if I was gay which I am not. It has been about six months and about every two weeks I wear a bra to bed. It seems like she is just starting to accept it. Can hardly wait until she and I go shopping for lingerie together

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    That's awesome down.

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    I was a little confused by the title. Glad you're reveal was so well received by your wife !

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    I am jealous but glad for you
    Sometimes I like to dress as Linda Leigh

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    I'm so happy for you Dawn, if I even mention something related to my cd'ing she just calls me a sicko!

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    Hi Dawn, It's always great to hear such a wonderful story like that.
    You are so lucky to have such a special lady to accept and help you.
    Having my ears triple pierced is AWESOME, ~~......

    I can explain it to you, But I can't comprehend it for you !

    If at first you don't succeed, Then Skydiving isn't for you.

    Be careful what you wish for, Once you ring a bell , you just can't Un-Ring it !! !!

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    Dawn Congratulations on your upcoming anniversary.
    Buy her flowers once in a while and treat her to a night out.


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    Sounds hopeful! Take it slow.

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    Good for you, Dawn! My wife is tolerant, but not embracing. I'd love to model new dresses for her, but I think the best I would get is a few sarcastic comments. So I don't bother.

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    Hi Dawn,

    Congrats on coming out to your lovely wife.



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    Congrats to you, Dawn. I came out to my wife about seven years ago, and more recently to my siblings and parents. I wish I had done so it so much sooner. My wife is incredibly supportive and I think she's happy that she has a girlfriend and a husband. But one caveat...I have to be careful to exercise my male side regularly, because she's a girly girl who loves men. I'm thrilled that she seems to find me attractive and sexy as a girl, but I know her main interest is my man side. Finding the balance is the constant struggle...

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    Awesome. My wife and I had a similar situation. After about a year she met Madison and helped me with my makeup. It was a very anxious moment, but we loved it.

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    Congratulations ! That is great news, makes me a little jealous too. Though I am very happy for you.


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    Very nice that you have a supportives/o the red in my avataris totally green with envy good luck on your journey phylis anne

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