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Thread: confused

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    If your not a crossdresser then you should be.
    But yeah you're a crossdresser.

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    If just dressing for Halloween works for you that great. if just doing that makes you feel right you go hun.You can be one of us.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jenniferathome View Post
    You are a closet cross dresser. Frequency does not make the cross dresser, cross dressing does.
    Love it!

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    Thanks for the help i can now say..
    Hello my name is Brandi Daniels and im a closet crossdresser

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    Brandi: have you had this urge all your life? From childhood? Do you look a beautiful girl and think, "gosh, I'd like to **** her...actually, no, I'd like to look like her!" Do you start to hyperventilate when you look at the dresses, skirts and lingerie in Macy's? Do you just want to feel pretty, so bad it hurts sometimes? If you answered yes, well, just put on a dress and go with it. If you answered no, well, keep dabbling and enjoy yourself at Halloween!

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    *~Plain-Vanilla TG Girl~*
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    I Love Halloween! ♥

    Best ready-made excuse that ever existed!

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    Banned Spammer
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    There are no rules do whatever makes you happy.

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    Careful I bite <3
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    Either way what I really wanted to do was welcome you to the site, most people here are on all ends of the spectrum. Limited CDing (for a variety of reasons), to transitioned TG, to non-CDing SO's.

    By most common definitions you already were one hunny, even if it was only occasionally, and you had no other drives.

    In terms of being a "fake", you aren't. If gender bending costuming is your thing, cross-play may be a way to get out and do it more often, but it can still fall under the umbrella of cross dressing.

    As for more traditional and pan CD issues, you seem to have some of the clues that it's a bit more to you. You do it on your free time in private, you enjoy it, you want to "pass", all of which tend to be pretty common especially at the outset. Be honest with who you are and don't get too caught up on what is the right way to name it.

    As you figure out who you are the right name will come to you.

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    Brandi, you are whatever you believe you are. Labels are over rated though, in my opinion. All types of gender nonconformists, their loved ones, and people just trying to learn are welcome here. You must fit into one of those categories somewhere, so you are not a fraud.

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