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Thread: I know why crossdressers are easy to spot. They dress like girls.

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    I know why crossdressers are easy to spot. They dress like girls.

    The last couple of weekends, my wife and I were out and about. During these trips, I paid special attention to see what women wear.

    From my unscientific observations, if we want to pass while out and about, we should wear men's clothing.
    Seriously, have you seen what passes for decent attire these days? If you want to spot a crossdressing, look for the one in a skirt and heels.

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    Agreed. Its exceedingly rare to see a skirt here in texas. 90% are in shorts or jeans.

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    The OC, California
    First of all, your premise is silly that women who wear pants are dressing like men.

    Second, your premise is silly that women who wear pants are somehow not presenting themselves with decency.

    Third, your premise doesn't fly in SoCal where skirts and dresses are quite common. They're just not presented with the standard CD'er uniform of pantyhose and 5" high heeled pumps but trust me, regardless of presentation, the women in these parts are absolutely gorgeous.
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    And yet, in the Dallas, Texas area I do see more and more women wearing skirts, dresses, and heels. That is a refreshing change from the drought of those articles I saw as recently as three years ago.

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    The last time I was at one of the larger malls around, in the middle of a work day, I counted 3 women in skirts, 13 in dresses, and 1 in a dress but also wearing leggings. The 13 did include a group of 4 Hutterites, but that's not uncommon for this area, as we have a lot of Mennonites and Hutterites in the area, and even some Amish (rarely seen in the city though.) The skirts and dresses were not the majority, to be sure, but they are definitely not "rare".

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    I'm also in the Dallas Tx area and yup a lot of women I see while out and about wear shorts and dresses with heels and sandals

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    Wow, I'm sorry if my silly statements seem to offended (which my it's own merits actually seems a bit silly to be so inDefinitelygnantnt. ) I stand by my comment based on what I've seen in my hood. I've been looking because I'm trying to see acceptable styles, makeup, hair etc. This my not be true in southern California, maybe I should have specified the location.

    I've looked for shoes, clothing, makeup, but 95 precent were wearing tee shirts, jeans, skimpy shorts, tank tops.

    This isn't to say they weren't feminine or sexy. There were plenty that I saw I would want to get to know a lot better. But the sad truth is a dude dressed in heels dress, makeup and wig would stand out like a sore thumb.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lena View Post
    If you want to spot a crossdressing, look for the one in a skirt and heels.
    I totally and 100% agree with you on this one.

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    Used to be, people who flew would wear their best threads, kind of like going to church.
    Been to an airport or church lately?
    You are 100% right.
    I was sitting at a bar once and this girl came up to me and said, "I've been studying you and I know you're a crossdresser, and the only way I could tell from sitting across the room is how you're dressed. Look at how I'm dressed, and look at all the other girls. We're wearing jeans and sweatshirts while you're in a skirt and a $100 blouse with a fancy necklass. You're wearing heels and we're all wearing sneakers. You be okay at the mall at noon on a weekday, I'd never have known. Just thought I'd let you know you're doing it all right, but dress for the occasion."
    So there you have it. Me? I like skirts, not jeans. I like sheer blouse, not sweatshirts, but if we really want to pass, you got to play by the rules: dress for the occasion.
    Good post.

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    I've often referred to this complaint as the cross dressers dilemma. You want all women to be dressed up everywhere you go so that you can be dressed up too. Funny that no one complains about this in guy mode. Fashion trends move. Lamenting that women are not dressed like June Cleaver is a waste.

    I have been spending a lot of time in Silicon Valley and I'll echo what Sara Jessica wrote. What I see is many, many women are in heels and dresses or skirts. The "where" you are heavily influences the style.

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    Good then we should wear more dresses and skirts more often. The more people notice that there are crossdressers out there, the less the shock factor of seeing us.

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    Hi Lena, GGs' hardly ever wear skirts and heels to WAL*MART so if you see someone there dressed to the nines it's probably a CDer
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    While this is sooo very true, especially in Boho, OR, the thing that struck me watching GGs downtown today is not so much what they are wearing (mostly casual) but whether or not they are making an effort to look nice. I saw some low key, but tasteful ladies today, not many mind you, but some anyway.

    In DC, NYC, etc. however, the dress is much more chic, upscale, and dressy I find it simply wonderful.

    Now before you GGs judge my taste, my everyday man wear is often Brooks Brothers suits, and when I'm dressed as if I give a sh!t, I catch women checking me out all the time.. no brag just fact. So GGs, you know you appreciate well dressed men and we are no different when it comes to you!!
    But if you just don't care.. that's OK, just know you are wearing your apathy for all to see.
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    Cross-dressers are easy to spot because they dress like cross-dressers. Women do wear skirts, pantyhose and heels, sometimes even all three at once, but rarely the black or denim miniskirt/nude hose/black patent leather heel combination that many cross-dressers prefer. An ankle bracelet is just hanky code for "I'm really a dude" at this point. Just accept the fact that your style is dated and/or based on some form of hyperreality created by cross-dressers.

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    Boy Lena that sounded foul . I have seen women(all ages) in all manner of dress and 99.999999999999% of them dress decently.
    I agree what Sara said
    Cd's over dress for the occasion or dress like a young woman not being age appropriate. Therefore stick out.
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    Hmm.... seeing as how I wear a skirt often, and heels EVERYDAY. I would have to disagree with you.

    But it sounds like you are in a Honkey Tonk town, where skimpy tops IS considered dressy tops. Come to the big city and you will see differently. But lets refrain from judging 50% of the human population, based upon what? What cross-dressers think women should look like? Zylia, has it right with this one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zylia View Post
    Cross-dressers are easy to spot because they dress like cross-dressers. Women do wear skirts, pantyhose and heels, sometimes even all three at once, but rarely the black or denim miniskirt/nude hose/black patent leather heel combination that many cross-dressers prefer. An ankle bracelet is just hanky code for "I'm really a dude" at this point. Just accept the fact that your style is dated and/or based on some form of hyperreality created by cross-dressers.
    yea Zylia nailed it here....the fashion sense in most is weak at best.

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    Fashion sense and wearing what makes sense in a certain context are skills that become second nature to GGs growing up (so says my wife!). When Tina first appeared she had the fashion sense of a guy watching girls and that was one of the first things that she got explained to her. I would say that after a lot of the technical details of being Tina became understood after the first three years, the last 6 years have been spent mostly on voice, language usage, and fashion! My wife and I talk a lot about what women around us are wearing and if it's working well for them. She told me learning about fashion would take a few years, and she was soooo right!

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    Truth be told, I am usually overdressed for where I am, and my style can be rather dated, but really I don't care anymore. I dress to please myself and dress only according to my own personal style, as long as people leave me alone and don't hurt me I don't care. I will continue to wear my nude hose, hose with open toe shoes and fancy satin blouses, even if GGs don't, I like it and that is the way I will dress.
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    There's a lot of good points here.
    1. if you just don't pass, you just don't pass. While on a return trip from Cancun a couple of year back, I saw two guys dressed as women who were obviously men. One had an Adam's apple and was pretty tall, and the other just looked like a guy. They had on no makeup, breast forms, etc. I don't know if that would have made a difference. Face it, going out in public not only requires courage, but you need to look like a woman.
    2. Overdressing is a dead giveaway too. Breast forms that are way too large, skirts that are too short and hair and makeup that is absolutely perfect. A 38c, is pretty average and looks good for me. Not too big, not too small. GG's hair is not always perfect and neither is their makeup always. I wear skirts that are short, but not too short. I had the good fortune to have lived with a GG who schooled me in what and how to wear things.
    3. As with points one and two, just as clothes don't always make the man, clothes don't always make the woman. If you want to go out in public and pass, blending in, rather than standing out is a reasonable goal. But be honest. I wouldn't denigrate anyone who wants to dress, but if you're over 6' tall, wear a men's size 12 shoe, have and Adam's apple and a very heavy beard, you might not want to show yourself. Just saying.
    4. Suchacutie has a real good point too. GGs grow up with a fashion sense. If you can acquire this, you'll be way ahead of the game.
    man, i feel like a woman

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    A) Some crossdressers just wanna wear frilly stuff and feel sexy, making no attempt to pass
    B) some Dressers are horribly out of touch with what kinda clothes women actually wear and need to go to the mall and people watch
    C) some wanna wear skirts dresses and heels (that girls wear when they go clubbing or to weddings) then we go to walmart
    Summery if you wanna pass wear what real girls actually wear to the type of place you are going to be wearing it. Also try to check out how girls do their makeup on a normal tuesday it is different then when they are at the bar. Its hard to be a crossdresser GG's have a lifetime of exp with hair, makeup, and clothing that we dont have so if we really wanna pass are one of them we need to do some homework and choose the outfit wisely.
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    It really depends where you are. I see lots of skirts and panty hosed women around my big college town. However Yoga pants and leggings are what I see the most.
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    waimate new zealand

    Come over here -down under , and you,ll find many of us wear skirts and dress,s and none of us are dresser,s as your saying all women . now not all women wear skirts / dress,s i know many dont and i know them as friends ,

    the only pair of pants - slacks what ever, longs, is what i wear for parades with our band , , on sunday i wont ill be wearing my skirt, on parade ,

    Mind you if you saw our groups all of us are in skirts or dress,s for our do,s not including the men of cause they will be in longs,

    Oh by the way what is the age of those you see young or older or a mix, of age,s,


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    Have to go with Lena, at least here in FL. No heels at most venues, even church. Wedges on occasion.
    Most are shorts, very fem top and sandals.
    Modest jewelry and makeup. But you need to be happy and confident in how you present.

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    Maxi skirts and dresses have been more commonplace this summer, and that has been across the age ranges. The younger GG's have also taken to wearing bodycon dresses more during the day. That's not to say that jeans, leggings etc, the chic drab look, isn't still very prominent.
    Let's not also forget that for the young, put a logo, a brand name on a sweatshirt and an expensive price tag, and you have the thing to be seen in.
    For my part I think if you want to wear a skirt or dress out during the day to do those everyday activities then don't over do it with the shoes, the jewellery etc and you'll stand a better chance of going about your business unnoticed.

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