In about a week I have another consultation about getting breast implants. Tonight my wife and I talked again about the practical side of it. She agrees that I will feel better about myself if that's what I need. She only wants me to be happy and doesn't care what anyone might think. She has also spoken with my counciler who has also made her recommendation on my behalf. i'm still scared about it. My wife can get the time off to bring me for outpatient surgery and I can go it alone with about a two week recovery time. I've also mentioned that I am not fully TS. I just need to feel better about myself.

I figure if I'm going to do it, I will go as far as a D-cup. I already am a B due to gyno and they do show. No complaints here! My GG friends have also encouraged me.

Today a long-time male friend called. We talked about many things which led to a discussion about meds we are taking. He's in somewhat of a similar situation with meds. I decided to say that some that I am on have caused gyno. I also had a laugh with him. I stretched the truth and said that one med has caused gyno. then I said that my wife and I had a laugh when I tried on one of her bras and it fit perfectly! He laughed. I told him I could have them removed but I can live wih them. He agreed and just sid "Don't wear a bra to Walmart."

So I tested the waters. My wife laughed when I told her about this conversation. She even said we'll have to go shopping for new bras and maybe other things. LOL! I told her she could have my old ones!