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Thread: Could you handle

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    The non-GG next door.... Candice Mae's Avatar
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    Never, Neverland

    Could you handle

    Could you handle living as the oppisite gender full time?

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    yes i would love it, i love when i feel and look like a women, i would love to dress 24/7 for the rest of my life . ifeel more like myself talking a and being withother girls hugs lynda

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    Cat's Eye Siren ArleneRaquel's Avatar
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    I have been living as a woman 24/7 for over 10 years now and I love it.
    Fulfilling a Lifetime Dream of Living as a Woman in My Adult Years. Ten Years Living 24/7 as a Mature Lady

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    I'm not sure but I would love to Try it some day most I've gone was from Friday afternoon to Sunday night.

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    Little Mrs. Snarky! Nadine Spirit's Avatar
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    In short, no.

    But more than that, sure I could handle it, but that is not me. In trying to do so that would be like trying to live as a man and conforming to that genders culturally defined norms. It is not me to do that and it would not be me to do the same thing as a woman. I see my gender preferences as existing somewhere in the middle. Interesting enough, for a long portion of my life, I couldn't mentally handle doing that either.

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    I've been in the world for the last two years, and there is no going back. I am the girl I was born to be, and will let the world know every day.


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    Junior Member Margot Emerson's Avatar
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    No doubt that I most definitely could. In an instant! Not only could I, but I would prefer to. I don't think I would have said that a year ago, but that was then.

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    Aspiring Member Sarah Beth's Avatar
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    I would have to say no. There is just so much more to my world than my time as the opposite sex. If things were dfferent if my life had gone a different direction than it did and my circumstances today were different I might have tried doing that. There is just to much man in me to be Sarah full time.
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    Silver Member DebbieL's Avatar
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    Today, I can and do. I've been living full time as female for about 18 months now, and have been quite happy doing so.
    For 3 years before that, I lived 120 hours/week as female - work and church were spent in "boy mode" and barely even then.

    When I was 20, such a thing would have been almost unimaginable. Back in 1976, transgender males were not treated kindly at all.
    Even going to an women's college as one of 25 males, I feared discovery and it's consequences. I worked on stage crew and had to deal with carpenters and welders (doing carpentry and welding myself). It paid tuition and I couldn't afford to lose the job.

    I was attacked 2-4 times a day in elementary school, twice a day in Jr high, and was assumed to be gay in high school. Even though I wanted more than anything in the world to be able to be a girl, to be able to go to school as a girl, to be able to play with my girl friends at school, to not have to pretend to be a boy, I couldn't even talk about it with my parents. They knew, but what they didn't tell me was that the "cure" for someone like me, back in the 1960s, was shock, torture, and lobotomy. I didn't find out about it until days before my father died, after he told me "Be yourself, even if that means being Debbie".
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    Junior Member Stephania's Avatar
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    I would say yes as I have since last January.

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    Platinum Member kimdl93's Avatar
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    Handle it...yes. But I have to qualify that. I have no reservations about living day to day as a woman. I've done it for weeks at a time. But there are parts of my life where I'm less sure about being accepted....that would include my wife, who has really grown less accepting, along with some extended family members and business associates.

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    Shoe shopping shrew natcrys's Avatar
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    What does that mean exactly?

    Just wearing the clothes and heels? Having to wear make-up? Having to deal with the unequal pay?

    If I look at my GG friends.. most of them don't wear the stereotypical feminine clothing or heels. Only a few wear make-up.

    So, I don't really know how to interpret this question...
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    New Member jennifer_w's Avatar
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    I would say no, more or less for reasons like Sarah summarized.

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    Assuming I was born as the opposite gender; sure why not? 50% of the world's population seems to be able to manage it.

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    Reality Check Krisi's Avatar
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    If I had a female body I could live full time as a female. 50% of the population does it every day. Getting up every day and trying to disguise my male body as female? Probably not. Too much work and not 100% effective.

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    Member Dana3's Avatar
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    In a perfect world, without any and all of the judgmental , stereotyping, categorizing, prejudice, biased, etc involved? I could and would do it just to have the experience of doing so. Trouble is? Life is what happens when you make other plans! The Titanic PLANNED to sail from Great Britain to New York, but didn't quite make it.

    There are progressive parts of the country where one could do so? But they are the exception and not the norm ~ and even in those areas there's your 10% of azzhats, that believe its their God given right to set others "RIGHT" to their way of thinking and seeing things, all the while they themselves are the less mentally, emotionally, psychologically , and spiritually un-evolved persons stuck in strict binary logic and perception.

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    Senior Member Princess29's Avatar
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    its not for me

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    Member Tiffany Jane's Avatar
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    Simply, no. In a way Tiffany is an expression of part of who I am and doesn't represent the whole being. She reminds me that I have deep intimate feelings that I keep and that others around me could have the same and should be treated as such. Dressing is a time to reenergize the soul as it is time out of my everyday life to let go of the things that have weighed on me.

    Although it is therapeutic, it has taken a lot of soul searching to realize it is an outlet more than a direction.

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    Gone to live my life
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    Hi Candice,

    I would have to say "no". As I explore this portion of me further both personally and through therapy (or counselling if some prefer that time better), I realized that I do suffer from some minor GD in that one my identities is definitely female and she needs to express herself openly for me to feel complete. However she can never go full time as my male identities (e.g., husband, brother, soldier) are also very strong and would feel out of sorts causing chaos (my mind gets very busy and no not in a psychotic sort of way, just confusion). So I would have to return to being boy to establish harmony once again.

    I know, seems weird but then again we are all different.



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    There's that smile! CarlaWestin's Avatar
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    Could you handle living as the opposite gender full time?

    Geez, this question is deviously simple and complex at the same time. So, this would mean that in my life right now, from this point on, I present as and, expect everyone to view me as, female? At this point of my life, I am positive that I can handle things way more severe and challenging than this. I can sure think of other things that could happen that I could handle that make the thought of living as the opposite gender a walk in the park. Do I want to? I really don't know. Say an unfortunate, one-in-a-million reaction to a medication set off an irreversible hormonal change that made me female and necessitated an eventual total surgical completion to stay alive. I would certainly be more emotionally prepared than the average cis male. I would probably just dress androgynously most of the time like most GG's do anyway.

    So, to answer the OP question.

    Yes! Yes I could.
    I've waited so long for this time. Makeup is so frustrating. Shaking hands and I look so old. This was a mistake.
    My new maid's outfit is cute. Sure fits tight.
    And then I step into the bedroom and in the mirror, I see a beautiful woman looking back at me.
    Smile, Honey! You look fabulous!

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    Junior Member jeank's Avatar
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    No, I don't think so - I really enjoy being Jean for a few days when the opportunity presents, which I do wish was more often, but I also enjoy my male side and there are a lot of parts of it that would not be compatible with my female persona.

    If my dressing wasn't restricted, I'd be sort of stuck with the best of both worlds

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    Senior Member Eringirl's Avatar
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    If it was just me, I think so, at least I would give it a shot. But hard to tell until you try it. In current circumstances, probably not as I would loose my SO. But this may be the fork in the road I am at anyway....
    Seize the day. Life is short, and you're dead a long time...just sayin' ...

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    Aspiring Member ChristinaK's Avatar
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    Nope. Not full time. I enjoy taking off the wig and the bra too much. Also, I am a full time man and part time woman. Full time would ruin it!

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    Vino, Vidi, Vici! Renee Elise's Avatar
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    In a word, masculine instincts / feelings are very strong...just as I felt out of balance (but didn't understand why) with my femme side suppressed, I think I'd go crazy with my masculine similarly suppressed. Like many others being able to express myself en femme is a huge relief...and above all, fun! Being a girl 24/7 would be too much.
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    Adventuress Kate Simmons's Avatar
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    That would not be a problem Candice.
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