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Thread: My mother nearly walked in on me!

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    My mother nearly walked in on me!

    This past Sunday morning, my SO was off to drop my step son with his father. Normally we all go but I didn't feel like taking the polish of my nails yet and changing. I had thoughts of dressing for the day, and changing if we went somewhere. So, I'm in the back bedroom. I just changed the babies diaper, put my comfy jeans on and was trying to get the wig straitened out when I hear the side door open and my mom say "Hello, anyone home?". I haven't felt my heart drop like that in many years. I'm like ninety percent dressed. I yell out the door "Just getting dressed". I quickly throw everything off and man cloths go on except my sports bra. Taking that thing off is not as easy as it goes on. Now I'm changed but I have nail polish on my fingers. The polish remover is down the hall in the bathroom and also in the living room. I could shove my hands in my pockets but I have my baby son in the room with me. I cant leave him sitting on the bed by himself. I guess its time to tell my mom. Nope in the corner I spot a fold able baby bed and blanket. I put him in it and give him a bottle. The bottle goes everywhere. Now I can leave with out displaying my hands but I still have to make small talk for a bit. After a minute or so I excuse myself to the bathroom nail polish off! I did it. I cant keep my hands out. But I hear mom getting the baby what did I leave laying around?

    My SO makes it back to our house and mom hangs out for a bit and unloads all the emotions shes feeling now. She never just drops bye but shes been going thru a bit of personal stuff lately and needs distractions. That being my three boys. Mom leaves and the first thing my SO says is "Did you tell her?". I say No. She goes "why not?". I suppose I should have but I'm not ready face that yet. Mom didn't mention anything but I left pretty much everything out on display. And if I tell mom then I have to tell everyone and I'm just not ready for that. Mom has loose lips. Besides I was impressed with my Counter Intel moves.

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    Close call! But a clever recovery
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    It's up to you,mod course, to decide when and if you tell your mother. Evidently your SO thinks it's time. Why is that?

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    I can assume that, I am the lucky one. I have been a suspect since, I was a teen. If my mother ever caught me it would be. I ALWAYS KNEW IT.

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    I think that it would be better to tell her when you are prepared to do so and on your time. Getting "caught" and having to tell her when you are on the defensive probably would not go down as well as getting yourself prepared and finding an appropriate time and setting! Just sayin!

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    Moms can tell, she may not know all, but she knows something.

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    Good that you are there for your mom and her "personal stuff", but always best to have an alternate plan of removal of your feminine side OR maybe lock the house doors when you are alone! Your wife probably has a key if you do lock the doors, but it is difficult to understand why (some) relatives just walk in - regardless of their issues! Also IMO best NOT to reveal your femme side until YOU are comfortable and confident with presenting it to others. Enjoy.

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    Kris it sounds as if your mom has enough on her mind to look for tell tale CDing signs ! So maybe no need to tell her ! My mother is 85 and a very fit lady with all her faculties, my wife for some reason said I should tell her about my CDing ! I said I couldn't see the point, she'd probably be OK with it but why risk upsetting her ? It would serve no useful purpose, I don't need her acceptance !

    I'm surprised the smell of nail polish remover didn't give the game away, you can usually smell all over the house, I usually go to the garage or the shed !
    Being caught out does raise the heart rate some ! The times I've almost been caught and had to go for hours underdressed hoping the bra strap or suspender belt doesn't show, it's usually in that situation that your bra strap starts slipping down your arm and you have to fight the uge to pull it up !!

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    My family never walks in another's home. We knock and wait for an answer. But that's us. Many families aren't like that.
    The problem with that is that you would have had to answer the door . Maybe a better idea would be to leave the door unlocked but to have an escape plan, like locking yourself in your bedroom with all you need (like polish remover, makeup remover, guy clothes, etc.) so you can come out when you're ready.
    Good for you for not leaving your child in a dangerous situation in order to keep your painted nails hidden (even if I'm not a fan of leaving a child unattended in a bed with a bottle. But that's just me.)

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    Not had my mother do it, but I have had many a scramble like yours in my lifetime.
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