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Thread: My wife lets me wear her clothes, but now I can't stop !

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    I agree. Just with a woman that I had talked to for years. Then I opened up to her and told her that I am a cd. At first she ignored me, then she wrote me back and was very encouraging. But then, I told her that we could shop together, do each others makeup, things like that. I think that I over loaded her with information. Have not heard another word from her, hope I do though, miss her very much.
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    I am wearing off-black thigh highs, women’s pull-on pants, panties, a short slip and a bra. The clothes are comfortable and all have a raison d’etre: like the thigh highs are better than pantyhose as they are easier to put on and don’t need to be lowered to go to the bathroom, and they don’t make indentations as do knee- or calf-high socks; the pull-on pants are much easier to put on than zippered pants; full-cut panties are more comfortable than men’s no fly briefs; the slip is easier to tuck into the pants than cotton undershirts; and the bra keeps the narrow non-adjustable straps on the slip from falling off my shoulders. My wife bought all of them for me, except for the bra, which is hers, as she maintains that a man should not wear a bra so a bra cannot appear in my clothes drawer. I was wearing it yesterday, when she came home early. Fortunately, I was also wearing a sweatshirt, and I don’t think she noticed. I would like to be able to wear it with her knowledge, and get my own bra, as a 42A would fit better than her 38B, but I will have to work on that…
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