I'm 32.
I remember thinking, 5 years ago aged 27 - "S**t, I'm nearly 30, I'm still not a man".
Now that I'm over 30, I still don't feel like a 'man'. Not because of CDing, not because of my level of freedom, but just because I always compare myself to the guy from 5 years ago.
5 years ago I was a jerk, a totally selfish, immature prick who thought he was the dog's balls because he was better than the 22 year old, who in turn was better than the 17 year old (Fook me - WAY better than the 17 year old).

I think these terms 'boy' and 'man' even 'crossdresser' are all just categories to help categorise us when someone looks in on our lives.
I hope to never have a sense of being a 'man' because the word has pre-determined connotations, both positive and negative.

We are always going to be man AND boy AND crossdresser because really all we are is ourselves.

My word, that was a bit deep.