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Thread: I love my wife, and other musings

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    I love my wife, and other musings

    So today was a busy day - I haven't been to the nail salon for abuot 6 weeks and polish on my toe tails was getting a bit ragged, so my wife said "Why don't you go get your nails done, then when you're done we can go shopping?". Off to the salon I go! When I get there I'm sitting next to an Indian gentleman about my age and he's getting a mani/pedi as well. We start talking and he tells me that he's been getting mani/pedis for a couple of years - apparently his wife talked him into it: she convinced him to get a facial one day and he thought that was the greatest experience he had ever had, so when his wife suggested the mani/pedi he jumped at the chance. He said he hasn't tried color on his nails yet, but he has had clear once or twice. When he saw me getting bright red on my toes he smiled and said "Maybe I'll try that next time!".

    As my toes were drying another gentleman walked by who had just gotten a haircut - he looked at me, smiled broadly, and said "I've got nothing - that looks great!" I told him I've been doing it for over 10 years and he was astonished - said he didn't have the guts to try it, but it sure looked good on me! About that time the lady sitting next to me looked over and frowned - she lamented "Youre toes look better than mine!" - we both had a good laugh!

    Went home and ate lunch, then off to Costco for some shopping. As we pass the table with ladies pajamas on sale my wife mentions that she should tell her sister because she's always looking for pajamas. I mention that my male pajamas have seen better days and I should look for some new ones also my wife steers mo over to the ladies pajamas, pickes out 2 pair and says "How about these?" - they're pretty basic, soft flannel with just a touch of thin lace on the collar. I ask her "Are you sure?" and she says they look nice and you'll look good in them. At $12.99 each they fit great!

    I don't know if she ever gets tired of me telling her how lucky I am, but she sure is an angel!

    Happ Thanksgiving to you all!
    Wealth should not be measured by how much you have, but by how little you need - anon

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    Thank you for sharing this wonderful story. Happy Thanksgiving to you too.
    I'm getting better with age. I may have started late, but better late than never!

    "Don't let anyone define who you are".

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    That is such a wonderful story. Though I get mani/pedis all the time, I've never had color. Too chicken I guess.

    Your story also reminded me of a time my wife and made a visited to a little spa we frequent. It's a quite little full-service place with two chairs and I love the intimacy and charm of the atmosphere. Anyway, wife and I went in, got our massages, rested in the relaxation room, then it was on to nails. Now, we have being going to this spa for some years and know all the girls.

    This time they had a new nail tech and she was assigned to me. She was sweet, but her entire conversation to me was about how she had lots of gay friends, how they hang out a lot, they go to gay festivals together, why she doesn't approve of gay bashing, etc. My wife and the other nail tech, who knew me well, kept giggling and chuckling. We got done with our nails and headed off separately to facials. As we were leaving my wife told me she learned from one of the girls that the new girl thought I was gay, and that she (my wife) was just a friend or sister. In fairness, they tell me I'm the only regular male mani/pedi customer. Guys seem to only get massages there when they come with their wife, and on rare occasion the spa may do a gentleman's facial. Probably why I love the place.

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    It is nice to appreciate things your wife does for you.
    I do prefer satin pajamas.

    Me, I just love my wife.
    Work on your elegance,
    and beauty will follow.

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    You have a good wife

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