I have a little enquiry. Unfortunately I know we unfortunately do not have a large number of FTM's on these forums for reasons that honestly are a little difficult to work out. Your out there somewhere!

Anyway, I have been reading that whilst the rate of "top surgery" (i.e. mastectomy) is really very high in FTM, the rate of "bottom surgery" (i.e. Phalloplasty) is actually fairly low. This is in itself a little curious as compared to "top surgery" for MTF, Mastectomy is a relatively higher morbidity procedure with a high complication rate. As opposed to "bottom surgery" where compared to MTF, Phalloplasty has a relatively low morbidity and extremely high functional outcome rate.

So my question is for an FTM, which surgery is most desirable? Top or Bottom. And Why? One could argue there are plenty of men out there with large "breasts" and Mastectomy is not necessarily required for "passing" as a man in the same way that one can argue BA is not necessary for an MTF to "pass" as a man. So is it social or more a body dysmorphia in the mirror thing??