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Thread: Help crossdressing

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    Help crossdressing

    Ok so in another post i talked about how my halloween was an epic fail and i was putting Brandie away.I have been doing alot of thinking i was just wasn't properly prepared.Mainly because i don't know how to crossdress its more than wearing girls clothes. Will you all help me be a better dresser tell me what i need to wear, act?i got high heels, boots and a pantyhose collection.
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    Well... I'm glad that you're reconsidering bringing Brandie back! What got me more into CDing as a lifestyle was (in terms of clothes, of course) getting a couple of clothes and shoes that really moved my ground. So I started planning on a specific style with those and had some time for me in private to dress. Try as much as you can and get to define a style for you! If you feel it's just about wearing girly clothes then it's fine, if you feel there's more to it, then prepare to be patient and understanding to yourself, because it's a part that you shouldn't ignore completely, but you should cultivate and appreciate!

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    A-dam, it's not about what you have, but where you are going. You need to dress for the occasion, the time, the day, the location, your age, even the season. That dictates your wardrobe, accessories, everything.

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    Yes, this "being a woman" thing isn't easy, is it?

    It takes GGs about 15 years to learn how to dress, walk, talk, do makeup, etc., and they are in a society that approves of their being feminine. Knowing this, it will probably take a GM more than a week or two to get the hang of it.

    You start small, get some makeup and clothes, realize that half of what you bought it wrong (GGs do this too) and then correct your mistakes. You practice makeup application, including the beard cover part that GGs don't have to deal with. You look like a clown. You try again. You still look like a clown, but a prettier one. Slowly things start to fall together. You put together outfits, which is an art in itself. Selecting a dress is not the final step, you have to select shoes, necklace, bracelet, earrings, rings, a jacket or wrap, etc. GGs do this easily because they have been raised to do so, CDers have to ascend the learning curve.

    Keep it up, you'll get the hang of it!
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    I can offer you an easy lesson. Just watch and study your Wife/SO or even your Mom. And then dress and do your makeup like they do in the same setting and if you want a little more out of it emulate their actions too. It's really that easy to CD but now if you are going for deeper reasons that add new causes and reason for CDing then you have a lifetime of studying and practicing ahead. So good luck with what ever your destination may be. By the way any of the fore said is going to cost more than a little money, it's not the most expensive hobby you can have but it will prove to be the most long-lived.
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    Most of your help is going to be found right Here in the pages on this forum...mostly in the beauty section, then ACTUALLY using the search feature there. But like others have does not happen overnight, or even in a month, or 2 or 6....but it is a learning process, and we NEVER stop advice ( dont take this seriously) is get some are going to be very cold just wearing pantyhose and heels. Enjoy the ride...xoxo

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    A-dam, lots of great advice here. Use the search function. Goodwill and other thrift stores can be a great start
    for not a lot of money. You have lots of advice in this thread alone. It does take time, but its worth it. Make sure
    the first thing you put on is a smile.

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