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Thread: Outed by wife in hotel

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    Outed by wife in hotel

    My wife and I are in Las Vegas to renew our vows with both of us as brides. This morning I was in the bathroom in panties and bra putting on my makeup when she let house keeping in to bring some towels and she forget to close the bathroom door. The guy sure got an eyeful. My wife said he just stood there staring for about 2 mins. Just wished I had my wig on. She thought it was funny, I guess I will to later.

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    It's las vegas - I'm sure housekeeping has seen MUCH worse than that! Don't worry about it!

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    Remember what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. I would say though that maybe the wife is not as supporting as you may think but you probably know her better than the information we are getting here. Maybe a joke that you are taking too seriously. What though would she have done if you'd let the housekeeping guy in and she had been standing there in her bra and panties? Not for sure the joke would have been so funny to her then.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaylyn View Post
    Remember what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.
    So that's why my teenage son wants a Chevy Vega.

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    When you reach the point you're at now it has to be funny !!
    The guy with open mouth reminds me of when I was buying my knee high boots, just when I stood up to let the SA check the fit a male customer was standing open mouthed in disbelief !!

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    Lucky you were in Vegas.

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    I'd always felt that dressing up in the privacy of a hotel room was great.
    Even when housekeeping or room service might venture in.

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    I wonder if he was staring because he wanted to put the towels in the bathroom where they belonged and you were in the way
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    Two minutes?! I dunno, that sounds awfully *creepy* to me. And in Vegas as part of a hotel house keeping crew, I would imagine dude has seen some crazy bizarre crap out there. As for what you think about some random dude in Vegas you will never see again - what do you care?? Own it, own yourself, live life, and move on . . . . :-)

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    it's funny as long as she would find it funny you doing the the same to her in reverse ... or if she were dressed en-homme etc.
    I used to believe this, now I'm in the company of many tiggers. A tigger does not wonder why she is a tigger, she just is a tigger.

    thanks to krististeph: tigger = TG'er .. T-I-GG-er

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    It is kinda funny. Something to make your second wedding ceremony even more memorable.

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    its still somewhat of a shock to me even for me when i see another gal not FULLY dressed like that LOL

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    A joke is a joke, and I am all for a good laugh, but I don't find this to be funny. I understand, everybody has their own unique relationship that works for them. I would never in a million years do that to my wife and I hope that she would respect me in the same manner.

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    Reminds me of the other day when I was working housekeeping and I walked in to see some guy dressing in the bathroom and all I could think of was, where did he buy those heels............
    Its Vegas, but I would remind her that you wouldn't do that to her.
    So you renewed your vows both wearing wedding dresses.......too cool
    Love it Chrissy
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    Housekeeping has seen it all (and more) before. The fact that your wife thought it funny and that you were both there as brides is awesome. Most wives would have been mortified.

    Interesting aside. I know a person that works in a large hotel. She recons that a significant percentage of men underdress - more than I'd have thought.

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    Lowestoft UK. Beverley was here.
    Did he see something he had not seen before I wonder.
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    I will be down in Vegas in 2 days and I've got my fancy sequin ball gown and 3" sparkly pumps ready to wear through the casinos and out on the streets. I know I will be getting the looks alright.

    As far as what happened to you I think housekeeping wanted to put away the towels etc... I doubt the guy was a perv.

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    I'm sure he will get over it. Being in that industry and in Las Vegas would mean seeing lots of interesting "sights".

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    Cute and funny, hope you said "hi" and smiled.
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