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Thread: Embarrassing or funny moments in girl mode

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lexi Moralas View Post
    The very first time I worked up the nerve to walk into a gay/ cd bar. Was wearing a long stretchy skirt and a sweater , I order a beer and say alone at a high top table on the edge of the dance floor. Nervous sipping my beer , I took a deep breath and decided to check out the rest of the club ( it was cedar brooks in Westport ct"rip") well in getting down from the bar stool one of my heels got hooked on my skirt I stumbled dropped my beer , it didn't break but spilled all over the floor. Luckily I was caught by a big burly biker looking dude and didn't bit the floor. But at this point one of my heels had poked a hole in my skirt and pulled it down just far enough to expose my pink thong clad but to the world. A few people crowded around to make sure I was all right and the young shirtless gay guy selling the Jell-O shots got my heel out of the hole in my skirt so I was able to pull my skirt up and cover my self. Some one handed me a fresh beer. Every one was really nice about it but I was mortified they had to bring out a mop and everything. I slipped out the door at the first opportunity
    Sorry your first time into a gay/cd bar all dressed up was some kind of a disaster.
    But lucky you had so many kind helping hands.
    I am sure you would have stayed a little bit longer if you had not ripped a hole in your skirt with your high heels.
    Hope now you're all used to it and enjoying your time playing 'dress-up'.

    PS: I am retired; when I used to dress up in public in Bangkok, Thailand, I had quite a few wardrobe malfunctions too.
    The most embarrassing being slipping on someone else's spilled beer, falling over and in the process ripping my one
    piece cotton body hugging mini skirt and exposing my 'ahem'. I just rushed out jumped into a cab and went home to
    try bury myself alive. Its was months before I got the courage to go out again all dressed up. I used the time at home
    to learn from my group of ladyboy friends how to walk and dance in my heels and how not to suffer any more freak

    Its always great to reflect and laugh at our 'moments'. It is therapeutic to be
    able to laugh at ourselves.
    Kisses Adriana
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    Not long after I met the woman I would marry, we dressed up as ****s for our first halloween together. We went to a club (Bo Diddley was playing). About halfway through the show, my leather skirt started to unzip... I didn't know it was happening, and reached around and discovered it just as it was about to drop! So near miss here, fortunately I didn't have to shimmy to the floor to pull it back up!

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    This one's an "almost..."

    I had some time to myself and a rather dull and boring job to complete so I decided to spice things up a little and pulled on some panties, an old leotard and tights to make the task a little more fun. It involved cleaning out a closet so that an electrician could come in and do some long overdue wiring work.

    Some insulation had fallen from the ceiling so I got the shop vac and was just a sweeping away and having a good time. Before long, the job was over but while I was "in the closet... " the thought occurred to me that I'd not be able to hear the doorbell if someone came to the door. No worry, so I thought. Soon the sweeping was done and the closet was cleaned and I went to change clothes. About ten minutes later, I was out of the shower, dressed and down stairs... about five minutes after that, the doorbell rang. It was my wife's sister who just happens to have a key to our house! No harm, no foul but it did get me to thinking... Had she come about half an hour earlier and rang the doorbell, she would have probably let herself in when no one answered. Had she heard the sweeper (it's a noisy cuss), she may have well come to investigate... That could have proven VERY PROBLEMATIC since only my wife & I know about my interest in dressing!

    I wonder how I could diplomatically get that house key back????????

    Lacy PJs

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    The easiest way to solve your key issue is to replace the locks on the doors - you'll get new keys!
    Wealth should not be measured by how much you have, but by how little you need - anon

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    I agree, have the locks re-keyed. HomeDepot or Lowes can do it cheaply!

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