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Thread: doing male tasks while en femme?

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    nope never. I have done tasks but none of them required a gender specific skill
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    In this world there are only two tasks that are clearly male. Changing a flat tire, and getting a dead mouse out of the mouse trap. I've never done either en femme.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sara Jessica View Post
    Is it just me or can you only imagine bad things happening running around with a circular saw while wearing only panties and a t-shirt???
    It's just you. I've done LOTS of carpentry work in panties and a cami, with or without a bra. Sometimes I wear a skirt instead of the panties. I've also mowed the lawn, moved dirt around, changed the oil on the truck, electrical work, plumbing, tile, etc dressed.

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    Thank for all of your comments. I went to Austin today and stopped at a goodwill. wow, they had a lot of clothes. I got a denim skort, a cargo skirt two blouses for them and a sundress. Had to use my Dremmel tool to make a hole bigger for a closet rod in my wardrobe.
    I had on my sundress LOL and used my vice to hold the work with sparks flying everywhere. Now I'm heading out to the kitchen to make dinner. Yummi spaghetti of course.
    Part Time Girl

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    I mowed the lawn once as Cheryl.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deane View Post
    It's just you. I've done LOTS of carpentry work in panties and a cami, with or without a bra. Sometimes I wear a skirt instead of the panties. I've also mowed the lawn, moved dirt around, changed the oil on the truck, electrical work, plumbing, tile, etc dressed.
    Taking the humor onto serious-land...OK, you get the brownie points for this one. I'm just not seeing the point.
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    I can only think of one thing that is truly male oriented, but it is not work, or a chore at all Yeah yeah, I get it that men more often do carpentry, construction, masonry, mechanical blah blah blah. men tend to have brains that work in ways where it tends to be easier for them, and bodies that are naturally stronger so that makes the physical work a little easier. But, I do think and hope that we are getting past this point where we have to gender type chores and work. Do what needs to be done, however you want to be dressed doing it.
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    I have done my Christmas shopping, gone grocery shopping, eaten lunch in a restaurant, shopped at a home improvement store, and gotten a haircut in women's clothes.

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    It really just depends on what I had planned the day I dress up, which most of the time is homework. (cannot wait for June, graduate, no more school for a while!) There's really nothing I've done whilst dressed up that would be a particular male task.
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    Heres one....

    July 4th weekend 1982. I had rebuilt an engine and didn't feel like changing so I grabbed the hoist, hooked it up and slipped the engine into the bay of the car. I was a fairly grimie mess when done but it had been a very hot day...and a halter top and short shorts were the order during final assembly. Course, at this point I had been living full time for over a year so doing things when "dressed" was normal, just not what I did in them at times would be considered normal for a girl.

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    Between here and there but mostly here close to the donuts.
    I was changing oil in my Mustang in cut off jeans and a tank top once.
    Had my hair in a pony tail and had my pink John Deere cap.I rolled out from under the car and went to the trunk to get a wrench about the time some neighbors walked by.
    The man said to his wife "I need to teach you how to change the oil like this guy's wife".
    She said no way mister thats your job.
    I just turned and smiled and said well if a girl has no man she has to do it herself.
    Lucky for me I had a great tuck going on and awesome cleavage too so maybe by seeing lots of boobage there was no doubt I was female just a homely one at best.
    I have gone to the auto parts store enfemme if that is a guy thing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by iGenny View Post
    My front kept getting in the way, so the bra came off. Safety first!
    Unfortunately, some on us don't have that option, we just have to push through it.

    If the tool belt has to go on, then the jewelery comes off and a pair of eyeglasses that don't slide down and a pair of jeans go on.

    I'm just wondering how many here already own, or would now love to own this? Pink 30 piece tool kit
    Come on, you know you want it.
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    Just been decorating wearing some of my girl clothes which I would otherwise have thrown out.

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    Wow, haven't you been watching the DYI channel or HGTV?. HOT women do reno!

    All your princess points have been stripped!

    Conversely my wife and I both do girly tasks dressed in JEANS and FLANNEL shirts. Laundry, dishes, cooking, cleaning, shopping, sewing (well I do), dropping kids off at activities, driving the minivan. Dang I AM a soccer mom.

    P.S. Your points have been stripped for not watching. And you call yourselves girls!
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    Manual labour? With THESE nails?
    I dont think so!
    Samantha -x-

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    Yes, all the time, once I grabbed my tool apron while wearing a knit top, skirt and heels which got a great laugh from my loving wife.

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    When I can yes. Yesterday while working on a basement remodel, I needed to pull nails out of the ceiling and using a step ladder was a pain. Solution: 6" stilettos. Now if I could just pull off the cute outfits that women on the DIY shows wear I would be set.

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    for me there's something about wearing a skort and doing things around the house

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