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Thread: Whose coat is it ?

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    Whose coat is it ?

    A while ago I posted about a lightweight coat my sister in law gave to my wife, it was a bronze/brown colour so I asked my wife if she would be able to wear it ! She turned to me and asked why did I want it, that posed a dilemma because I'd be admitting I could be going out dressed !

    Yesterday it was wet and blustery, so my wife decided to wear it. She told me after that when my three year old grandson saw her in it he asked what was she doing wearing grandpa's coat ? I was drinking tea at the time so it ended up going the wrong way ! She asked smiling has he seen you in it ? I replied no of course not ! but that boy must have telepathic sight because I had worn it that morning fully underdressed with forms to walk the dog !!

    Lesson learned, don't pass off what a three year old can come out with !!

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    That is very true, don't ever think those kids don't notice everything. We tend to think that just because there young an play an don't say a lot they don't see and notice thing we do. There like little sponges, so be careful around them they will spill the beans on you in a heartbeat.

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    My reading of Teresa's post is that the grandson hadn't seen T in it because he doesn't live in the same house and wasn't there at the time.

    Perhaps he saw the live feed from the CCTV cameras that T's sister in law has had fitted to T's chimney??

    Moral of the story: never dress with dogs or children.
    I used to have a short attention spa

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    Or if you do dress with dogs / children be prepared for the consequences of them telling ALL!

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    At three kids aren pre-literate so they have all the communication skills that we discard after we learn to read. They'll see small details, pick up on smells we don't notice and remember details of events and stories that we let slide. It can be like spending time with Sherlock Holmes.

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    Don't know about dogs but it's a damn good job my cats can't talk given what they have seen over the years!!!!

    As for the grandchildren - I have a grandson in California who has seen his Granny Michelle lots of times on Skype - and I think he just accepts that it is Grandad having a dressing up day - my daughter and son-in-law are cool with it. My two granddaughters have not had the pleasure - although the elder one did have a few interesting/interested questions last summer as she was randomly opening doors and drawers and asking "What's that?". As you say, never underestimate the sponge-like qualities of a young brain... For myself I would be happy for them to meet their Granny Michelle but their parents are far less "open" about my crossdressing than the couple in California... One day, maybe....


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    The tricky part is letting a two year old see you dressed...

    They remember those images later in life, and you haven't come out to them?
    Work on your elegance,
    and beauty will follow.

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    I was visiting my aunt years ago. She was cool with my crossdressing and a willing advisor. Her granddaughter visited and found my high heels. She was nearly my size and proceed to wear them around the house. My aunt didn't know what to tell her and let her wear them. She apologized but I told her no problem. Kids do find things.

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    I don't worry about the dog a tasty biscuit fixxes that
    hugs hylis

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