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Thread: What are your thoughts on male privilege?

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    Besides, please consider: If equally qualified women really were available for 70 cents on the dollar, why wouldn't every company fire all the men and hire women instead, increasing their profits by an astronomical amount? You know the answer I usually get? 'Because men stick together and prefer to work with other men'. Yeah, like that would overcome the natural greed of the corporation's executives and stockholders; they'd hire baboons if they were equally capable, if they could keep that 30% for themselves. The 70% concept is great for headlines. Nothing else.
    I'll tell you why:

    - Women get pregnant; stop working and the corporation will still have to pay. (Atleast in Europe, don't know about the US)
    - Women get time off to be with the kids, which equals less labour hours.
    - Women tend to visit more the doctor, which also equals less labour hours.
    - Women are more likely to be victim of harassment (sexual), this counts for them too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sometimes_miss View Post
    It was in a copy of the Wall Street Journal that I read in the 1990's, I think it was around late 1992 after the census figures came out, the story was on the front page. Feel free to search through them all to find the exact article. Or, download the 1990 U.S. census (because that's where the dept of labor got the information), all oh, probably 20,000 pages of it, and check out the figures. I don't have to provide the exact link any more than every woman who states the old 70 cents on the dollar thing does, but I'm not making this up; e.
    Just a heads up. You told ezikeil to use modern fact that we weren't talking about the past. But you use a study 25 years old as your basis for argument? You can't have it both ways. That the past isn't relevant, but this article I read 25 years ago nullifies all your current facts?

    I have a hard time believing men who aren't traditional in their gender roles or presentations can be this judgemental about the world.

    It's sad to me. I always had this thought that crossdressers were more understanding or empathetic of the struggles women face daily. Obviously that empathy is a "privlidge" that women have over men. (Not all of your of course. Many of you in adore and thank you for being involved in this) (but I am also sorely dissapointed ) I thank God my future husband doesn't think this way.

    These are the reason I leave the forum for months at a time. The harsh reality, that some men here are just as a sexist and judgemental of people, as others are of them. Sad really.

    Supportive wife to a wonderful man who just so happens to like to be fabulous some times.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Greenie View Post
    It's sad to me. I always had this thought that crossdressers were more understanding or empathetic of the struggles women face daily..
    El Oh El

    Obviously if you spend any time at all perusing the threads you can see that the CD's are for the most part just regular dudes that have a bit of a bend. There are exceptions of course, but most of them are decidedly not very feminine looking or acting. Which by the way is not an insult. If I were dating a guy who told me he was a CD, I wouldn't be immediately turned off unless he wanted to take it further or was (shudder) TS. I don't like feminine men, but if he was just a regular guy that had this little kink, I don't think I would mind, because after all, he would still be 100% dude no matter how he dressed.
    Quote Originally Posted by STACY B
    At least there is social acceptance in being a drunk in our world. Hell I was good at it too.
    Melissa Hobbes

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    Nadine Yes, I stand to be corrected, they did say earnings not salaries. But they compared female to male full-time work, so it doesn't look as if women earn less because they take more time off, if this is what you meant?
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