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Thread: Medical care for Trans hits home.

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    Medical care for Trans hits home.

    Today my family doctor of about 10 years informed me that he did not want to do my pre-op exam for my SRS. He stated that he could not be involved in this type of operation on personal grounds but had no issue attending to my general health needs.
    Should I give him a pass on this or seek out another doctor for all my health needs, in my area few doctors are taking new patients. The doctor that does my hormones will due the pre-op but is leaving just after my surgery.
    I can get future hormones from Dr Bowers but she is 240 miles away.

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    If you have issues after the surgery will he treat you? He is supposed to be a doctor. How can he refuse to treat a medical issue?
    If your surgery offends him, if your being TS offends him then you offend him and I would have nothing to do with him. Find another doctor if you can.

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    He had the decency to be open with you. I think you have to respect his decision. The real issue is, will he refuse to treat you for future matters that may touch on your SRS or any other procedures in the course of transition? Will these, too, be matters of conscience for him? Perhaps you should begin looking around for another doctor.

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    If he can't be involved for personal reasons, thank him for his candor, and move on to a physician who won't interject his personal philosophy on your care.

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    I agree with Kim. What will happen when you need him and he makes another decision that he can't treat you. A doctor has to be there 100%. Maybe you don't drop him while looking, but I would start looking.

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    You might ask this doctor or Dr. Bowers for some referrals, then call each one and ask if they would have a problem with you. I got a referral about fifteen years ago, from a surgeon that I liked and she operated on my foot, for a GP. I've gone to this GP for fifteen years now, she knows all about my gender issues and has become a friend.
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    Does that mean if you get any kind of infections (including uti) or have other issues post op he wont be willing to help? If that is the case find someone else. My surgeon is on the other side of the world and have had problems, I would be in a very bad way if I did not have a local doctor helping me out.

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    Find another doctor.

    He took an oath. He violates it by treating you that way.

    It's not for him to judge you - it's his duty as a physician to treat you.

    My heart goes out to you. I know that it can be very difficult to find trans affirming healthcare even in a major metropolitan area.

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    you need another doctor...
    and paula is right...

    he took an OATH!!!

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    time for a proper Dr, one who has "problems" with your life choises, is not a good match for your medical needs.

    aka: down the rd he thinks something else "is not proper"????


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    Find another doctor. It maybe a little hard to find one, but it will be better for you in the end. Less stress .
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    He is not performing the surgery, merely attesting that you are fit for it. Time to change doctors.
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    Good and knowledgeable medical care after SRS and during HRT, can be the difference between a successful SRS or failure, and further, between life and death.
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    Peggie, I goggled and there are a lot of LGBT doctors in your area, sorry about
    this one. All the best.

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