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Thread: What's your style and how much does it reflect who you are?

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    What's your style and how much does it reflect who you are?

    I've been playing around with style and presentation lately.

    The biggest difference is my preferred style of clothing. Curiously, I've swung away from the dapper look (though I still love me a good suit!) and have been trying out more of a sporty/athletic look. At first I didn't notice, but thinking about it, I was a lot more quiet and polite back when I was dressing dapperly and it seems to be pretty natural to switch to more active clothing now, since I've been rather rambunctious and extroverted the last six months or so.

    What about ya'll? When you change your clothing styles, does the new style reflect how you're feeling on the inside?

    Comments on the new avatar are also most helpful, since I'm not sure how I feel about it yet lol

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    I absolutely agree Len! Like they say 'the cloths make the man (or woman)' and I agree! How I dress has a profound impact on how I feel and act, even subtle changes in attire have a big impact phsycologicaly!

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    Of course, when I dress like Ninna, beginning to be more delicate and femenine in all aspects, as a beginner I'm still looking for my style as a girl, but I think if I could define myself in one word I would say that I am "delicate" maybe that's why I like both hosiery and heels, there is nothing more delicate than those clothes! !

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    Len, presentation is what it is all about. If you try to pass on which many of us try to. The style is important and how one dresses. I do have my colors and style that is different than my SO. But when we both dress to the nines and go out. I'm sure that our styles stick out and in ways we match. I may be in a short pencil skirt and she is in a mini and when I am passing fair I would say that I feel the best and most feminine.
    Part Time Girl

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    Len - I feel a need to answer in guy mode if I may...?

    I think you're right to quite a big degree - however often we may hear "They're just clothes..." it is a little disingenuous to dismiss that which covers 90% of our body (in smart mode) so lightly. I have about 4 major modes as a guy - they all feature a similar style (old '80s git stuck in a timewarp and too lazy to move... ) but for guys I think that's more acceptable than for gals. Having spent a lot of time in the US over decades, I think it holds good for your side of the pond too although the styles and context does differ. Here are my 4 significant modes...

    1) Full-on formal professional - 'Suited and Booted' or what you term dapper. For formal business meetings, events, informal weddings (not Morning suits), etc. A classically cut suit never goes out of style, although it may not be overtly fashionable. Single or double-breasted (I like both) no more than 3 button although I prefer 2, a double breast with double vent is more flattering for a fuller figure. I'd always go for a very subtle check or plain, but a muted pinstripe looks good too and with a crisply laundered white, cream or pale blue Oxford shirt. Accessorised with an expressive silk tie (think Jackson Pollock...), a decent dress watch, good shoes polished to a high shine and quirky cufflinks... they can be quirky! That always made me feel the part I was working and representing - quiet and polite maybe, but sharp and energetic too.
    2) Informal professional - Office day wear, more common now than formal - chinos, smart button shirt but with no tie and a jacket. Corporate work-a-day uniform... Shoes can be less formal - perhaps tan versus black - and accessories can be more relaxed... Perhaps a sports watch, a gold chain behind the open collar... Still all professional but revealing a bit more of the personality behind the formality. Also used for informal events, theatre, concerts, clubs, etc. Less stuffy than formal - but still showing quality.
    3) Casual - for me this is jeans and a polo shirt or comfy cotton shirt in the winter. I think I must be a repressed cowboy at heart - my wife despairs at how quickly I lapse into jeans and casual gear for anything I can get away with... I might have worn jeans to work as dress-down but not anymore. It may only be a small thing but it does have an impact on how you express; how you carry yourself and what you are saying to others - but depends a lot on the environment.
    4) Home casual (= Slobbing.. ) - Tee shirt and shorts, pretty much year round as I don't feel the cold. I might go into the village like this but nowhere else - this really is a case of not caring what anyone else thinks...

    And that's the point with this as well... As much as some details may reflect how we feel on the inside, we also want the overall impact to be representative of who we are to other people - even though we can't know exactly what they may think, we do project our own stereotypes and expectations onto them and we positively want them to feel what we're trying to communicate... You can't ignore the clothes and what they say about you...

    Finally - avatar... Hard to say really... As I remember I think you had shorter, slightly spiky hair but my memory ain't what it was - but I'd probably prefer that... You're looking a bit pensive there, and that probably doesn't help (sorry...) I'll reserve judgment until you post some more and develop something of a mischievous grin - I think that would suit you.

    What is good is that you have found a balance in what you're doing without the need that some of us have to go the whole 9 yards - I think that's a much better place for you to be.

    Katey x
    "Put some lipstick on - Perfume your neck and slip your high heels on
    Rinse and curl your hair - Loosen your hips, and get a dress to wear"
    Stefani Germanotta

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    Interesting question. For me, it does sometimes happen as you say, but it is pretty rare. More commonly, I have a relationship between how I feel and the color/colors that I choose. Further, that works both ways. I select the color to reflect how I feel or I select a color based on how I would like to feel. In any case, the actual style remains roughly the same.


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    Good day, Len,
    First off, I like the avatar.
    Secondly, my style tends to vary with my gender identity (gender fluid). However, I have a few "go to" styles.
    Style 1: the "older sister": I usually turn to this style when I'm feeling more feminine than masculine. I think of it as more a mature yet young style. It usually involves loose, more casual clothes that are feminine without being overly so. Things like cardigans, blouses, and camis paired with nails and cargo pants. My bras tend to be more traditional in this style

    Style 2: the tomboy: I like to wear this style when I'm feeling more like a woman but want to present more masculine. This Style usually involves more sporty attire. Halter tops, tank tops, girls sneakers (they really made the style. Can't wait to get a pair that fit better) sports bras, etc. I usually don't pair this style with nail polish and I tend to wear sweats (guys or girls), capris, or slimmer cargo pants. I would love to find another pair of ladies cargo pants for this style.

    Style three: gamer: this is my default masculine attire when I'm feeling normal. Cargo pants and a shirt, fingerless gloves, and a bandana.

    Style four: transmasculine: this one is rare. This is for days I feel 100% female but don't want to present as such. Though rare, they do occur occasionally. Though visually identical to my gamer style, the feelings behind it are completely different.

    Style five: mixed: I spend 90% of my free time presenting like this: I mix and match elements of my various styles to fit the "flavor of the day".

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    First off, love the avatar And love the question, it made me think and I think, much like a lot of other people, it varies depending on mood. I've noticed a few styles of mine when I become Aaron.

    1: Distinctly chavvy. Not sure why I chose this as I grew up quite a goth, but as I got older I seem to enjoy jogging bottoms, high top trainers, a plain t shirt and black hoodie.

    2. Punk. Ripped up shorts or jeans, black t shirt and a bandana. Usually wear a beanie hat if its cold out, too.

    3. Work uniform. Because I spend the majority of my time at work so I guess I have to add it as a style

    I tend to stay away from tight fitting male clothing as I'm not in transition so rely on compression for my chest, but even then I'm not properly flat, so tighter clothing doesn't look right on me, in my eyes, anyway.

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    I've gone over basically to the Lolita style,which is very soft and feminine. I have swung away from the more conventional type clothing which is rather dull in comparison.
    There are some variations here, however, so I can pick one which suites my mood. If I feel a bit tired or mre qiuet than usual I pick a skirt or dress with a more subdued pattern and color. Usually, however, I'm pretty upbeat when I'm out en femme so I go for a more outgoing look, with brighter patterns on the skirts, jumper skirts, and dresses, with lots of lace and frills. I definitely change my style to suit how I feel inside.
    I really like your avatar, as it is rather unique.

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