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Thread: What was the first item of women's clothing you bought for yr self?

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    First it was pantyhose and a nightie, which are the easiest things for a guy to buy, right? I mean, whose SO hasn't asked him to pick up a pair of ph for her? And a lot of men give their ladies lingerie as gifts.

    After that there was no stopping me LOL and I'm still buying practically everything in sight.

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    A pair of cheap, nasty, saggy pantyhose from woolworth's and I believe they were only 99 cents. I was around 16 and taking them up to the lady at the register was terrifying.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BLUE ORCHID View Post
    Hi Jane, It must've been over 55yrs. ago I think that it was a bra and a pair of nylons.

    It was at a SS KERSGE 5&10 Store, They were the founder of K-MART.
    I bought a white longline bra from Montgomery Ward when I was about 18. I'd gone shopping with my mother so often that I just walked up and paid for it saying it was for my mother. When I was much younger, I was fascinated by the pierced earrings at SS Kresge. I would use my $1.00 allowance every Saturday to buy my mom a pair secretly wishing that I had pierced ears..
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    A pair of bright yellow nylon bikini panties

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    3 pack of thongs loved them then and still today got to be my favorite undies

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    A pair of L'eggs pantyhose in the right size. They did not survive my first and only purge,

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    Bought from a crossdresser shop online:

    -pink mini skirt
    -white top
    -cheap wig

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    My first buy was a light-weight pantie girdle. I still remember the thrill of putting it on for the first time.

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    Two pairs of women's satin pjs, one pink and one green. Had to take a wild guess on the size, but luckily got it right. Have to say, got very nervous going up to the till to pay - was convinced the woman behind the counter would know they were for me. But no reaction.
    Then went straight home and turned myself into a girl.

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    It has been quite a few years ago, I still remember what I bought. I fell in love with a Vanity Fair camisole and half slip that is in a shade of blue/green. I also bought my first bra that was matching. I still have the camisole and half slip even if they are a size or two too small. I will never get rid of them. I think the bra may be around someplace. Before that it was the wife's hand me downs. That was just the start.

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    On a business trip to San Diego, had an entire afternoon to myself. Found a Penney's and bought a pair of pantyhose, a slip, panties and a bra. All were black and I was just guessing on sizes. As was typical back then, I quickly disposed of all of it after trying them on briefly. What a waste!
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    Too many years ago to be sure, but It was either panty hose or a cute red dress that had a chest bib. I loved that dress and wore it until I gained too much weight

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    this time around and last, sexy undies
    Jamie Dee

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    OK, It was a Sun Ice ski jacket, it was a 'womans' jacket but really kinda androgynous...that was in '86 (just before Sun Ice was the supplier for the '88 winter Olympics in Calgary) OMG though, it was sooo cute...and comfy!!!

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    I think it was a camisole and tap pants set I ordered through the mail when I got my first dept store credit card. We used to get some little advertisement with each monthly statement; one day an ad came, I just checked off the size, and mailed it back with my check. A couple weeks later, it came. Mint green with white lace trim. Mine all mine. That set off the realization that I could order stuff through the mail without anyone knowing what I was buying. Within a year, I had started dressing in my own girl clothes for the first time, no longer would I be borrowing things from my sister's old discarded last year's castoffs.
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    There's an addendum at post # 82 on that thread, too. It's about a ten minute read.
    Why don't we understand our desire to dress, behave and feel like a girl? Because from childhood, boys are told that the worst possible thing we can be, is a sissy. This feeling is so ingrained into our psyche, that we will suppress any thoughts that connect us to being or wanting to be feminine, even to the point of creating separate personalities to assign those female feelings into.

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    wow cool question.....i can remember it was this really cute dark blood red flare mini skirt, and bra set made of pvc that had a matching garter belt. I used to love that little stripper outfit xoxo when i bought it i was like...."Do you have a gift box?? "

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    One evening my wife found me standing in the kitchen in one of her nightgowns. It was a white long peignoir. She asked me why I was wearing it. I told her the truth. I liked the feel of nylon. We went shopping for my own. I cannot remember which one we bought first. It was either a knee length pink peignoir or a black floor length gown. The black gown had no stretch, so it is long gone. So much for losing that physique of a 25 year old. I still have the pink peignoir after 40+ years. Her white nightie is still hanging in the back of the closet. I had actually bought it for her as a present, but, I was not too learned on sizes. It was actually too big for her at the time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by I Am Paula View Post
    My black patent stilettos.
    I bought them in about 1980. I didn't think I was a crossdresser, much less transgender at the time. I just wanted them. I sometimes wore them late at night, thru two marriages to women, whom I was too chickensh*t to come out to. They were an important part of me, and lived in my golf bag LOL!! Those shoes kept me sane as my GD started developing. I didn't know it, but dissonance was building.
    Sometime around 1990 I came out as a gung ho crossdresser. Still didn't know transition was in my future, but I knew I was more female than male. Those shoes saw me thru hundreds of visits to the gay neighbourhood, and walked the pride route a few times. The insoles of them fell apart, and I carefully lined them with duct tape. Sure, I had lots of other shoes, but my patent stilettos somehow symbolized my true nature.
    In 2012 I made the big, and final decision. I had to transition.
    During a closet clean out, I was purging some of my older, somewhat tacky, clothes from my gaybourhood days. I was almost fully transitioned, and very full time. I pulled the black patent stilettos from my closet, looked at them with some nostalgia, and tossed them into the black plastic bag.
    I didn't need them any more, but they had been an important part of my life.
    That's such a great round up of how such little things can change our lives. Thanks.

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    Wow Paula. That was a great little tale... Thanks for sharing it.
    With my age, I'm pretty certain it was pantyhose as well.

    My, what a tiny egg shaped package started...
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    Jane, for me it was nylons, then heels to go with them, then bra and shucks that lead to skirts then blouses then dresses. I purged like four time and wished I never did that. makeup, panties and all of my heels and skirts. Bra's. I was pretty good at that time on dressing and whenever i was alone it was the first thing I would do.
    Its funny but I went through an operation when I was forty four back in 96. They had to crack me open and fix my intestines. Bad one... I had extra intestine length and it kinked. Almost passed. But when I finally woke and was able to look at my self. I had on white thigh highs with a frilly top. It took about three weeks and I was able to get up and walk a little each day walking more each day to get back on my feet. I always had on those stockings. So I asked the doctor about it. He said you need to wear them so that blood clots do not come up your leg. I asked how long I need to wear them. A nurse was there also. He looked at me and said, "You can wear them whenever you want." Oh my to hear that...
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    It was a pair of boots from a thrift store back in 2008 when I was 17 years old and just got the car to myself. The blonde lady that owned the place was really nice and bagged them for me and gave a me a discount, total was on $8.
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    Mine was a five pack of pastel panties, a pink garter belt, and several pairs of stockings.
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    A pair of jade green pantyhose

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    Pantyhose of course.

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    I bought a white waist cinched with built in garters and thigh highs. Sadly it was lost in one of the many purges, but it used to be my favorite thing to wear when I underdressed

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