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Thread: who takes your pictures?

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    Member Lena's Avatar
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    Jan 2014

    who takes your pictures?

    I see many girls in beautiful poses, dresses and environments in the photo section. I always wonder who's doing the picture taking? or how did you do that on your own?

    Friend, spouse, significant other, strangers who are walking by, selfie stick?

    What do you do with your phone, rotate it to face you? do you have a mount that it sits in? Do you use a timer?

    I know, I ask too many questions but I want to make myself beautiful like you all.

    Also, any posing, staging tips would be awesome. Should I have posted this in the photo section?

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    Gold Member NicoleScott's Avatar
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    Digital camera with ten second shutter timer and a mini-tripod (for a tabletop). I take a lot of mug shots and just a few full body shots. When the shutter is pressed starting the timer, I mentally count down while checking my pose/expression in a hand mirror held right in front of the camera, then remove it at count 8 or 9, trying to remain perfectly still for the remaining second or two. I take lots of pics, hoping for a good few.

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    Hi Lena, I have a good tripod and my camera has a very small remote that sets the0:0:10 second timer with the auto focus.
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    Traditional digital camera's are so "old school" these days, but some Olympus models used to have a small remote control you could order -- those work okay.

    You can get an app called "open camera" for android phone/tablets, which you can program to delay the camera shutter for 10 secs for instance, then take a "burst" of photos, like 5 in a row every 5 seconds. Used that recently and really liked it! I'm sure Apple has some app that will do the same thing.

    Combine above with simple tripod and you are good to go!
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    I used to use a basic digital camera, but the running back and forth and trying to figure out a pose in 10 seconds became too much of a pain in the ass. Now I'm using my cell phone and a selfie stick. The quality isn't as good, but the pics seem better simply because I can see what I'm doing.
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    Banned Spammer
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    Between here and there but mostly here close to the donuts.
    Tripod and digital camera.

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    Dallas Texas
    I use my phone camera and a tripod

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    @--}----- Sissy_Michelle's Avatar
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    Birmingham, Alabama

    I do take most of my pictures, although my wife has helped me sometimes, when I have asked her.


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    I use my phone camera propped on the bureau, the screen facing me so I can see myself in it, and an app called triggercam. The app gives me 10 seconds to get into the frame, then it shoots ten pix at 5 second intervals. So I can pose and writhe. Then I delete the worst of them, and count it lucky to come out with one good photo per burst. I also use a regular 35mm digital camera on a tripod with the time-delay shutter.

    But mostly I use my wife - she likes to take good pix of my outfits. That's the simplest and best.

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    A lady in the making..... Erica Marie's Avatar
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    Jun 2009
    I use the old stand-by. Digital camera, tripod and set the timer. Call me old school.

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    A cute Minnesota girl!! Natalie cupcake's Avatar
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    Mar 2015
    My flower garden in Minnesota
    I take some pictures myself otherwise my wife loves taking pics of me also!!

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    Aspiring drama queen Isabella Ross's Avatar
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    Aug 2014
    Nikon D5200 on tripod, remote control, Cowboy Studio lighting kit, lots of photography theory, lots of modelling theory, one good shot for every 20 taken. Example below. Pet peeves: low res, blurry shots from smartphones. PM if you want to discuss.


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    Dana Matthews danam's Avatar
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    Midwest USA
    I transitioned from digital pictures to digital video. It is quite a lot easier to make a high def (1080p) video of yourself and then grab still images from the footage, then to use the self timer on a camera. The trick is to stand still for a second with each pose, otherwise the images will be blurred from motion.

    I only use digital pictures for the most important, must-get-it-right shots. Otherwise, it's video for the self stuff.

    I avoid using a cell phone because I don't trust the security. Sure, they seem harmless, but they have the potential to be completely open and hackable--if someone was interested in getting access to the phone. A digital camera or video camera that is not attached to the internet is significantly more secure.
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    I have tried to do pictures by using a mirror and delay. I set the phone up on the counter where it focuses and I can see the screen in the mirror. But it limits where I can take pictures - in the bathrooms or in my daughters bedroom are the only permanent mirrors. Maybe I should use my wife's portable makeup mirror.

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    Mar 2014
    Southern California
    My phone :P
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    Apr 2015
    Keller texas
    Iphone and balance
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    Banned Read only
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    Oct 2014
    Thanks for the thread Lena, I've often wondered myself! I have some nice sun bathing shots of myself compliments of Google Earth but always thought there's a better way😀

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    Neanderthal in nylons Julie Denier's Avatar
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    Smartphone camera with a countdown timer on tripod with phone adapter.

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    The best of both Worlds! Paula_Femme's Avatar
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    La La Land, SoCal
    A Digital SLR, Tripod, and a Remote... then lots of Photoshop!!!
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    Learning to take good photos is quite simple. Like learning anything it takes practice, practice, practice.

    The best and easiest way to start is with a decent camera. U can get them for about $100. Like I did. When I wanted sharer, better images in low lite I bought a better one. It all depends on how fussy u r. Some r quite happy with poor quality phone pics of their mirror reflction. Or, those selfies of that same facial express!!!!ion in from of some nearly unrecognizable back ground.;
    I have found that liting is the most important thing for really good pics. Then, the angles of both your camera and u. Some my photos have a professional look to them now. But as others have said, I have 20 so so ones for every outstanding one,!
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    How did that happen ? Samantha2015's Avatar
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    DSLR,tripod & bathroom mirror. Tripod usually ends up with 2 of the feet in the tub/shower and
    I have to crop out the part of the counter and toilet that end up in the frame. It's a small bathroom.
    I find it easier to pose in front of the mirror so I can see when I'm looking stupid (95% of the time)
    Take a lot of pictures so I have enough to choose from. I'm not going to take all that time getting dressed
    and then only take 3 or 4 pics. This girl is getting documented !!! Good luck & have fun with it.

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    Metro Hickory NC
    phone and digital camera with a timer.

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    Senior Member Krististeph's Avatar
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    midwest suburbs
    Lester Bogen.

    He makes tripods. (Anyone remember the rumor about the 1/4-20 thread somewhere on his anatomy?)

    Actually, I did not always get the tripod out- but typically set the time for a shot- or a string of shots. The string of multiple shots is a little harder to set up- you have to plan your moves- but it is fun! Lots of shot wasted, if it were silver film probably well over $1000 wasted. But because it is digital- only time and a few cents worth of power from re-chargable batteries.

    <below> Lester Bogen showing off the strength of one of his tripods.
    Attached Images Attached Images
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    Wellington, New Zealand
    I'm still on digital camera set on high res and using the 10sec timer.
    I've found it takes great patience to get a good shot and most are discarded.
    I also crop the better views, but I don't use photoshop.

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    New Member Fi-Fi LeFemme's Avatar
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    I own a few cameras as I am a hobbyist anyway. If I'm using a compact then I use a timer. If I break out my SLR, I have a remote control for that. I mount all the cameras on a tripod. Sometimes I use flash and sometimes not. If I'm using my camera, I always use the one facing me for maximum, self -indulgent pouting. X

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