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Thread: How do you act in girl mode?

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    This is how I feel, although living in Scotland the weather is colder and for most of the year I can wear boots with skirts which helps. Always wear skirts, never talk and it always amazes me how vulnerable I feel when in a skirt and heels, which seems somehow very feminine and helps the perception, as perception is how others see you.

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    Since all of my cross dressing is in private, I don't really change anything about myself. But I do have to be careful while moving around the apartment, while in my petticoats! I tend to take shorter steps and move more slowly then usual, so I do not trip or knock stuff over.

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    my wife says i am bitchier en femme than i am other wise...try not to be but......perhaps it is just that with being out almost all of the time, i no longer feel i have to keep it in check

    gotta work on that...

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    I automatically change my voice, matter of speech and the way I act. It will be more girly, not in the wat that it is overdoing but enough that it's female to pass if you just see me from a little distance.

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    It's more or less a gear shift for me. Having lived full-time for eight years in the 1980s, I learned how to make it routine. When you're 24/7, especially that long ago, you don't get any breaks; it became habit.

    I basically have two distinct voices. Being a singer with a relatively large range, it was pretty straightforward to simply go up the scale a bit without getting squeaky or into that phony falsetto that you hear now and then. Become a bit less verbally assertive, and little more tentative.

    Walking and sitting and eating and drinking and such all get slowed down and more delicate, but again, not a big change, as I'm pretty androgynous in the first place. My gait gets looser and lighter, and I tend to dangle my wrists more. Softer gestures with the fingers rather than the whole hand. I try to smile more, whether subtly or grinning. It makes you look less ominous and more approachable. The prettiest thing you can put on is a sincere smile.

    Out shopping or dining, I get more playful in interacting with others. You have to give yourself permission to let that old conditioned male guard down.

    How much of this takes place depends on the circumstances and context. Out and about, a much more disciplined portrayal; at home, not so much. My wife told me long ago that she likes me sort of half and half, so these days it's most often the wonderful girl jeans she gave me, a snug lightweight top, light sweater, and flats; light jewelry and a tiny dab of perfume (she doesn't like strong fragrances any more). Hose if I feel like it (which is often), and always some makeup (absolute minimum BB cream, blush, powder, lipstick). I'm curling and styling my hair more and more these days, and getting better at disguising the thin spots up top; a clip-in topper goes on for confidence going out.

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    My two cents on how I act in girl mode. Having heels on automatically changes the way I (we) walk to a more feminine gait and this, combined with the swish of a skirt, makes my mind feel more girly and elegant. So I act more like a woman. I think anyone who puts on these items, whether CD or not, male or female, would get the same sensation and start to move and feel the same way.

    For example, high heels force us to change to a more elegant way of walking. Before I dressed I thought that women "put on" the walk. But the shoes do it to a large extent and because we walk like women we feel to a large degree like women.

    The same is true of wearing a skirt and tucking it neatly as we sit down. Living in Scotland, I own a kilt which is frequently worn for special occasions. You tuck it when sitting in the exact same way. And I did this long before any crossdressing. It's the movements themselves that we don't normally have to do when wearing male garments. They are largely feminine movements because feminine clothing requires certain movements and the preservation of dignity.

    Once I add forms and makeup, though, that takes me right into the feminine zone and I think I move with greater grace and feel special. But my SO thinks I don't fundamentally change the way I think or talk. I just feel lovely and feminine and special which I don't in boy mode, and that I guess is why I adore dressing. And it's probably the same reason women adore dressing, too.

    Love, Michelle

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    The times i have been out, i avoid talking, but i try to present as a senior attractive six foot six lady in a dress or skirt. never tried pants, yet.Movements are more feminine. Shorter steps, hold, move arms more ladyish.
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    I find myself being careful when I sit so that my dress or skirt are neatly folded. I am also very conscious when walking in heels that I maintain a femininely step. Crossing my legs and folding my arms are always kept in a womanly manner.

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    When I dress I naturally move toward a more feminine behavior. I loosen up, walk different, the whole nine yards. I've been working on my voice but haven't been out in public in years.

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    For me, I would feel kind of awkward carrying myself as a woman and not trying to use a feminine voice. Ive done a lot of practice at home over the years, and have used it with others. Putting on a pair of high heels or a skirt, instantly has my body moving more femme.

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    When I dress in private, I am constantly aware of acting as female as possible with the right gestures, manners, walking and sitting, etc. Now that I am going out more with CD friends and spending week-ends at events this practice is paying off. Being tall, I am conscience of the need to purge all of my guy habits when I am with others. In the last two months, I have been out twice in public shopping with others.
    Sarah Adams, mature girl from NH. My photos are on Flickr under vintage4sarah !

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