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Thread: Sex with men?

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    Agreeing with Krisi and the others on the cheating issue,
    plus you could easily give your wife a death sentence virus, not something I want to give to someone I love.

    For many women, cheating is of "the heart" or "the sex" or "the desire (lust)" to be with someone else (there's probably many more in their definition list)
    I think you would fall in to 2 of these categories even if you didn't fall in love with him.

    So if you want to be with a man, tell your wife first, let the S*&t fall where it will, then move on.
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    This thread is crazy. OP is gonna get bit one of these days. Some of my fantasies include pleasing men while dressing and "feeling like" a woman. But being married, I won't do it. Same thing with women. I am attracted to many women I see, but I don't hit on them. Would I like to? Yes. But I won't.

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