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Thread: Your Female Name part 2

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    Happy being Stevie Stevie Allyn's Avatar
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    Dec 2019
    West Sussex, UK
    When I first joined the forum I chose the username Amalou, short for Amanda Louise which was my first online female name way back when.

    Things have changed since then (!) and I decided to make a less gender specific version of my male first name to use on Facebook = Stevie. Having some positive feedback from that I decided I would also make a less gender specific middle name from my male middle name = Allyn.

    Happy with those new names I then requested a forum username change to "Stevie Allyn".

    A sweet moment today when sorting cardboard for recycling, on the box with our Christmas present in my sister had addressed it to Stevie and [wife's name].

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    Brandi Brandie.n's Avatar
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    Jan 2014

    Whats in a name?

    I got my name from a song my mother was in love with the song Brandy (You?re a fine girl) by Looking Glass. She said if she ever had a girl that was going to be her name.When she was pregnant with me that was my name on up until she found out I was a boy. Later when I became a crossdresser I chose the name Brandy Nichole because hey that was my name any way. When I came out to everyone I told my mother my name was Brandy. It took her a minute she then smiled,hugged me and said she finally got Brandy.let me tell you about Brandy she is a redheaded ginger goddess with legs for days. Brandy is a fine girl as fine as a glass of Brandy. Everyone who has seen her or her pics all say the same thing "Damn you make a good looking woman." So HELLO WORLD and my future friends Brandy is here to stay.
    I pledge to no longer purge.
    I pledge to never hide my true self.
    I pledge to keep a clean supplies of Panties.
    I pledge to be in good standing with my fellow sisters.
    I pledge to have a woman's wardrobe including heels.
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    Walk a mile in my..heels

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    Jan 2017
    Alberta, CA
    Hi Brandie.

    Nice affirmations......
    Why fit in when you were born to stand out? - Dr. Suess

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    Oct 2010
    Western Washington
    I second "nice affirmations." My father's sperm fooled my mother's eggs. I was suppose to be a girl. But, alas, another son I was. I was named the masculine of the feminine name I was suppose to get. Hence, I claimed my birthright.

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    Gold Member bridget thronton's Avatar
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    Michigan USA
    Welcome Brandy

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    Gold Member Crissy 107's Avatar
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    Aug 2018
    Maryland, USA
    Hi Brandie, What a wonderful post!

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    New Member
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    Dec 2020
    Czech Republic
    So I have been using "Henriette" for quite a long time. I'm not really sure why, it just kind of stuck around, but I'm not feeling particularly happy about it. I've also used "Jackie" and it feels a bit better, but I still haven't really identified with it. Any ideas on how to find a proper name?
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    Dec 2020
    The first time I dressed, I looked at myself in a full-length mirror and I thought it was a "Jamie Lee Curtis in Halloween" look, which isn't what I wanted. So now I'm going with Laurie -- that was her character's name. I guess I'm an ironic person.

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    Junior Member Deborah G's Avatar
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    Just East of Houston, TX
    My sister's high heels introduced me to dressing (tried her heels on one day and it was heaven). Her middle name was Deborah, which is a name I've always liked. I know my love of feminine clothes and shoes comes from her.

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    Member SarahBJackson's Avatar
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    As of September 19, 2020, I started going by the name Raven at work. I have updated my resume to reflect that. I mentally feel that my old self is dead!

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    Jan 2021
    For decades I never thought of picking a name for my female self. Basically consisting of a small suitcase with 3-4 pairs of high heels, some impossible to walk and others too small for my feet, my feminine wardrobe was stuck and well concealed in a spare room. I had never fully dressed since my teenage years.

    That changed two weeks after telling my current girlfriend of my crossdressing. We talked a lot and I answered many of her questions... except one, what was my female name. She said right away... you must have one. And we picked Gisele, from Gisele Bunchen, the brazilian top model, married to Tom Brady. For my girlfriend Gisele is the most beautiful human being on earth and I deserved nothing less than this reference!

    I was flattered. Its been two years since that day and we use Gi?s name in everyday conversations, when talking to sales people, her initials are in our matching anklets and even in my car plate... I love it! 💕


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    Member Alexis00's Avatar
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    Near Boston, MA, USA
    Gisale makes a lot more money than Tom as well as being a knockout!

    First name changed from Alex and slightly altered my last name so it might be a typo but wouldn’t be the same in a database.

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    Lacy Lacyfem's Avatar
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    My Fem Name

    Well I must say I didn't have a problem with a female name as it came about long ago when I first started dressing in mom's lingerie. The lingerie that I loved the most and excited me the most was any with lace. So obviously I became Lacy and have loved that name for years now. I do favor buying lacy lingerie but certainly don't limit myself to that but also don't limit myself to cloths with lace. I think a gurls name has to mean something to them as when you name your children you give that a lot of thought as I did naming myself as I guess it was the birth of me as a man who has become a gurl or now a mature gurl.HeadShot.jpg

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    Member Jeanettew's Avatar
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    Mar 2015
    I chose my name after a very good friends wife who I think is amazing and always looks amazing.

    When I decided one day early in the piece that I wanted to buy a complete outfit from head to toe I thought of her and what she would like and from what I had seen her wear, although I had not idea of the underwear, but have always presumed its nice and very feminine.

    So a wig, Undies, Stockings, Dress, Heals, Earings I had my outfit, once I had it all I dressed and loved it, and when I see Jeanette My mind goes to this outfit and if she is wearing something nice I look for something like it for my collection, so she is why i chose my name and she is my mentor even is she has no idea.

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    New Member SouthernPeach's Avatar
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    Jan 2021
    Selected my name more or less to keep the initials of my male name. Jill just seemed to fit my fem personality and as far of my last name it was selected for how I was feeling about coming out, Willing to get Jill out and about permanently.

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