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Thread: Lets hear it for supportive SO's

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    I too have a supportive wife, but she has put in a couple limits for me. She found out about my CDing before we were married, almost 35 years ago when she was still in high school and I just graduated. We had to sit down and talk things out for her to understand how I felt. She has never turned this against me in any way or told others of it as far as I know. Her biggest question was if I wanted to become a woman and I told her no. Her next was if I was having sex with guys, this I explained did happen before I met her. I still had desires to have sex like that, but we could work that out with "attachments" and that I would be faithful to her no matter what. We agreed that when we had kids that I would "tone down" my dressing to an appropriate level to not raise questions from our kids. That worked perfect and we never had problems with the kids or any of their friends finding out. Her last limits were no skirts, dresses or wigs in public. I have never had a skirt or dress, but do wear night gowns around the house often. I have never had a wig, since I know I could never pass in public. With all this in mind, I am a guy wearing 100% womans clothes and have never had any family issues. My wife even went shoe shopping with me for my first pair of heels years ago. I am very proud to have my wife in so many ways and I am so glad that I opened up to her when we first started dating, its great not having to hide things and worry what may happen.

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    My wife has been so supportive since I came out to her about 2 years ago. I'd tried to deal with it, hide it, ignore it, purge it. None of it worked. When I embraced it and was honest about it with her, she jumped in with both feet. Rules are: Don't put either of us in a dangerous place. Don't ruin our local reputation ( i.e. business). Talk to her if the pink fog is getting too much. We've been doing great.

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    Yes, the love and support is sooooo vital. I am very appreciative of my wife. She is my strength.
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    Have supporting SO here as well… Loves to go shopping, finds things I would like, suggests outfits, etc. Although she suggests all too often that we go out, I am hesitant as she knows everyone (literally)… there is not a place we could go without someone recognizing her, and then putting 2 and 2 together figuring out who I am. I would go, but I just don’t want her to receive any negative reactions or comments.

    Her daughter was over last week, and just loved my gold sparkle heels.

    Thanks to all the girls who are willing to know the whole person.

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    Fantastic to hear that there are more like minded women out there that support their PIC'S (Partners in crime) lol my girl is terrific helps me shop and lets me dress whenever I want for those of us fortunate enough to have found an excepting spouse cherish her

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    My wife is supportive.
    She has set some boundaries.... no overtly feminine tops and at least one article of clothing must be male... top, bottom or underwear. My shoes are male, well except for one pair of leather clogs....

    And I am ok with that.

    The past two summers we have taken extended trips in our Airstream. It was wonderful. I dressed as I felt comfortable.

    A most memorable evening was spent 'boondocking' next to a river north of Bishop CA this past summer. It was a full moon and a bottle of wine....I had just changed into a clean outfit after grilling, and she suggested a fashion show.

    Tonight, She is in her favorite chair and I'm sitting on the couch... in a nice Vanity Fair gown and Shadowline robe. She's drinking a Modelo and I'm having a vodka martini.

    Pretty nice.

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    at first I was a little bit skeptical about her affirmations of her acceptance and support, but she keeps pushing the issue, than she told me about some online research she did on a forum. She chose to go with the positive, Now she wants to see more lingerie in the bedroom, She wants to do make up she wants to go shopping. So yeah shout out to the Adventurous woman who fell in love with me.
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    I'm thrilled to see so many people have supportive spouses. Cora was the first person to figure out my gender identity, and it was with her gentle coaxing that I was able to explore and ultimately accept this side of myself. I said it before, but I am incredibly lucky to have her at my side.

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    To my beautiful wife, if you ever read this, please remember that I am thankful for every time I get dressed, whether you are present or not.
    You know about me vs Samantha and you accept that it's just who I am and that she is part of me/him.
    You make it all easier to deal with, even just by knowing, and I'm so happy when I get my face done right and you tell me that I look 'much better than normal' LOL
    I know it's not easy for you, it's not easy for me either, but having my wife, best friend and co-conspirator know and accept means more than you will ever really grasp.

    Thank you babe xxx
    Samantha -x-

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    I count myself very fortunate to have found a SO who is accepting to both sides of me. She will often suggest items when we shop, and even better steer me away from some not so good choices. She realizes that my femme side is just as much a part of me, and helps form my personality, as my homme side.

    We met later in life (ie, in my late 40's) and came to accept each other as we were. We didn't go into our relationship and ultimately marriage expecting that we would change the other into something else. I told her of my CD'ing (hardest thing I ever had to do) well before I proposed (2nd hardest thing) and we've been happily married for 17+ years now.
    Jenn A --- nothing fancy, just me.

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    I really does my heart good to see so many accepting and supportive wives. I wish I could say mine was one of them. When I came out to her I thought she was going to leave me and that was the high point of the coming out!

    In the years since I have tried to educate her (I'm trans) but for the most part she really doesn't care why, she has her feeling and nothing is likely to change that completely.

    On a better note she is becoming reluctantly tolerant of my dressing and somewhat understanding of my gender conflict. Hopefully, with time (I don't have long because of age) she will also become supportive.

    Congrats to those of you who do have that great support!

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    I don't know what I'd do without my wife. She's wonderful. And, she thinks the same thing about me. I guess that sorta makes us a co-dependent couple, if that's possible. But, what really matters is that if it meant that we'd be forced to separate or live in the streets, we'd be in the streets and be happy about it!

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