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Thread: Relationships with women

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    Relationships with women

    What is your experience with the effects of your crossdressing on your relationships with the women in your life. Do you feel it makes you more aware and sensitive to their perspectives and feelings? Do you consider yourself better than the average male at understanding the females you encounter both significant and casual?

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    Since I am married I can say it has made me a whole lot more understanding of her needs. I now understand when she needs more hose or makeup and so many outfits. It has increased my sensitive side by being aware of her needs.

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    I much more forthcoming with compliments, and with communication in general

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    Lowestoft UK. Beverley was here.
    I learned to understand and improve relationships with women when I was twenty.

    I sublet a house with three of them and they helped me understand immensely. :-)
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    My wife told me that she thought of my desires to wear woman's clothes gave me
    a better outlook toward women. She said that I was the best Husband a girl could want.
    I loved her very much, and respected her wishes. I do miss her.

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    I make an effort to notice when women do subtle things with their appearance. New haircuts, painted nails, etc. Usually they appreciate that I notice and they also appreciate that I speak up about it. Most men don't. Other than that, I'm not sure if being gnederfluid has really made me more cognizant of things. Perhaps it has, perhaps it hasn't.,

    As for my girlfriend, she and I have connected over this aspect of my personality. I'm both her girlfriend and her boyfriend, and I definitely appreciate her more because she accepts me. I'm very cognizant of how lucky I am to have her at my side. I suppose you could say that this has helped me connect with her in that regard.

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    I will say that being in ore tune with yourself allows you and your partner to enjoy life at a deeper level than a typical relationship. I am an optimistic person with compassion and that helps a lot in a relationship as there is more focus on things. On women in general I think we do notice things and are more apt to tell them in a nice way.
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    My personality doesn't change, just my gender identity, so that doesn't have any affect on my relationships. I don't feel I understand or am more sensitive to their perspectives or feelings that I wasn't already. If there is some area of deeper understanding, I haven't noticed any difference yet.

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    Oh yes,big time. I now appreciate the time they took for clothes shopping and how long it takes them to get ready for an evening out. Its made me a better person, not that some of my old traits don't surface once in awhile but there less frequent. Iguess all in all I have learned to take time and smell the roses so to speak, and it's the little things that sometimes means alot to us.

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    Hi there, I'm not sure that anyone can say with any certainty that a CDER will be better than the average male at understanding women. However, we are characterised by our love of things feminine. Our emulation of their way of dressing and appreciation of the art forms of female presentation do mean, though, that we spend much more time thinking about women and as such are more likely to have a greater understanding. But it does not automatically follow. The fact that we dress in women's garments, however, also gives us a more sensual appreciation of how clothes affect the mood, often for the better. And there is evidence in some women's studies that clothes can have a major effect on a woman's sense of confidence and self-worth. And I think that is what many of us experience when en femme. A feeling of wellbeing and greater calm.

    Problem is we are often prevented from having certain conversations with women (especially, say, in the workplace) that would provide some evidence that we do have a better idea than the average guy. Certain innocent comments about colour or fashion that another women might offer could easily misconstrued as hitting on a woman at work, or give us away as CDers.

    The jury is out on your question, but I would err on the side of our having a better understanding.

    Love, Michelle

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    Well let's just say I totally understand that a women needs the same pair of shoes in black and white.Lol. My wife believes we have a more open relationship and we are closer then most of our friends. She believes the dressing does make me more understanding of a women's needs, I do agree.

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    In a way I think it does. as far as being able to discuss make up and fashion with each other.
    well even if i'm wrong, you know i'm right

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