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Thread: Has anyone else swappwd clothes with their spouse

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    Jun 2014

    Has anyone else swappwd clothes with their spouse

    My wife gave me one of many items of her clothes to try yesterday and it made me wonder if anyone else has this , almost, sister like thing with their spouses where they swap clothes. It's a great feeling, to both be standing in front of the mirror checking each other's clothes and making suggestions about how we look, a real girl thing.

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    Sep 2010
    I love when we have a big event to go to, she buys a few dresses and then ask me to model them for her.

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    las vegas, NV
    Thats awesome my wife takes scissors to the clothes she no longer wants enjoy your wonderful wife

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    i love it... i order on the small side of what i think i can fit into... and all my mistakes become wonderful gifts! helps that i get my fashion sense from her



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    My wife is a size 10 and I'm a size 18. No, we don't swap clothes.

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    Yes many times. The.only 2 things are she gives me what she doesn't like anymore and some of them I don't like either. And number 2 when she borrows something of mine I very seldom get it back. She wants to keep it. Oh well thats life I guess.

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    Occasionally, though I'm bigger than her so not often.

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    Only in the lingerie area. In the clothes area I will go with her watch what's she tries on and say yes or no. When I see something I like she puts it aside and we get it.

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    my wife accidently buys about 4 dresses a year that are to small for her, and gives them to me.
    Makes me wonder a bit though, as her accidental purchases are mostly in my colour range, not hers
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    Mimi and I, despite a difference in height, wear the same dress size. Therefore, what's mine is hers and what's hers is mine. It makes for much expanded wardrobe opportunities.

    Today she wore a xmas-y red tunic with a jeweled neckline. I complimented her on it and she said "I like the way it looks on me, but I'll bet it'll look good on you too. Why don't you wear it to the Nutcracker this weekend?

    Moments like this tell me how lucky I am!

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    I often get hand-me-downs from my wife as we both keep loosing weight. She gave me my first bra, it didn't fit her any more, she's given me pants, dresses, skirts, blouses, panties. I'd say 25% of my wardrobe is from her.

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    My wife gives me things all of the time. She has a girl friend that her things too; which when she gets home realizes that the item doesn't fit her and will give it to me.
    Dana Ryan

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    Yes we share. Years ago at work she was wearing a blouse from me and when asked where she got it said oh I traded with my husband. I guess she outed me there. The bad part is once she wears it, it never seems to be returned. One time I borrowed a dress from her. As I was driving to a meeting I caught it in the car door and damaged it. Dang, I really liked to see her in it.

    We don't share underwear. Bra sizes are different. Slips in the past and I loaned one of her friends a pair a pettipanty slip once. Her sister and I have loaned each other a bra since we are the same size when visiting.

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    Hell-o Charlene,
    I've received a few things from my SO that she had intended to donate to Goodwill.
    I was watching as she was cleaning out her closet, she just turned to me and asked " do you want them?",
    How could I say no?
    And this past Thanksgiving we were getting ready to visit our neighbors for dinner, I was
    set to go, and waiting for her. She came out asking how she looked (as usual) but this time
    she was wearing one of "my" sweaters. It looked great, but was a bit loosely woven, so I suggested
    she wear a cami top under it. She then asked..." well... where is it? ".
    Much Love,
    I smile because you are my friend, and
    I laugh because there is nothing you can do about it!!!

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    No, unfortunately! I'm built like a cage fighter, 5'11" and 218...can usually work with an 18 or XL in dresses, and a 14 or L in skirts. My wife is 5'6" and about 125 soaking wet, a solid size 4. My heels size is 9 1/2 to 10 while she is 7 1/2. So no chance of me borrowing from her, though on more than one occasion she has claimed some of the European or Calvin Klein pantyhose I have purchased...which is not as forgiving as other brands and is a "stretch" for me.

    What usually winds up happening is that when I get a pair of heels, dress or skirt she likes...I have to get the same item in her size. Then she teases me when we go out while she's wearing that item, asking whether I'd like to be wearing it, and how it feels at the moment. This is a kind of foreplay for us, as I tell her how beautiful she is, and how good those clothing articles look on her, etc.

    At one point in my life I dated a gal who was 5'10". Her clothes fit me perfectly--and she seemed initially supportive of CD. After a few glorious weeks of "sharing a wardrobe" she dumped me.

    I'm not complaining about my current situation, though.


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    Not exactly "swapped", but my wife has borrowed dresses from me to attend weddings. She doesn't wear a dress for any other occasion, so the way she looked in mine was a pleasant surprise. I had to wear a suit to those weddings, so I was a bit jealous. Still, it feels like my tastes are getting some validation.

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    Yes my wife and I have traded clothes as one of us gains weight and the other is losing weight

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    We're in Andalucia, Spain
    We do sometimes......and my makeup mysteriously disappears!
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    We were about the same size for a while, and she would see something she liked and borrow it. She has always had an open invitation to use my stuff, and now that I've gained weight, she has taken over a few things as her own.

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    Nyet... but the "wardrobe sharing" 'tis a one way street. She frequently wears mine (T's & Jeans mostly) but I *never* wear hers. Yea it bugs me because when I open up the bureau, the top of the stack is the plain blue T when she is wearing the cool concert T I covet. :-(

    I've even observed to her "isn't it funny it is socially acceptable for you to accept guests, to present yourself socially in my clothes. But if I did the same wearing a blouse of yours, and/or a skirt, I would not encounter the same acceptance. (She meekly countered "you can wear my clothes any time" but strongly implied "But I don't want to see it.")

    But I make it a strong rule... hers is hers... I have my own collection so I don't "borrow". The latest delivery is due day after tomorrow (Thurs PM). I fully expect Big Brown will not actually deliver on time (this expectation supported by recent opportunities:-( I only hope to be wrong in this expectation. If I had a shipping choice, BB wouldn't be in!

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    My wife has 'borrowed' tops, never to be seen in my closet again

    She loans me jewelry and outerwear, so I *guess* that evens out. I just want that purple top back

    - MM
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    My fiancee has borrowed my foundation garments.
    Please call me Jamie, I always_have crossdressed, I always will, "alwayshave".

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    I borrowed some heavy sweaters from her last October to attend Lake Erie Gala. I didn't have any to bring. As non supportive as she is, I was certain I would be buying a couple, but she got them out of cedar chest and gave them to me.
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    My wife does now offer me clothes , in fact she offers me things from her sister, she knows a coat has been worn by the three of us !

    I'm afraid we would not be standing in front of a mirror comparing how we looked , she doesn't want to know !

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    my wife bought me a few blouses and has tried to give me a few things...some i have accepted and some i have turned down as graciously as possible (don't you like them......yes - on you) and i few things i have asked batwing sweater

    i find it awkward when offered things but trying to be open and gracious

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