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Thread: Any girly presents under the tree from your SO?

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    Mumbler Samantha Clark's Avatar
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    May 2014
    Pacific Northwest
    Sadly, nothing for Brenda. Had high hopes but not to be. Maybe next year.

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    Girly Girl gailprice's Avatar
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    Jul 2006
    London SE
    Eeeerrr NO!!

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    Junior Member Jackie27's Avatar
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    Nov 2015
    Quincy, Illinois
    It was a wonderful Christmas as I got a new floor length Red Satin Nightgown, matching Satin Robe, Leatherette Leggings and a Sparkly Blouse to wear with the Leggings. I do love her so much for being so accepting of me.

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    Junior Member Maureen's Avatar
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    Jan 2006
    I received a warm pink robe and matching pink slipper socks, a dress and 2 sweaters from Torrid, 4 very feminine T-shirts, leggings, and a workout outfit in hot pink, and several books on make up, and novels geared towards women.

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    Aspiring Member Sarah-RT's Avatar
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    Aug 2006
    I'm single so no, but my mom bought me a little bag of cosmetics which was great.

    A friend Ive gotten really good friends with in college bought me a pandora charm bracelet too which is amazing
    I cant stand to fly, I'm not that naive. I'm just out to find the better part of me. I'm more than a bird, I'm more than a plane, I'm more than some pretty face beside a train. Its not easy to be me.

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    New Girl to the PNW raeleen's Avatar
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    Sep 2015
    My wife bought me a new outfit from Eileen Fisher. Loved it. Black skirt, white silk tank top and a lovely sweater. Just a small gesture, but it meant a lot and made Raeleen super happy!
    Hope you all had a good holiday as well.

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    Banned Read only
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    Jan 2016
    I wear women's jeans a lot. Wife got me two new pairs. She doesn't know that I dress and just thinks that they look good on me. It gives me a thrill every time I wear them in public. Like I'm getting away with something. The hardest part is hiding my erection all day.

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    Mar 2005
    My wife placed $100 into my paypal account, so I can use that to buy whatever item suits Wendy. She also gave me a "promissory" note for one outfit at any women's clothing store.

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    Oct 2010
    Western Washington
    Stephanie struck out with Santa again. So, what's does he have against me? Heck, there's a fat old guy running around roof tops in the middle of the night in a bright red suit. He hasn't shaved in years. What's he know about fashion? Really!

    So, screw Santa. After Christmas I bought two more dresses on clearance at JC to go along with the two I bought before Christmas because I knew that fat old guy hates me. He probably remembers I slugged him in the puss back in 1948 at Macy's, and, there's actual photographic proof. It's the shot heard around the world. "Did you hear about the little boy who slugged Santa?" I've been on his sh@t list since.

    Anyway, retail therapy was at work. Four dresses from JC and two from eBay. Oh, and two ivory and one navy. Take that you fat old fart!

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    Member Jenn_8B's Avatar
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    Dec 2015
    S.E. Idaho
    I was really disappointed because there wasn't anything under the tree for Jenn. About a two weeks before Christmas my wife asked me what Jenn wanted and I showed her several things on the internet. Christmas comes around and there was nothing for Jenn.

    A few days after Christmas the wife apologizes and said she just didn't have time to get anything. To her credit she was very busy. A few days after Christmas, my wife is looking on the internet and asks me a couple of questions about sizes and colors. That kind of surprised me as she has never bought Jenn anything before. My wife is fairly comfortable with Jenn. To my surprise there was a package in the mail yesterday from a clothing store. My wife said to open it. It contained a couple of swimsuits that I had been wanting for our hot tub. Interestingly, there were two sizes of each swimsuit. One for me and one or her. Now we get to match. I can hardly wait to try them out.

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    Junior Member CallmeAlice's Avatar
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    Jan 2016
    North Carolina, United States
    My SO gave a little care package when we had our little Christmas together, we live apart. It had Hot Damn Red lipstick, Maze and Blue Nail Polish (I'm a uber big Michigan Fan) and a cute white dress I wanted for Christmas. because I know you're wondering about the Hot Damn Lipstick

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    New Member LisaNJCD's Avatar
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    Aug 2015
    The most gorgeous black splarkly 4 inch cage heels EVER!!!!

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    Jan 2010
    South Louisiana
    Yes, wife got me panties from VS

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