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Thread: Getting around the urge to dress

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    Getting around the urge to dress

    Because I'm married to a woman who doesn't know that I dress, I have to resort to other ways to deal with my desire to dress. I bought some men's underwear online that comes in pink and purple colors. They even look kind of like Brazilian cut panties but they fit my package. Other options are brightly colored running tights when I work out. It's become acceptable for men to wear Capri pants while jogging so that's a new option for us.
    One last thing that I do: whenever my wife wears my sweat pantsor hoodies, I go and put on a pair of her yoga pants. She likes the feeling of my sweats, and then she can't complain about me wearing her stuff. I'd prefer to wear a skirt or dress, but that's not going to fly with her.

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    If it works for you... it works, so keep going...

    I have a feeling there'd be many here who might be well on the way to destroying their wives' clothes if they tried to get into them - elastane only gives soooo much...

    I am a revered heretic here, in that I am totally happy with my 100% cotton boy boxers for normal life, and the thought of deliberately propagating an ideal environment for growing fungus and bacteria by wearing 100% polycarbonate panties - other than when en femme (I hasten to add) - is just not cutting it for me... Except, now I think about it, I do have some of my wives cotton panties that she'd bought but found them too small, which I keep for the gym because I like a 'brief' under shorts... And there I was thinking I never underdress...

    Katey x
    "Put some lipstick on - Perfume your neck and slip your high heels on
    Rinse and curl your hair - Loosen your hips, and get a dress to wear"
    Stefani Germanotta

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    Belladresser - Do you think you might be able to just tell her? Maybe she will be open and support your need to dress. It will not go away and the longer you hide it from her, the more difficult it will be to confide in her. You are settling for men's underwear and her yoga pants. They will probably not be good enough. There are a lot of other possibilities - men's clothing which is feminine inspired - but she will eventually become suspicious. Good luck.

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    This one time I put on my Wife's stay up and told her it's a real turn on for me and she didn't mind. Sometimes I wear her skirts, we are about the same size at the waist. However she does not see it as a problem, by that she know I love Ladies clothes and guess what a few times when she is buying Lingerie I pick up and have her chect it out, you will soon work your way up to it. Good Luck.

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    Cold weather climate? Work outside? Pantyhose to keep your legs warm.

    My wife tried to find something that would quell the beast. It did not work, but, hey, she tried. She bought me some silky men's boxer shorts.

    Here's a great hint. It may work and it may not, but, you never know. Do you own white laundry and throw in a red basic tee like I've seen at Be sure to add some bleach for the whites, and, out will pop pink undergarments. I'm sure she'll think you're nuts, but, hey, maybe you have to wear them until next payday.

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    If I were you I'd tell her the truth.
    Say in order to make you feel calm and relaxed you would like to "play dress-up".
    The first time I dressed for my wife the first thing she said was, "Let me help you with your makeup."

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