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Thread: Is your wife a more conservative dresser?

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    Ummm, yep 😐

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    Yes she is. Like several others on this thread my SO put on a few pounds over the years. Now she is self-conscious about her appearance and only wears pants and loose-fitting tops. She, also, has had foot issues and now only wears flats and sometimes orthopedic shoes (Not too sexy). I, on the other hand, still weigh what I did in high school and do a little exercise to stay in shape. And now I am the one who likes to wear form-fitting skirts and dresses and I am the one who now owns the most 2"-4" heels and I wear heels much more frequently than my SO. I wish we could all go back to how we looked when we were 25 but such is not the case. Also, my SO has never been into make-up or jewelry. Even when we first met at 27-years-old she rarely wore make-up and very little jewelry. Now I probably wear more make-up than she does and I definitely wear more earrings, necklaces, and rings than she does. Maybe that is part of my desire to CD. I have always wondered if I had a SO who tried to be more feminine and "sexy" maybe I wouldn't have the desire to dress myself as a feminine, sexy CD. Don't know if that is the case but the thought has crossed my mind.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PaulaQ View Post
    Many cisgender women will feel this way because they have been exposed to decades of:
    - body shaming
    - unrealistic standards of beauty
    - horrendous misogyny
    - unwanted sexual advances, because a lot of men do not understand that dressing one way or another doesn't indicate sexual availability.
    - women who dress less conservatively are often viewed as being less intelligent. There is a lot of femmeophobia in our culture.

    Of course some women are just inherently conservative too. There is NOTHING wrong with that.

    Also, your experience with femininity is probably very different from hers. Just something to consider.
    These are the reasons my wife dresses the way she does. In fact she covers her small frame up from head to toe and if she were brown skinned and wore a hijab people would mistake her for deliberately being modestly dressed the way Muslim women do. Homestly it's fine by me. I know what's underneath and i find her quite sexy when she's dressed modestly the way she does.
    I am not a woman nor am I a man... I am an enby. Hi, I am Wren.

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    My girl likes boy-shorts & sweats. I threw all that man-stuff away long time ago.

    She gives me grief over my clothing and shoe collection. "I can't wear that!!", but she wants ME to wear it..


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    My wife is from Moscow which is ground zero for feminine women (I'm not kidding, every man should go there at least once.) She did start to become more North American in her dress but since I came out to her she has gotten back into wearing skirts and dresses again. On the whole, she likes her skirts shorter than I do!

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