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    Jan 2016
    Started out slowly, it's been continuous work in progress.

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    Jan 2016
    Perth western Australia
    For me very slowly a top, skirt,tights,panties then purge and start again take a few things to work with me then purge those i have no where to store things at home or work such a wast of beautiful clothes

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    Oct 2014
    For me it was kinda quick 😉


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    Back when I first started buying my own stuff (vs using my Mom's as a teen or my SO) which was about 25 years ago I started with only a few items of the usual. Bras, panties, garter belts, lingerie, and shoes. I then bought a wig and some makeup and I was fine with just a few changes of these undergarments for a number of years. Now that I am a bit more mature I am into the whole appearance. But my accumulation of wardrobe is slow and deliberate. I research the internet for countless hours looking at shoes, purses, dresses, wigs, etc. before finally pulling the trigger and making a purchase. Also, when at the mall, I have to peruse countless stores and racks of clothes before finally making one purchase. But I must confess, I do the same thing when buying anything. As a result, my wardrobe has accumulated very slowly but I "love" everything I have acquired. Everything fits great. And I have no "Buyer's Remorse". But it is always a challenge to resist the "impulse" purchase when walking by a cute dress or jewelry.

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    I never had the opportunity to go on a spree. At my size and shape (think retired football player ), there aren't many places I can find things that fit. I browse a lot and occasionally have the good fortune to find something that fits AND actually looks great on me. So, my wardrobe grows slowly.

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    My wife and I bought several nylon nightgowns for me to wear. It was strictly bedroom play then. The I started buying an occasional slip and matching panties. When my wife saw I had purchased a vivid red Vanity Fair bra she realized my interest in women's clothing was more than a passing fetish. Then I was on my own. I expanded into dresses. Because there was no Internet back then, I was buying too many dresses that did not properly fit me. Most of those were donated. Once I got the hang of sizes and buying styles that properly fitted my body type I turned into a buyer. Maybe, it is retail therapy. You'd think a woman would stop at 20 dresses? Thirty? Fifty? 100 dresses? No, number 133 is on the way with 132 being delivered today. I've been buying panties in quantity when they are on a good sale. I buy stocking in quantity also. If I were to pass on unexpectedly my wife probably could open a really nice resale shop. I can understand binge buying. When I feel stress I engage in retail therapy. I think it is cheaper than professional therapy, and, at the end of the day I have a new dress to wear.

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    Between here and there but mostly here close to the donuts.
    I just get things as I need them.
    The key is to keep abreast of which stores are having sales,this will save you money long term.
    My one weakness is when I get my Chico's sale catalog in the mail LOL.
    Shop consignment stores that carry a nice assortment of upscale clothes.Preferably one in a well to do part of town. $120.00 designer jeans for $20.00 is a good deal in my book.
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    Hi, Kim!

    I started slowly with panties and hose, but then took a quantum leap when my wife suggested that I try on dresses during an out of town trip. She felt I would get a better fit than buying online. So I dove in and got 4 dresses, 2 skirts, 4 tops and 3 pair of shoes. In just a couple of months since then I've added forms and bras, hip pads, wigs, makeup, etc. in very short order.

    So it feels like it was all at once!
    Putting the y (chromosome) in girly!

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    Hi Kim
    For me it was wife slowly buying everything she felt I should try/wear over the past 3 years.
    At times she had bought a few items at a time other times its been just one. most recent a new nail polish.
    Generally its been pretty overwhelming for me, her understanding of this side of me better then I even understand myself and her ability to encourage,push,bring forth this side of me. Even with it still at times confusing and worrisome for me I know I will never be able to thank her enough.
    have a wonderful day

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    With me its difficult to have much of a wardrobe as my wife who love very much, just would not understand or tolerate my dressing

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    Slowly!!! Omg if I did it overnight I'd have to sell my car!!
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    Very slowly - the usual terror about shopping for myself and buying my own clothes (skirts, blouses, skirt suits, then dresses and lingerie, shoes fit in there some place once I decided I needed heels)

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    Slowly in secret at first. In the weeks before Halloween I could by at thrift stores with a good excuse "costume party". Later it was for my daughter's birthday. Then my "other daughter".

    However, eventually, I became more at ease with buying dresses at thrift stores, and consignment shops. And eventually I told the truth to a few clerks that I knew well.

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