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Thread: Your thots and questions about dressers that r a bit different from u? Like me?

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    Question Your thots and questions about dressers that r a bit different from u? Like me?

    First, let me say this post and this site is NOT about knocking others, it's about supporting them. So, in that vein:

    I wear masks to achieve what I consider to be a female appearance. So, I'm someone who dresses differently from u. My masks freak out some of my closest T buddies. But, let's NOT get into that now. I KNOW what folks think about them.

    My question is not intended to be about the "different" dressers u chuckle at, don't get, or just make u scratch your head. It's about what YOUR reactions and questions to them r.
    For example: Here's a question I have thot about over and over again!

    Here's one: I wear silicone prosthesis and other gear to create a fem figure. I've read many posts here and seen countless pics of members who look quite fem in selfies and avatars. But, with obviously male bodies. U all wear breast forms. And, some of u wear girdles or other shaping devices. But, few wear the hip/butt pads that can make all the difference in changing a male to female appearance. I think to myself, "Don't they have mirrors? Why won't they wear pads and look so much more fem? They wear forms, wigs, makeup, etc., so why not pads?" Can anyone explain this?

    As u read the many varied posts here, what r some of your recurring thots? Questions u would like to ask? Things that dressers do and say here that make u wonder? Maybe we can answer a few questions without offending anyone!?
    U can't keep doing the same things over and over and expect to enjoy life to the max. When u try new things, even if they r out of your comfort zone, u may experience new excitement and growth that u never expected.

    Challenge yourself and pursue your passions! When your life clock runs out, you'll have few or NO REGRETS!

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    Doc - I appreciate your appearance efforts and the terrific result of your beautiful feminine figure. You look great. But a shapely female figure is not important to me. I look more like an NFL linebacker in heels and a dress than a shapely female. But I like being a sexy, beautiful linebacker. I like muscles. I am not trying to fool anyone. I don't care about passing. My wife likes how I look. I like how I look. I blend, and that is good enough. So I don't care about pads and corsets.

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    Shelly, that's an easy one for me to answer.. simply haven't gotten to it yet.. working from the top down so to speak and not happy enough yet to move further.

    I've got plenty of questions that could fit your request.. but.. I'll probably ask them in a seperate thread, your request is a bit too wide and will cause multithreading and chaos if I start writing them all down I'm sure

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    after much observation amd consideration I have formed a conclusion at least for my part of the world...there isn't one standard A girly, womanly, female, feminine dame! I have to live my life like this and yes I did start with all the squeezing and plumping and crushing and restricting undergarments. Then, one day, I looked around and realized, no one was looking that closely at me. Then I looked closely at them, there were women with large breasts, small breasts and no breasts at all. There were women with waists, there were women with convex waists, there were women with no waists. Then I looked at butts, big, moderate, tight soft, and NONE! I started thinking, what women did I admire how they looked...Hmm, Lauren Bacall in "To have and have not" very boyish in what she wore yet feminine as all get out. Amy Van Dyken Olympic swimming champion, Square hips and no rear. Still sexy. Venus and Serena Williams, athletic and yet they didn't have all than much a dent for a waist and fairly large hands.

    So point is. hips, no hips, boobs, no boobs, shoulders, big hands. I don't dress to blend, I get noticed but after 55 years of not being noticed I like when people do a double take. I am sure some know, maybe they all knew (but I doubt it because I have had to "inform" some men who hit on me at various times...and then there was the guy who tripped himself watching me walk away).

    I haven't met Sherry, maybe someday I will and I may very well be taken aback for a moment, and I will apologize in advance if I do, but I think you would be a kick to party with. I have many many TG friends who don't fit the "mold" the walk the actions even some who over compensate on what they think women do...They are still some of the greatest people in the world.

    Oh and quickly, I have no hips...I don't care
    The earth is the mother of all people and all people should have equal rights upon it.
    Chief Joseph
    Nez Perce

    “Love isn't a state of perfect caring. It is an active noun like struggle. To love someone is to strive to accept that person exactly the way he or she is, right here and now.” - Fred Rogers,

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    Sherry, what strikes me about your choice is that it looks like so much work. Maybe I'm just a lazy cross dresser. The mask freaks me out a bit too and all the facial reading we do is gone. There is a well known phenomenon that when something looks almost real it is more disturbing than when way off reality. I also prefer a narrower/athletic look so hip pads would be counter to what I like in women and hence what I like in my profile. I actually find the hourglass shape you present as too much and unflattering. I'm guessing you like women with wide hips so you emulate that. So, as always, beauty is I. Ten eye of the beholder.

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    Sherry -- You know? I've asked myself that very same question about myself. If I completely had my 'druthers, I'd get my hair styled, put on my makeup, dress and walk into the world as me with no pads, strings, straps or gizmos. And most of the time, that's exactly what I do.

    There are times when I want to present a more girly appearance, so I'll put on girlier clothes and add my stick-on boobs and maybe some shape wear to make the clothes look good. But although my natural butt is flat bordering on concave, for some reason I just totally can not bring myself to put on butt/hip padding. I've seen others with it. They look great, I honor their choice but for me it's wrong. Even though I have no problem wearing the boobs.

    So I agree with your observation, but I can't explain my choice. It's just the choice I make. The corollary to it is this: I don't really dress for other people; I dress for me. So I'm out there buttless and happy and feeling like I'm perfection in heels. You might not agree. You might be saying to yourself, "If only he put on some hip pads, I'd stop using a male pronoun for him in my head." But what you're feeling and thinking has no impact on what I'm feeling and thinking so as long as there is polite forbearance we can both be happy in our choices.

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    Acceptance is a 2-way street. How can I logically expect anyone to be accepting of me if I am not willing to accept them? If I were to see you in person, it would probably take some getting used to it. However, intellectually I would have to think that it does something for you and is not damaging in anyway to you or to others, so I really have no basis to object. Personally, I'd prefer that you feel good about what you do rather than not. When people don't feel good about what they do, it gives rise to all sorts of abhorrent behavior.

    Hip/butt pads? Funny, I probably strictly don't need to, but I do. I own 2 pairs of Underworks. With appropriately sized forms to fill out a 38DD bra and no other padding, I measure 43-34-43. However, I like what the Underworks do and my measurements become 43-34-46. That seems to accentuate the hourglass effect. Anyway, it works for me!!

    However, I do understand not wanting to wear the padding. In a similar vein, I have not been motivated to work on my voice at all. I suppose I will at some point, but the idea of dressing seems to be a whole lot more interesting and fun compared to doing vocal exercises and practicing...


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    I think some do wear pads. But some of us are already pretty natural. I'm now 35 32 38 and a b sized bra. Stand at 5'11 150 lbs. I'm tall but everything looks pretty natural and I get good complements from both men and women. So, I don't thin I need pads and they would probably feel funny on me anyways.
    Part Time Girl

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    I gave up asking myself the "why" questions a long time ago, and focused on doing what feels/sounds/seems/right for me. I tend to believe others are entitled to do the same.

    The things that puzzle me are based more on "how" someone does this, that, or the other. That's why I read posts about how to create cleavage, how to hide beard stubble, how to....whatever it is that puzzles me.

    I do want to achieve a certain "look" when I dress, but similar to Jennie above, I dress for me and accept that if I wear a dress or skirt to the mall I very well may stand out a bit more than if I wore some form of slacks, leggings, or jeans. I'm not into that look, but I'm not bothered in the slightest that others are. are very open about what you do, and totally entitled to do it. In the relatively short time I've been here, I've always believed you do what you do very well. Doesn't freak me out in the slightest.

    Perhaps I lack a certain level of curiosity, or perhaps some believe I have a bad attitude, or simply don't give a rat's @ss. Quite the contrary...I very strongly believe we should all be allowed to do what we do without justifying to each other why we do it that particular way.


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    I was talking to another girl from this site about this question today. I decided that I do what I do, feel the way that I do and if you feel or look differently, that is your right. There are things that I can't wrap my head around so I just don't try. You are my friends, I may not get what you do or feel, but you are still my friends.
    Please call me Lisa!

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    I think I get the point Sherry, I don't have any questions honestly but i do have a thought...I think we all REALLY want to present as who we feel we ARE 'on the inside', I mean phsycologicaly, not like litteraly, all blood 'n guts 'n gross anatomy class 'n stuff 😂

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    Talking Everyone has their own level of acceptance

    This is very much like a question I have already answered... So here is my copied-and-pasted reply :

    - I can always extract fun from my dressing, but my goal is to be happy with my presentation. A big part of that, is making sure that I do everything I can to hide as many male cues as possible, and at the same time, create a feminine shape. My hips and butt need a LOT of help in that area, so my padded garments are an absolute must. I get great satisfaction in putting on a dress, straight off the rack, and having it fit and shape to me in all the right places. Without padding, this would not be possible. To myself, these garments are no different than, and fill the exact same role, as breastforms. They all provide me with shape in areas where I don't naturally have it.

    I also want to add, another very big reason why I wear padded hips and butt is because without them, I am easily readable from a *MUCH* greater distance.
    Tracy Hazel Lee

    @URNA @Flickr

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    Hi Doc

    I couldn't do what you do because my thermostat always runs high...and by the time I am in my pantyhose, corset, padded hips, wig, and makeup I am sweating like a pig unless I have the AC on full or am standing in front of a fan. I couldn't wear the rubber face mask or chest plate...but I respect your choice for fulfilling the female illusion you choose to create.

    Like you, I wonder about CDs who don't use shapewear and padding to create a female form. Why not improve the illusion?


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    Doc, I have always bee odd, And i use waterballons for boobs, and l, use hip and butt pad panties. I can look like a football tight end, in a dress, if i don't make a few adjustments! I love to look like an OLDER attractive very tall lady, like some i have seen or met. We are all odd or crazy in some way. I am an oddball never married loner, and dress, too!
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    The short answer is (and this is not to disrespect you in any way) some of us simply have more feminine bodies etc, than others.
    Also, some like the the least padding etc as possible as we find it uncomfortable.
    Personally, i even hate wearing a wig.

    BTW, I have seen you on TV and IMO you can pass as an older female without all the full body padding and mask etc
    However, you choose to present as a much younger one .
    That is your choice and right to do so.
    Others present as they wish.
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    Happiness is not a future condition. It is a Present state of mind.

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    "It is hard to imagine a more stupid or more dangerous way of making decisions than by putting those decisions in the hands of people who pay no price for being wrong." -Thomas Sowell

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    First of all to answer your question...I do wear hip/butt pads to "finish" my figure. Forms enhance the upper body but to complete the look requires filling out the bottom too.

    As for your mode of dressing...good for you. It's what you enjoy and that's great.
    I do have one question though. Aren't the masks and suits warm when you wear them? I recall you went to Vegas and I was there a few times and it was darn awful hot. Wasn't it even more so wearing everything that you do??

    I'm really curious how I'd feel in one of your "suits" especially being able to wear a bikini and such, but I'm not a big fan of the masks.
    Can you see the REAL Me?

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    Great question Doc, for my part I have never used any padding other than a bra, funnily enough however only in the last week I got my first hip pads/waist cincher, just to see how I might present with them. When I have some pics I'll post.
    Abbey x
    OMG!! Owning my femininity .... and I LOVE it!

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    Doc, I agree that padding adds curves, but I don't want more volume.
    I have taken lots of pics, probably thousands (thanks to digital photography), but I have probably seen more of your full body shots than I have taken of me. The vast majority of mine are mug shots. I love makeup and lots of it, so that's the main focus of my photos. I just place far less emphasis on my body. I use shapewear: body briefers and waist cinchers, but it's the corset that works best (yay, a waist, finally).
    A mask wouldn't do it for me because, as I mentioned, I love to make up. But I think they are cool (not literally, I imagine they are hot). If the time ever came when I wanted a mask, it would have to be quite to my preferences. Neither masks nor fem-skin freak me out at all. I know that as an over-the-top dresser and maker-upper (?), I freak some people out. Their problem. What freaks me out? Cardigans, below the knee dresses and skirts, no makeup, flat shoes....

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    I have always had a round butt, not the bubble female butt, but round enough to look good in tight jeans. One dead giveaway to being made as male is a tattoo from my hitch in the navy. I's small but in no way feminine. My thought on that is whether I should have it removed or just leave it and live with it. O the rare occasion that I take a photo of myself, I try to conceal the arm with the tat. I'm just wondering how many other girls have feminine shapes but sport masculine tats?
    Luv and Jill

    Straight, into Fantasy Land

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    I prefer to be as natural as possible. Part of what I like about dressing is that it is an expression of me, not so much me trying to make others believe I am actually female.

    I do where a bra and forms but that's it. I tried padded panties before, but it just took away from the experience.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jilmac View Post
    One dead giveaway to being made as male is a tattoo from my hitch in the navy.


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    There is this cross dresser in Hollywood that looks like a pretty girl from head to toe except for only one thing.

    A full Beard.
    Go figure! That one out.
    I wanna see him shave and complete the look.
    He looks better as a girl.

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    I found that hip and butt pads muffed my backup beeping signal and people thought I was rudely bumping into them with my wide load

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    I think as we are all individual people we each have to do what's right for you whether that is simply wearing feminine underwear under guy clothes or going the all the way and fully dressing.

    Personally at this time I don't feel the need to try and appear feminine, I just love the feel and sensation of wearing nice underwear and a skirt or dress, and so do not use make up, wigs or forms.

    I look at pictures of those of you who do dress fully to appear feminine and am in awe of the time and effort you put in to create your looks and can say the results, in the main, are fantastic.

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    I don't really think that way, Everyone has their own style.
    If they look in the mirror and like the person looking back at them, Then who am I to judge.

    Sure there are styles and looks that I would not try, but that is just me.
    If people can accept me for who I am, then who am I to judge who they are.
    my sister's reply when I told her how I prefer to dress

    "Everyone has there thing, all that matters is that you are happy, love what you do and who you do it with"

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