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Thread: Surprise visit

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    Red face Surprise visit

    As usual ....With my daily preparations for a normal CD life last Sunday ,,,,,After I have put on the bra , panty hose and a lovely skirt to go with it with a wig on the top ....I started to put some red lipsticks and finally the finger nail polish ,,yet not expecting any body since my wife is spending the day at her sister and my three kids left early for Sunday trips and plans ...while I was finalizing my make up to start enjoying the whole show together looking at the mirror which is part of the spectacle suddenly the door bell rang ....I ran to see who is at the door when suddenly I saw my brother standing waiting at the door step ....So As usual and like any other Cd ...Ran to the nearest room and started to removing all at the same time while my brother rang couple of times .......I was shouting to him to wait ....surprisingly I finished fast my back up plan to remove what ever is exposed and I ran to open the door .....Yet after my brother entered to the lobby I noticed that I forgot to remove all my nail polish from the hand and feet and what makes it bad is that I colored them with a very vivid red color ....At this moment I was behind my brother accompanying him to the living area ,,,so he turned to me and looked at my hand polish with a big surprise ..."what the hell is this..... " he murmured ...again as a CD to these critical situations I replied that it is a medicine I'm using on my nails due to a fungus that is contagious ....That was a reason for my brother to leave in a very fast mode as soon as he heard the problem ............
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    Oops! Perhaps next time, pretend you're not in..... or you didn't hear the door bell......
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    I think the bother knows more now then he should. I wonder what your next meeting with him will bring.
    You may need a plan here.

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    I hate surprise vistes, I live next to a large shopping area, everytime someone goes shopping or whatever for some reason they feel as if they have to drop by. At first I did as you did, but then I started giving up and stopped answering the door. You did a great job fast thinking the fungus story so I'm sure you can come up with why you didn't hear the door bell story. Hopefully he bought it and life goes on.

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    Hi Rian , It will be interesting to se what happens the next time he visits .
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    Quote Originally Posted by Maria 60 View Post
    I hate surprise vistes, I live next to a large shopping area, everytime someone goes shopping or whatever for some reason they feel as if they have to drop by. .
    Now I have something else to remember when looking for a new home. Normally, I would have planned to be CLOSE to the shopping places.
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    Why don't we understand our desire to dress, behave and feel like a girl? Because from childhood, boys are told that the worst possible thing we can be, is a sissy. This feeling is so ingrained into our psyche, that we will suppress any thoughts that connect us to being or wanting to be feminine, even to the point of creating separate personalities to assign those female feelings into.

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    if you're conscious of keeping outward signs of being home it's easier not to have to answer the door.

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    Rian - What's done is done. Whatever suspicions your brother has are already formed. Only you know your brother, but you have to be prepared for all possibilities. He may think nothing of the nail polish and what appears to be odd behavior. Or he may have questions, worries, or discussions with other family members. Assume the worst and prepare. Also, in the future, have your cell phone handy (you can make a call and ask them to come back), ignore the doorbell (you can always say you were not able to answer for some reason) and have a quick-change kit prepared. This is your life and you should be able to enjoy your free time the way you want to.

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    Unless he is a complete moron, he knows that was nail polish. He left in a hurry because he was instantly uncomfortable. Do not kid yourself. You got away with nothing.

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    As Homer Simpson would say "duh!" If you think your brother cannot put two and two together, then you really need a reality check. I forego nail polish. First it takes too much time to apply, and, (2) it takes too much time to remove, and (3) the nail polish remover has an odor. Once when I knew I had the entire day to myself, actually more than a week because my wife was in Chicago, I had done my makeup and nail polish. I was fully en femme when my daughter-in-law called and pleaded with me to come over with my key to her house because she had locked her car keys in the house and could not get in. She was going to be late for work and my granddaughter late for school. I did the quick undressing and the facial makeup came off fast. However, the nail polish took longer to get off and there was still some on the edges. I drove to her house only to find out I was not needed because she called my son for the code to the garage door opener. The process took too much time. I just put it in my mind that women just do not do a full facial makeup and nails unless there is some social or work related reason.

    I always tell my family to call to make sure I'm home before coming over. I do not appreciate drop-ins whether or not I am in my private time mode.

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    That was the same excuse the crossdresser played by Adrian Pasdar used in Just Like a Woman. It worked for him LOL
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    Well that was quick thinking; and if quizzed on the colour you could explain that the fungus lotion was underneath and that the only polish that you could find was red. And the reason for the Polish was to stop spreading the infection by completely covering the nail. (Isolating it from contact with others) maybe a great way to wear it for a few days. Well done.

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    Wow I hope it goes OK for you.
    My brothers or sisters wouldn't think to much of it, they all know I dressed up a lot in my teens.
    I hope the fungus goes away.
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    Since allot of men dress up in woman's clothing that makes it a manly thing to do!
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    Good thinking Rian. Your fast on your feet.

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    ""Unless he is a complete moron, he knows that was nail polish. He left in a hurry because he was instantly uncomfortable. Do not kid yourself. You got away with nothing."" Totally Busted!!!! I had a similar situation years ago. And now I`m just not Home. Or my gate is locked....
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    Maybe a door intercom might help in these situations. In any event one could tell the person outside you were on your way to open the door, but be patient.

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    Well once you start a fire it's hard to hide the smell of smoke

    Interestingly enough I did find medicated nail polish for fungus out there for sale claiming to cure fungus, did not know it existed but it does.

    But it is stretching things a bit to have fungus on toe and fingers at the same time.

    Everyone gets caught it's just a matter of time................I would not sweat it though, but do prepare to either tell the truth or another cover story..........(LIE)

    I have found I can sleep a lot better at night telling the truth, otherwise you tell one lie, then another lie to validate the prior lie and pretty soon your life is a lie and you cannot survive it unless you keep telling more lies

    I don't know your situation but I would have done 1 or 2 things

    Answered the door all dressed up and own it / deal with any fallout later when and if it ever happens or I just would not have answered the door and maybe claimed to be in the shower or something and if I did get called out on why I did not answer the door later in the day I had a reasonable alibi...............but this fungus thing is going to be a tough sell since the cure may take 3 or more weeks using medicated polish.............
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    Augghh! I hate it when those things happen!

    Sorry to hear about your spoiled day. Chances are, he knows you're his weird brother, you didn't fool him, but it gave you an excuse to gracefully extricate yourself without coming out to him.

    That's perfectly fine. He did his part and you did yours, end of subject unless you want to use the opportunity to let him know more.

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    He might stop by, and ask you if he can see the bottle of fungus killer, though! My brother or sister would know right away, if they saw red polish on my hand nails or feet nails, and I was not being truthful, and hold it against me bigtime, thinking i was gay.
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    My wife knows I dress but nobody else. Most of the time if the doorbell rings I can just ignore it. Not so if it's my neighbor, he can tell by which vehicles are in the driveway who is probably home. He is not just a neighbor, he is our landscaper and watches the house and gets the mail when we are away so I can't ignore him.

    I've never actually used colored nail polish and I seldom wear makeup other than beard cover and lipstick so I can just give that a quick wipe and get out of my girl things and into boy things in a couple minutes. Nail polish is something that should be reserved for when you know you won't be interrupted.

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    next time after you saw who was at the door gf just dont answer it

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