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Thread: Wife told me to wear women's pants to a social event today.

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    Wink Wife told me to wear women's pants to a social event today.

    We were getting ready for an afternoon fund raiser at a local university today. The event was partly indoors and partly outdoors, and the dress code was business casual, or as one friend put it, "golf shirts and khakis."

    I've been dressing andro a lot lately for outings with my wife. But I am not out to anyone at this event, so after careful consideration, I decided to raid the older part of my closet and wear a pair of men's khakis. I put them on with a men's golf shirt.

    My wife took one look and said, "Those look terrible on you. Could you wear a pair of your women's skinny trousers instead?"

    I rushed to the "other" part of my closet, found a pair, and put them on. She said, "Those look so much better. Those old ones are so full they look like a long skirt on you. Maybe you would like to get rid of those old ones."

    I very happily went to the event wearing Aeropostale women's skinny twill pants, and even got a compliment on my appearance from a friend.

    My wife and I went shopping afterward. I didn't find any more pants, but got three new blouses, an Adrienne Vitadini belt, and a nice Nine West wallet.

    All in all, a very good day.
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    You lucky dog you. Take care of that great wife of yours.

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    Yep - you have a great wife

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    I also love compliments from my GF on how nice I look wearing something girly.

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    that's my kind of day :-)))
    I used to believe this, now I'm in the company of many tiggers. A tigger does not wonder why she is a tigger, she just is a tigger.

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    Same thing happened to me Saturday night over jeans. No argument from me when she said she likes the girl jeans better because they were a better match for my top better and fit better.

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    I've been wearing women's jeans for years. Plain ones, no sequins or fancy stitching. They are much less baggy on me than men's jeans. I cut some of and hemmed them to make shorts. Actual women's shorts are too short and pretty obviously women's shorts. My wife doesn't have to ask or suggest that I wear these, I automatically do.

    Of course I have my "men's" women's jeans and my "women's" women's jeans. With my padding I need a larger size.

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    I get this a lot when on holidays, you look better in skinny jeans and a nice top.

    Yes I am in heaven too :-)
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    and beauty will follow.

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    Keep that wife you have gf. She is def special

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    You have a wise wife LOL

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    Yes you have a keeper of a wife. She knows what looks good on you and seems very accepting. Mine just lets me play at home but has said she likes my rear in those skinny jeans..... Ummmm maybe men's Jean makers ought to take notice.

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    My wife hasn't seen me dressed but she does make me buy fairly tight trousers in normal style and jean style. The one problem is I obviously don't tuck in male mode and not disguising the male parts does feel very odd almost overexposed when you've become use to hiding things away. ( Perhaps that may be a fun question to pose members !)

    It so good to hear you had a good day, thanks for sharing.

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    The other day, I told my wife that I have been wearing women's jeans for over four years now. She was surprised and said she never even noticed. This has been largely because I have always done the laundry and made sure I washed, dried, and put them away.
    Well at least now she knows and I may not have to be so secretive about the jeans, anyways.
    With bras, blouses and skirts, I'll continue as I have been as I choose not to flaunt things in front of her. I am just grateful that she knows I CD, and does not want to be a part of it, and by bring respectful of her feelings, it has never once been a problem, since I came out to her four years ago.

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    I guess for a casual event that might work. But a lot of businesses that have a business casual, does not include jeans for male or female.

    On those days I would be reminded of that if I wore jeans.

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    After a good cry I decided to write. Wow, are you one lucky girl!

    Women's pants look better on me too, but tell that to my wife! Boo hoo hoo. Now I'm going again!

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    I want to add my congratulations.. You have an awesome wife..

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    You. Are. Lucky!
    I'm a nice Jewish girl.

    I'm not a girl, Not yet a woman.

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    That is great! My SO does not like a set of boy shorts that I have. Every time I wear them, she tells me to change into my woman's shorts LOL. They must like us better dressed.
    Part Time Girl

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    My wife and I traveled out west the last two years in our Airstream. It was a wonderful time and yes, I dressed as comfortable as I am.

    My wife came to a 'rule of 3' for my dressing. Not counting shoes or socks. At least one article of clothing I am wearing must be gender appropriate... men's. It can be jeans, briefs, shirt. Her enforcement of this rule is somewhat lax I might say. So, usually I wear a shirt, a pair of pants and a pair of panties. Sometimes a tee shirt under a button front shirt.

    She doesn't like me to be too feminine....I strive for the Iowa farm wife look.

    I have also been going through some pretty serious health issues. And it is really frustrating for me because I can't do the things I used to fix the tractor. So, this evening, I loaded it on the trailer and took it to the shop.

    When I got home, I took a shower and my wife said 'why don't you dress in something comfortable?' which is our 'code word' for my crossdressing. I'm sitting on teh couch now in a pair of Chic jeans, a Bobby Brookes button up the front plaid shirt with a built in shell... very nice and a pair of lace accented Kim panties bought at Belk in Branson Landing. My other clothes came from thrift stores.

    My wife said, "You look nice" as I gave her a glass of white zinfendel.

    Ahh, ain't life grand!

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