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Thread: Wondering

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    Sure and as you age I'm sure things will progress to more and better dressing.

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    Life really is too short to worry about labels. Live your own life, and enjoy it.

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    I daresay that there are probably more than just a few of us who are in the closet who never present as females but frequently wear women's intimate apparel under our male clothes. And for those who do it with any degree of frequency and for our own pleasure, then I would have to say, yes, we are crossdressers.

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    When I came across this post and read the very first posting I remember thinking the same thing, “I only wear panties, and occasionally bras, don’t wear dresses or go full out. I’m not a crossdresser”. I was obviously wrong as I had no concept of the spectrum that CD entails. It can be related to how you identify yourself in terms of gender identity, (see my blog about sexuality and gender spectrum) and very in intensity based on where you fall within the spectrum at any given time. Personally I identify as gender neutral with a shift towards the female gender when it comes to the spectrum. I have never gone full blown CD in terms of wearing dresses with wig and makeup, but I do wear leggings, slips, corsets, bras, forms, silky pj’s, swim wear, nylons, sleep shirts, teddies, and camis. The idea of going out full in skirts, dresses, a wig, etc. has been appealing to me, however I am not at a point of acceptance where I could experience that aspect. If I can hide the items under my “normal” man cloths, I wear the item. Panties being my most worn item, if I wear pants I will often wear nylons (depending on how hot it is out), if I wear a sweater I will wear a bra that is not detectable. I will wear a sports bra basically under anything as long as it does not show. Everything other than the panties makes me feel like I am doing something wrong as it is somewhat a new adventure for me, but I enjoy it and I am sure over time just as the panties have it will become comfortable.

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