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Thread: Busted with a hug?

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    Busted with a hug?

    So l am underdressed with bra & panties today. Its cold though in my town. I have on a vest and jacket. I was shopping at the co-op when a run into a woman who is an old acquaintance. We both say hi and she goes in for a hug, putting her hand right where the clasp is. I worry briefly about being caught. I retrospect I dont care. It was a very sweet hug. 🌺

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    OMG! I have had that happen and with people I would not want to know I was wearing a bra.
    For me when it happened a few times I tend to just freeze up for a second. I know at least 3 people have felt my bra strap when they hugged me or put their hand on my shoulder.
    But I guess that is the risk of wearing a bra. I still always wear bras when ever I can.

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    new york
    just tell em that you hurt your back and wearing a back brace...

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    Lowestoft UK. Beverley was here.
    Being gods gift to all women, I get too many close affectionate hugs to underdress with a bra.

    I usually switch 98 percent between sexes meaning I do wear panties most of the time. :-)
    Work on your elegance,
    and beauty will follow.

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    Hugs can bust you out every time. In fact the three ladies at work that know I wear women's lingerie found out because of a hug. Now every once and awhile one of them will come over running a hand across my shoulder or back to see if I am wearing my bra. When I feel that they notice it is when they usually invite me over for coffee or tea, then I get to sit down and chat for a little with them. It is nice that I have someone to chat with at work about my dressing or about life in general. They want to take me lingerie shopping at Soma a new place they found that is kind of out of the way and they swear that the staff is wonderful. So I guess we'll see.


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    Happened to me once maybe. I stopped at my mechanic wearing a bra under a heavy TShirt and he draped his wrist over my shoulder and smiled. Don't know if he knew or not.

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    It happens a lot. I can almost always tell when the wife or daughter are giving me a ( just checking hug.) LOL.
    Tonya Rose This is me! (song by camp rock)

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    I guess that I have been very lucky; Been hugged many times, no one has said anything.
    I often get from women, a rub down my back, and again no one has noticed.
    I am waiting, I think my luck just might run out some day.......I hope not.

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    Just got back to Illinois (from Burbank)
    No need to worry, they'll just think it's your sleeveless T-shirt straps.
    T-shirt says: "Hi, I Crossdress!"

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    My wife has gotten upset several times for me wearing my bra while underdressing. The look on her face when I raise my shirt and show her it's my Garmin Heart Rate monitor is priceless!

    Genny B
    Dani (Genny before Transition)
    All Girl!

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    I live in a part of the country where everyone hugs. Everyday I'll get half a dozen or so. I would never go unnoticed underdressing with a bra. Luckily, we don't rub each other's butts, so I can get away with panties.

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    something I never have to worry about. I don't get hugs... haven't in at least 3-4 years anyway.. no one wants to touch me for some reason..

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    So far I have been very guarded about this exact same thing happening, and have been fortunate not to get caught. I do wear front clasp racer back and 'T' bras to help minimize this, but
    more often, I have dressed just as you described. Just been lucky so far.
    Funny though, when I am out I don't mind so much if people I do not know catch a glimpse of me wearing a bra, as I want to feel free enough to wear clothing if my choice, and these outings continue to help me strengthen my resolve to do so.

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    I've had a few hugs while in a bra. was always a bit worried. but I don't see how they can't tell anyways since I'm wearing a t shirt

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