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Thread: Bathroom bills and other laws , discussion thread

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    As of a June 28, 2021 SCOTUS gave USA transgender washroom rights a huge boost, essentially granting this right within the jurisdiction of the 4th Circuit by declining to hear this appeal.

    Gloucester County School Board v. Grimm

    Geography of the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals
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    I just never really got the "anyone can claim to be a man or woman now" argument. No one polices the bathrooms right now or ever has, and no one that gets caught doing terrible things in the bathroom will get off in court with the "But this is where I'm supposed to be!" defense.
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    Separate is never equal. There should be only one.
    When I was serving overseas in Germany I went to a pub that only had one bathroom. Both ladies and gentlemen used it. It had a urinal as well as a stall. Everyone was respectful of each other. Maybe it was because they we too drunk to care about sexual hangups like we American's.
    Used to be we had separate bathrooms for blacks and whites. Separate was not equal. It took a lot of years to change how people thought about that.
    So here we are again.

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    I agree w most. I don?t like the i identify as so I can go here logic. It?s to open to be manipulated. I agree with having more individual bathrooms with sink and toilet and locking doors. Like the family bathrooms.

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    As many of you are no doubt aware, there is a currently a coordinated national strategy to pass laws, at the state level, attacking transgender people, especially trans kids. As I reported in a recent podcast, the ACLU recently reported that they are tracking approximately 280 bills, in over 30 states, aimed at transgender people. If you'd like to know more about this threat to our community, I urge you to make plans to attend the ACLU Town Hall next Tuesday, April 12, at 4 pm EDT (1 pm PDT).
    You will want to sign up here:
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    I tried to upload a photo of a gender neutral loo at a place I frequent.

    Could not do so.

    Anyway, it's the way to go - what do prudes do on an aircraft, for example?

    THe whole issue is ridiculous and bigoted, IMHO.

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    In California we kind of have the questions covered.


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    Maine law says its ok for us to use the ladies room. I would make sure to be dressed and act as a lady though. Go in do your business, wash your hands, check hair and makeup then get out. There are some people not good with this but its law here so any problems will be their problem not ours.

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