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Thread: Bathroom bills and other laws , discussion thread

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    More good news on unisex toilets in NZ!
    In the tourist town of Russell (Kororareka) the public toilets in the main square all have cubicle which open directly onto the square. Some are labelled Female; others Male; one is labelled Urinals, and the last is labelled Unisex.
    At the campsite at the Houhara Heads, the ablution block had six unisex cubicles, all opening directly onto the lawn.

    Way to go!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paula2 View Post
    life has nothing to do with sex..seirved many your best..and your team will follow you???

    I don.t comunicate well. your freinds and cannot earn love..if that makes sence???

    [SIZE=1]- - - Updated - - -[/SIZE]

    I have pooped and showered. men and women. some transex ..means nothing.just people

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    Proud Union member. Back of my tombstone. My men saw me as a girl. nobody cared. respect and good leadership.. i don.t what to say. just be your self
    in wisconsin you my use any bathroom

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    Be yourself..Team leader for 20 yrs. they saw me dress like a girl. nobody cared. do a good job..soldiers love you
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    Best Wishes, Paula

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    Quote Originally Posted by GaleWarning View Post
    So, today at church the vicar announced that building consent has been granted for the demolition and rebuild of a new hall. Phase 1 will entail the remodeling of the toilet facilities, so that they can be used during the building process. Access issues mean that the six cubicles will each have full facilities (basin etc.), and there will be just one entrance.

    They will be unisex toilets!
    That's very good news indeed.

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    I'm not completely sure about the precise legal position in the UK, although I believe it is currently fluid. Although I've not yet dressed as Anne in public and probably never will, my usual practice is to use a disabled or changing places toilet where possible. Recently I was put on some different diabetes medication and the nurse advised me to wipe whenever I go for a wee wee. If I've got to wipe, or at least been recommended to, it's easier to wee sitting down and I'd rather do that in.a place that's likelier to be cleaner and more spacious than a regular cubicle. Also if I've been diapered under my panties and need changing, it's easier to get changed in those facilities. I tend to push the envelope a bit when it comes to putting off loo visits (a habit learned from Auntie Anne of blessed memory) so accidents occasionally happen. I have to be diapered on long trips anyway.

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