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Thread: Do others recognize that crossdressing has made you a better person?

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    Nikki Windsor nikkiwindsor's Avatar
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    Do others recognize that crossdressing has made you a better person?

    Since allowing me to crossdress, my wife has shared with me that I'm a much better person to be around. She says I'm more loving, more considerate and understanding of others, more open to communicating with her, more happy and more content. But, she does wish it would help me cry more easily on those occasions when I experience things that make me feel sad. Unfortunately, however, my capacity to shed tears easily hasn't improved

    Have others experienced similar feedback from those who know about your dressing?

    Wearing my fuschia bodycon dress:
    For the first time, outdoors during the day:

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    Banned Read only
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    Yes. After I told my wife, she said that prior, it was like walking on egg shells around the house. I have often written that holding it back or hiding it is like a pressure cooker. It's gonna blow eventually. Once you are out, there is no pressure.

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    I've always been a good person, crossdressing has made me more caring and considerate, more in touch with my feminine side. Although my wife understands why I need to dress up she doesn't like it or see the benefit other than me being less stressed.
    Jennie x

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    Since I came out to my wife a few months ago, I find I am more attentive to my wife. I find myself wanting to more laundry, keep the house cleaner and try to keep her happier. I don't know if makes me a better person or I just love my wife more. I am more happy and content.

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    Yes. I am physically and mentally better for it. I still have some work to do to overcome what anxiety and lack of acceptance remains in me. I know that's not healthy. Generally, it feels more like a capability than an affliction. The few people that know me as Allison love that side of me.
    Every human being is the natural guardian of her own importance.
    The art of progress is to preserve order amid change, and to preserve change amid order.

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    My wife told me on many occasions than since I told her, I am more relaxed and less annoyed by the little things, more content and considerate. She sometimes ask me if I need some "Claire" time when I appear to getting stressed out.

    As Jenniferathome mentioned, telling her was such a pressure relief.
    - Claire

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    Yes, my wife loves being with Devorah and sees the change for the good in me. There is nothing like getting rid of your hatred, which you can easily pass on to others, and cominging into love, which you can also pass on to others.

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    I believe I am a much better person - my temper is under much better control and I am viewed as being supportive to many people

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    definitely, yes, everyone says so!!!
    I used to believe this, now I'm in the company of many tiggers. A tigger does not wonder why she is a tigger, she just is a tigger.

    thanks to krististeph: tigger = TG'er .. T-I-GG-er

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    I don't know if it has made me a better person or not, I just feel BETTER when I am dressed or even just "underdressed". Whenever I am dressed I just feel that this is right for me. I REALLY like the way I look.

    "To thine own self be true"

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    No, not in my case. But I recognize it has made me a better person. More understanding and accepting of peoples differences.

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    Well being Im closeted mostly, how would they know? All most see is Im in a better mood and Im dressed nicer.
    Mykaa is me! Discovering Peace throughout from the Girl within.
    David Bowie "Don't stay in a sad place Where they don't care how you are..."
    Disturbed The Light "The truth is waiting there for you to find it
    It's not a blight, but a remedy"

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    No one knows how I feel inside unless I tell them. It has given me a much freer exchange of feelings to be freer person overall.
    Second star to the right and straight on till morning

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    I think it has made me recognize how difficult it is to dress as a woman. there's so much work! Nails, makeup, hair, posture, behavior. And then to feel so vulnerable in a dress with legs exposed. Last time out at a halloween party, I was groped in places by so many people that knew better.

    All in all, this whole thing about pay inequality for woman... Sometimes I feel they should be paid double just for showing up!

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    Between here and there but mostly here close to the donuts.
    CDing and realizing/accepting being TG has made me a much better person.
    My ex has only known me after my realization but knows the people I used to run with and she said wow you are nothing like them.
    I have done so many mean nasty things in my life being TG and a CD is a cake walk and to be honest coming to grips with it has been a very good thing.

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    It must have a lot to do with the relief from frustration and hiding.
    I don't know that it makes you a better person. The seems to be a stretch. But if you are more comfortable with yourself then perhaps you are more relaxed and not so quick to anger or annoyance.

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    After I finally accepted this part of myself, several people have commented on the change in my personality, including some who don't know this side of me. I hope the change is for the better.

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    Eugene, Oregon, USA
    My 20 year old daughter, who lives with me and accepts my girl side completely, frequently comments that I am obviously happier and more relaxed when I am en-femme. She likes hanging out with me in either mode, male or female.

    I don't really have anyone else yet who has known me as a male and also knows me as a female, and could compare the two modes.

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    I find it interesting that many have answered this question along the lines of "...since I told my SO" that they are now perceived as being more fun to be with, made them better, more considerate, fill in the adjective. That indicates to me that its less the CD'ing than the sharing of the burden that is the cause of the perceived behavior. Were we not as fun/better/considerate/etc when we CD'ed without the SO knowing?
    Jenn A --- nothing fancy, just me.

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