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    I have never known another crossdresser myself. Only drag queens (who honestly can be a bit stuck on themselves! Not all, mind you but some) and after reading these forums, one thing that has struck me is how accepting and understanding you all are in regards to others and their differences. It's truly a breath of fresh air! Not even the *vanilla* world is like that.

    I think being who we are and the fact that we are different than most, gives us a unique ability to be accepting of others and their differences.

    The world could truly learn something from you all :-)

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    Well said , as I get older I am far more tolerant of most things. Especially as Samantha. That must be a point in itself.

    Each to their own and good luck

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    Welcome, Tabitha. Glad to hear you feel that way about this site. Some people have had some different experiences, and sometimes sparks fly. Your attitudes might help us all live up to our own ideals.

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    Hi Tabitha. I am a fairly new member. This is a very safe place to post about CD issues. Welcome.🌺

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    Great observation Tabitha! Since I've become more accepting of myself I find I'm WAY more accepting of others!

    It takes a little longer to to form real bonds with people (the ancient 10 ms rule really doesn't work anymore 😉 ) but we're all in the same boat (WHEREVER we fall on the gender spectrum)...if you're a wonderful person, then you're a wonderful PERSON, that's how I see it ☺

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    Right on. I think being different from the rest of the world makes one more accepting of other people who are different.

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