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Thread: Do your neighbours know?

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    Sussex, UK

    Do your neighbours know?

    I'm sat here in the back garden basking in the sunshine and developing my bacini suntan. I'm lucky in so far as the garden is quite private. However, my quite macho neighbour is sat reading his paper the other side of the high fence panel. I started to think: do my neighbours know about me? They could easily see me as I spend most of my time at home dressed. Has anyone told their neighbours and what was the response?

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    Michigan USA
    I am sure they have seen me - but no comments

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    A number of years ago the family who was renting the house next to me apparently saw me dressed and sitting in my backyard or watering the flowers. I would have been in a dress and heels and my wig. My ear caught some conversation between them concerning "Why would he wear women's clothing!" Well, they were nosy. They would stand lined up on their patio craning their necks to see over the fence. I curtailed being out until they were evicted for non-payment of the rent. They did not pay their utility bills either. I'm sure they would have talked to other neighbors. Nothing was ever said by anybody else and they still interacted with me at the same level before any potential disclosure.

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    I don't have close next door neighbors because I live in the country but I'm sure that neighbors and people passing by have noticed me doing yard work , mowing lawns and getting my mail but no one has ever commented on my choice in what I wear .

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    I have been seen ene femme but nobody has said anything.
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    I've been seen more times than I can count and I leave the house 'en tween' quite often, sometimes even with a purse over my shoulder. Haven't actually 'told' them though, for what it's worth 😉

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    I'm sure most of my neighbors know. The people behind me are always seeing me dressed,never said anything . The next door neighbor comes over all the time when I'm dressed.My other neighbor told me and my SO that I look great in my dressers and skirts.

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    My neighbours on either side could see me from their bedroom windows at the far end of my garden and may have done, I forgot to water all my flower tubs and went to the far end of the garden forgetting this, at the time I was wearing a denim mini skirt and a low top with forms but no wig and only lipstick. I do sit and take in the sun dressed when I get the opportunity, on one occasion I could hear both of them mowing their lawns, I had the sense to do mine earlier in the day before the sun came out so I could have a beer on my lounger .

    If I'd gone through with my separation , depending where I moved to , I decided from the start to introduce myself to any neighbours and tell them that I might appear dressed differently sometimes and hope they wouldn't be offended.
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    No, they don't know. I live in an apartment building on the 12th floor. If I left my blinds open, the people on higher floors in a neighbouring building could see in. Or, since my building is an "L" shape, people on the other side could easily see in. I rarely ever have my blinds open, and never when I'm dressed.
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    If they don't know then I'm not sure who they think they've seen. My attached neighbour has looked straight at me from the upstairs window. Not sure about the other side and the rear neighbours. Living at the top of a close most of my near neighbours know my car and have waved at me on sight of the car coming towards them lol so I think I have to say yes.
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    Neighbors knew when I was 16....didn't give hoot....helped they were very

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    Quote Originally Posted by Robin414 View Post
    I've been seen more times than I can count and I leave the house 'en tween' quite often, sometimes even with a purse over my shoulder. Haven't actually 'told' them though, for what it's worth
    For the most part Robin, get your own answer . Leaving out the tween bit, I had in mind exactly this answer.

    I get cabs from home to pick me up in day-light up when I'm going out dressed, drive away from the house or just walk up the road for whatever reason, but I've not told them. For anyone that knows the reality of housing in Britain, we live akin to Battery Hens in the main, the houses are so close.

    One house across from me has no curtains or blinds and they overlook my entrance and small driveway. They must have seen me at some point, but nothing has been said and no change of attitude. I have to say though, that I've given up worrying.

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    Don`t know.. I only have a couple of neighbors about a mile apart here. they could have and prolly have seen my out in the fields working in skirts before. But never said anything. and I really am at the point that I really don`t give a Damn anymore!!
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    Between here and there but mostly here close to the donuts.
    My neighbors know and they don't have a problem with it.

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    Hard to tell for sure if my neighbors know or not,
    I would guess that they must, I do step outside at times, and
    although we have not come face to face, and no big reveal.
    I would guess that they have seen me.
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    No, since I live in a flat they cant see me when I'm at home and I don't go out dressed.

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    I'm sure I've been seen as I always dress up at home and and walk out my door, leave in my car and drive through the neighborhood when going out.. Though I haven't gotten any comments on that yet.

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    My next door neighbors (husband & wife) saw me wearing shorts today. her: what happened to your legs there's no hair on them? him: he shaves 'em babe. The truth is I have very little body hair, and leg hair is very sparse. I usually stop shaving them in early spring, but it looks like I just didn't give a hoot this year. I told her I shaved them once to see if the hair would grow back thicker and it didn't work. Of course, that was looong ago!

    Oh, the other day he kind of stared at the neckline of my shirt apparently noticing no hair there either!
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    Have I told the neighbors? Yes and no I guess. My nearest neighbor is my mother and I told her. She's never seen me, that I am aware of. The rest of the neighborhood. I have no idea if they have seen me leave or come home. Plus I don't really care if they have or have not. But I've not told them anything. It really is none of there business. So why would I or anybody feel obligated to tell their neighbors?
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    I live in a condo community and there is no such thing as privacy. We are right on top of each other. Hell, the neighbor's probably hear my heels as I go up and down the stairs when dressed. So when I do go out, it's half dressed and well covered and I finish it off some where down the road. Wasn't like this when we lived in an apartment though, I would get fully dressed (no back up bag) and my SO would just pull the car up to the front. Down the stairs, out the door, into the car and off to the rodeo sort to speak.

    We have been talking alot lately about getting a house but I want one with very few neighbors so we are waiting for the right one to come along. If I am going to commit to a house I better have the running room outside
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    Joanne, Privacy seems to have gone the way of the Dodo bird, or two dollar bill! I thought i was moving into a quiet Illinois small town.. It is more noisy here, and less privacy, than when i lived in Tacoma Wash. Nosy neighbor won't let me let myu cats outside at all, watches every move i make, rednecks and Harley bikers flood the town every weekend. Not a good place to out myself. But the nosy neighbor know i dress at times, is only a little problem with it.

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    My neighbors to the left of me know I wear women's jeans all the time but don't care. A couple of nights ago I was sitting on my front steps wearing Danskin Capri leggings and my neighbor on the right pulls into his driveway he must have saw me I wanted to get up and run inside but I figured if I was sitting it woudnt to obvious I was wearing girly clothes so I kept sitting till he pulled in .
    0I figured if I got up he would have seen me in girly clothes

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    I think I got caught out once when I was in my nightgown, and had gone downstairs early in the morning to put the kettle on. However my neighbor has never mentioned it and if she did see me, she has been good to me by keeping it quiet.

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    I'm never sure. I thought for sure my daughter was aware, but she exploded when she noticed my bra. I try not to walk directly in front of them while I'm wearing a skirt and blouse (I seldom wear dresses outside), but I don't hide either. So undoubtedly they have seen me walking around, probably headed back inside to avoid their exposure to me because I won't run and hide. I will however keep the bushes and trees between us if possible, without ducking or running. So yes, they probably do know, but I've been wrong before.

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    I have been walking my dog late at night 11pm-12am since December and often if i was already dressed - i make an effort to be brave enough and not to change back into guys clothes. in winter it was easier to leave the house wearing my wife's coat / hat. things got trickie with hot temperature upon us. skirt and tank top is hard to hide. when i hear a car is approaching, i still get a bit nervous. sometimes i turn my back, sometimes i step into shade, and yesterday i just kept walking straight as it was approaching from ahead. I walk a lot during the day withdog, my daughters in guy clothes. Neighbors know me. so they should probably have easy time recognizing me in skirt. But part of me wants to get "caught" this way. I guess this is my way to come out.

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