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Thread: Travel Log - A long weekend in skirts and dresses

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    Travel Log - A long weekend in skirts and dresses

    Hi everyone, I have a bike (road) race on Sunday in central California. 105 miles and 8.5K feet of climbing if you’re curious. Weather should be perfect. We ride to the mountains and the ocean and back. Well, I decided to use this as an excuse to do something I have never done: travel for multiple days in girl mode. Other than my bike kit, I do not have a stitch of boy clothes with me.
    I’m going to keep a log of sorts and update this thread as I interact with the normals over the next three days and do all the crap one has to do when traveling. So Day 1, this is me at zero hour. Car is packed, bike on the roof and ready to hit the road south in a casual skirt and top. I’ll be checking into the hotel like this. That'll be a first. Kinda curious how I'll be received, but my expectation is cordially. Stay tuned....

    UPDATE #1. The Check-in

    I entered the lobby of the hotel and a huge man was scowling at me from behind the check-in desk... NOT. So here's how it really went. I entered, the man behind the desk welcomed me without a hint of "WTF?" A lady came in right behind me with a key problem and stood next to me. The desk agent asked my name and I gave him my last name and then he asked of my first name and I gave him my real name, of course. He also asked for my credit card an ID which I produced. He found my reservation in a pile of printed reservations (I am in a VERY small town in costal central California). He went through his speil on breakfast, where my room was, wifi, etc. He said it, I am sure, in exactly the same way he does for all. I didn't detect a hint of discomfort.

    Now, the interesting thing about the check-in was that I expected to get some nerves as I got closer to the hotel. The drive was about 4 hours with some traffic and when I parked, zero nerves. Now the good thing about not having any boy clothes is that it's fatalistic. With no plan B, what was I supposed to get nervous about? It's not like I could do anything about it. Funny what we do in our heads! OK, I'm heading out to stretch my legs, then I'll freshen up, change (I brought one of my favorite casual dresses) and head out to dinner. I'll update after that!

    UPDATE #2. Dinner in a sports bar in a small town. What could go wrong? Nothing, of course.

    Changed into my floral dress pictured here and put on a jean jacket as it was getting chilly and headed out. Opened the door to the restaurant to a huge group of people getting situated. The host greeted me very warmly without batting an eye and said I could sit right away. Restaurant area was not quite full but I was sat at the front most table, nearest the entry door and right next to the stage where a guy was playing guitar. He was good. Let me just state that I was noticed. But, no stares, no double takes, just the ole peripheral eyeball once over and mostly from women. The guys didn't seem to notice but there was a game on. Women always do. Ordered food, watched the first half of the Warriors game while listening to live music AND THEN....nothing happened. I anyone cared, they didn't make it known. Long day tomorrow and then dinner with Nadine and her wife. Yahoo! Wish my wife could have made it but she's with her Mom. i bought a really cute white sun dress by Elizabeth & James that I'll wear with suede heeled sandals in a taupe color. Update #3 late tomorrow afternoon.

    UPDATE #3 - the race. See reply #25

    UPDATE#4 - ready for dinner!

    First, let me state that I have earned every calorie I plan to put in my body tonight. It will be a challenge to take small bites. OK, I'm meeting Nadine Spirit, a member here and her wife at an upscale Peruvian restaurant. I have no idea what the cuisine is, but I like to try new things. I'll update after dinner, but this is my outfit. White summer dress, whip belt and heeled sandals. Now, recall that I just rode 113 miles and now I'm in 4" heels. Not great planning but I love the shoes!
    I'm going to try and remember to get a group shot at dinner...but I never seem to remember.

    UPDATE #4.5

    I forgot to get a group picture last night. No surprise. Dinner was great. Nadine and Jules are great company. Jules is really funny and she paid me the ultimate compliment, "Your fashion style is great." I'm still not certain what Peruvian cuisine is, but it was delicious! The restaurant was packed and stayed packed until we left at about 9PM. Quite naturally, I caught a few glances but no scowls. Our busboy and waitress addressed us as we presented without a hitch.

    UPDATE #5 - Breakfast with the normals.

    It is so much easier to roll out of bed, put on some shorts and T-shirt and grab breakfast at a hotel. Men and women can do this. Cross dressers can't. My "getting ready" routine is down to 20 minutes or so, but that routine is a MUST if I don't want to frighten the world. So I get dressed and jump in the elevator to go to the dining room and it is PACKED with Chinese tourists and ONE clearly American family looking like they knew they were outnumbered. I got in the buffet line, got my food and of course, no one said anything, except one Chinese gal who said good morning. And if anyone looked at me strangely, I didn't notice. I bought this casual red dress a few weeks ago and finally got to wear it. It really needs a strapless bra because the straps of the dress are so thin and, of course, I didn't have one. I covered it with the blue, loose knit sweater.

    So in the end, I have two big takeaways from this three day weekend. 1) It takes A LOT of work to be in girl mode for three days. 2) The normals just seem to be ok with a dude in a dress. If you want, get out there!
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    FUN! Can't wait to follow along. Good luck in the race!

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    Sounds like a wonderful way to spend the holiday weekend. Looking forward to the reading all about it. Have fun.

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    Hi Jennifer, You look great. Have a great week end and we all look forward to hearing from you and your adventure.

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    This sounds like it will be a fun time for you, and I'll bet you'll enjoy it immensely. I am envious of you!
    Good luck!

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    Sounds like you're going to have a lot of fun. I really like your skirt.
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    Hi Jennifer,

    Love the cool and easy look of the skirt and top.

    However, if I have those distances and heights ahead of me, I don't use a bike, I use a helicopter.

    Flying high under the spell of life!

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    Sounds like a fun adventure, thanks for sharing with us

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    You look very nice,you should have no problems a check in.
    You might have some boys chasing you on that Bike.
    Good luck and be safe.

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    Gorgeous pictures. You will have no problems other than admirers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2B Natasha View Post
    FUN! ...Good luck in the race!
    Thanks Natasha. I'm shooting for sub 6 hours!

    Quote Originally Posted by sarah7391 View Post
    ... I really like your skirt.
    Quote Originally Posted by reb.femme View Post
    ...Love the cool and easy look of the skirt and top....
    Sarah and Becky, I love this skirt. Becky, you hit on the head. Cool and easy. But it's funny, as I am hitting my race weight, it's practically falling off me! Had to use a pin to keep it up. I bought a size 10 and now I think I'm 6. No hips, of course.

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    Can't wait to see what you write and how it goes. Best of luck in the race!
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    You look great Jenn. Such nice posture Thanks for inviting us on a vicarious experience !
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    Checking into a hotel en femme and by yourself is a bit nerve racking the first couple of times. Looks like you did just fine! (My first was a small Tennessee town). Now get out there and burn up the road! We're rooting for you!
    Be yourself. Everyone else is taken!

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    Well, it's obvious now why your legs are so fabulous! With all that competitive cycling, you should be able to rock that mini skirt until you're 75! Great story. Have tons of fun.

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    I have to say I like the to hell with it attitude re not bringing guy clothes. Not sure I would ever have the courage to go without a plan B.

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    Awesome! Have a great time

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    Jennifer....what a wonderful adventure and fun time for you! Hope the ride goes well and thank you for sharing with all of us.....I believe we are all cheering for you!

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    Very cute Jennifer, can't wait to

    Good luck in the race, my legs hurt just thinking about it .
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    Looking forward to the updates - thanks for sharing. Very nice pics.

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    You look lovely. Look forward to the updates.

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    You look quit comfortable for a rode trip. You not going to let any girls beat you?......Lol

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    Sounds like you had a great time and you look great.

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    Hi Jennifer,

    Loving the feeling of being on this road trip with you. I applaud you for being so single minded and not taking any guy things with you. No decisions to make. Girl every time. I think it takes real courage, too, to go into restaurants you don't know en femme and in small towns.


    And can't wait for the next instalment in your big adventure.

    Love, Michelle

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    the race

    OK, quick update as I just got back from the after party and have to get ready for dinner. Well the race was 105 miles and 8.4K feet of climbing. However, due to no fault of my own (bad signage, I rode 113 miles and climbed more than 9K feet. Killed my time goals. Her are screen shots of my ride:

    Quote Originally Posted by steftoday View Post
    Best of luck in the race!
    Thanks Stef. See below for race results, what a day.

    [QUOTE=AllisonS;3949073..Thanks for inviting us on a vicarious experience ![/QUOTE]

    It could be you doing this. If I can, anyone can.

    Quote Originally Posted by Heidi Stevens View Post
    ..Now get out there and burn up the road!
    Well something got burned but I think it was my pride.

    Quote Originally Posted by Nikki_P View Post
    .. Not sure I would ever have the courage to go without a plan B.
    Maybe I'm just dumb;-)

    Quote Originally Posted by arbon View Post
    Awesome! Have a great time
    Thanks Teresa. I did!

    Quote Originally Posted by Sara Jessica View Post
    ...Good luck in the race, my legs hurt just thinking about it .
    Thanks. Funny, mine hurt right now too!

    Quote Originally Posted by MindiB View Post
    ...You not going to let any girls beat you?......Lol
    A gal jumped into my small pace line and she rode with us for a good 50 before the hills took her. She was awesome.
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