Am I the only one who ventures out and has interactions with the "normals", good and bad? I try to post my adventures as an insight into every day occurrences while en femme. I know there are circumstances that prevent or limit others from going out, but I know there are others that do get out and there must be some kind of interactions. O.K. for example today I needed to mow my lawn and needed to get gasoline, so with forms and nails firmly affixed from Friday night it was a no brainer that I go en femme and with a little make-up to smooth the edges a quick style on my hair and a casual outfit off I went, while at the station I got out to get the can for my purchase and these are the same men that know me as a male yet refer to me as the gender I'm portraying. So after my fill up as I was traveling down a major road there was a police check point, at first my heart pounded out of my chest then I remembered that I was doing nothing wrong and had not broken any law lately, so as I see other cars getting waved by I figured it was an inspection sticker check, how wrong was I, it seems someone(female) had stolen from a store and was driving a blue Ford F-150 with silver diamond plate tool box in the back, so I fit the bill and was pulled over, after a check of my "papers please"(strong German accent for humor, I'm allowed as I am of German descent) the officer noticed my address from when my mother lived with me and on several occasions he had to answer the call for help, he knows me as a male and now faced with what could be considered a female his demeanor never faulted and asked about my mother, when I told him about her passing I believe his response was one of true remorse and sorrow and with that I drove away and wondered how many other officers know of me, I know of at least one other and if they inform each other about people in the community. Then upon arriving home proceeded to mow my lawn dressed as I was with large tortoise sunglasses and hang up my wash 50/50 male to female clothing. Why do these things happen to me and no one else, I love reading everyday events from others, good and bad just like life, kind of makes one feel like a part of a community and not alone in their struggle. Is anybody out there?