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Thread: Oops, i almost outed myself today

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    Oops, i almost outed myself today

    So today, I'm at work and one of my male coworkers says to me, 'is that you that smells so good?' I knew he was alluding to the perfume I was wearing. I sort of ignored it and continued what I was doing. He then mentioned some perfume that I had never heard of.

    I didn't know the individual at all and am not concerned with being outed.

    I wonder what he would have said, if I said, 'yes, that's me.'

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    Well, I think the fact that he said "smells so good" and not "smells like a girl" that may mean he doesn't care either way ;-)

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    Hmm, he seems to know more about perfumes than most guys?

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    One of the first things I discovered as trans is that the more honest you are the less people believe you. "Why yes, I'm wearing Prada Candy. Doesn't it smell wonderful?" and he would have chuckled and walked away! It really is funny.


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    You could have said my kid or friend sprayed it on me as a joke.

    My friends and I sprayed each other with perfume quite a few times over the years and had some great laughs!

    We also put quite a few sings on each other's backs.

    One time a walked around a store for about 45 min and some women told me I had a sign on my back. It said "I need a man bad!" LOL
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    "This is ME" I am not CRAZY, I'm just a GUY who likes dresses!
    Since allot of men dress up in woman's clothing that makes it a manly thing to do!
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    No sense in lying about it if its just you and him and he hasn't got perfume on its pretty obvious who does.
    Just say thanks and go on about your business.
    Now if you are one of those types that has a fantasy about almost getting caught then deny it and make a huge scene.
    Say you lost a bet or your friend big Bubba sprayed you with perfume along with the whole bowling team.
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    You could always pull a Robin Williams from "Mrs. Doubtfire" and say "It rubbed off...from another woman...", then give a wink wink

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    That happened to me ONCE. I countered by saying that my wife got frisky the night before and sprayed the bed with her favorite perfume. End of discussion and it's never come up again.

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    It's well known around the workplace that I like to wear body spray, so I ALWAYS smell "girly" at work.
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    Quote Originally Posted by njcddresser View Post
    I wonder what he would have said, if I said, 'yes, that's me.'
    I wonder what he would have said if you'd replied, 'Yes that's me. You seem interested in perfume... do you like to wear it too?'

    Hey, he might have offered to buy you dinner. Fortune favors the bold.
    I used to have a short attention spa

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