Everyone who posted, A BIG THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU. I knew for a months that he could just go to sleep any time, and i think a lot of wounds were healed some. I think my difficult brother and sister have been a little sobered, too. ClosetEd, that must be even harder, to suddenly lose a parent. I kno w a guy who lost his dad as a toddler, and never really knew him. My dad was in way over his headm never wanted kids, but there were some nice times, for sure. He had nearly died half a dozen times in the past, so i was pretty prepared when it finally happened. I do not plan on dressing up, until after he is buried, a week from today. Funeral services understaffed people are on vacation! Actually, i was a gravedigger, or sexton as you Brits call it, for almost three years, and buried many folks, in the early 1980's!