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Thread: Awesome wife

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    Awesome wife

    Staying in a hotel this weekend with my wife so last night I got some dresses out to try on and closed the bedroom door and my wife was in the hallway and said why are you closing the door my reply was I wanted to try some clothes on to see what to take, she said leave it open umm I thought what the hell I ended up modeling some dresses and she told me which looked ok and which did not, so i packed my bag and then painted my toe nails.
    I am so lucky to have this nice lady.
    We had THE talk about my dressing around 6 or 7 months ago, got the usual questions am I gay do I want to become a female etc which I have no intentions of either I just like and feel comftable dressing and being female.
    Going to have a great weekend dressed.

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    Wonderfu story! Thankz for sharing. It is so nice to hear of a positive outcome with the SO. I love that she's giving you input on your looks.

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    Gosh, I wish it were so. The closest I get is when I wear something just awful (according to the wife), and she comments that it looks that way. Some day I'll just run some fashions past her and see if I can get positive reactions as well as those negative ones. Just so you don't think she's laughing at me, she tries hard not to be mean, and I can't really tell her I don't want her to be truthful either. It's a work in progress for sure.

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    Nice story Toni. It is good to have a wife like that.
    Part Time Girl

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    It is so much easier to be a dresser with a supportive wife. Mine is supportive also but she was concerned about where it was going. I am still first and foremost her man. She in return puts up with Jaylyn....

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    Good for you Toni that's so nice to hear. I hope you appreciate that fine woman!

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    Buy that girl something special and have a wonderful weekend!
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    I hope you both have a fun weekend. Will this be the first time she's gone out with you dressed for that long? If so, I recommend watching her carefully and offering to give her a break from the dressing if she appears anxious.

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    Lucky you, Toni! It's so nice to read stories of supportive wives and partners. Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

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    The closest my wife has came to a comment on an outfit was one evening at home. I had on a shorty nightgown and pantys, I had just been in the bathroom. We passed in the kitchen and she said

    "If you are going to wear that at least pull your hem out of your pantys"

    Now I know to check that the back of my nighty is not caught in the waistband of my pantys lol

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    Not bragging. I, too, have an awesome wife. She's very supportive and helpful i.e. makeup, stylish clothes, help with feminine mannerisms, etc. I took that big leap of faith....expecting her to bolt for the exit door, and told her of my "hobby", before we got married, After many deep, honest discussions and research looking for some answers, we've grown closer. Neither of us understand the "whys", however, we do know it's here to stay, so we've made lemonade out of lemons. When she shops, her deal is "one for you, two for me"....seems fair...doesn't it?

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    Nothing like having a supportive wife/spouse/SO like that!
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    That's great. I had the opportunity to model some new skirts and blouses for my wife a few weeks ago. Her comment "Are you ready to go out to dinner?" I said "Let me get my purse."

    It turns out of course, that she was only kidding and we didn't go. That's OK, I don't want to be seen in my own neighborhood as Krisi. We've go to go somewhere else.

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