Just to let you all know this could be long or short (depends what's on my mind when I type)

So to what I recall I've now been dressing on & off since I was 11 (28 years now)

Through my years of youth I was caught out by my family & did some silly things (like forgetting I had an an item under my t-shirt & then getting the t-shirt set at the beach)

After I started dressing my desire was strong & even after my mum got mad that I was taking & wearing her clothes & put a lock on her door, I still found ways as a young adult when no one else was home by climbing through my bedroom window (even when I had a broken collarbone)

Even at 39 I still live at home with my mum (i'm still very single as well) & when it comes to my immediate family (mum, 2 brothers, 2 sister in law's & 2 nieces & a nephew) I'm very much really in the closet. My mum doesn't mind if I do dress at home, but really it must be in places where those that walk past don't see (which I just do when my mum isn't home) & especially if someone else is in the house.

When it comes to my friends, except my Christian friends that know, the female friends (online & in person) e supportive & I especially love when they such good things when I post pics on my female Facebook profile.

To finish this off, officially I have actually been out 3 times while dressed, 1at was while I was with another crossdresser in her car in the daytime (but I was too nervous to get out of her, except for back at my house), 2nd was with another crossdresser in the daytime & we went to a cafe that's supportive of the LGBT community & the last time was with some of my female friends & we went to a nightclub. I personally hope that I get to go out with some more of my female friends again locally to me or in another city within New Zealand.

I did say it could be long or short, but if I wanted to open up more, it would be longer than this